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We are serving up three lovely girls in the W1 Postcode. They are all brunettes with very slender hot bodies and are some of our most popular incall girls within our agency. W1 is almost entirely in the City of Westminster, with a small part in the London Borough of Camden.
Starting out we have Andrea, (who lives with Kim) a lovely fair skinned 20 year old Eastern European Escort. She is a very slim and petite girl with a dress size of six. The closest tube station to her is the Edgeware tube located South of Marleybone Road/Flyover.
Andrea’s roommate is another Brazilian Escort; Kim is a wonderful girl, a real sweetheart. Also at 20 years of age she provides great services. Not as dark skinned as Carla but an equally stunning girl. As with Andrea she is closest to the Edgeware tube located South of Marleybone Road/Flyover.
And last but not least, we have a stunning 20 year old Italian Escort, Lolita. She has a slim body with long brown hair, and is very friendly and easy to talk to. The closest tube to her location is the Marble Arch Tube Station.

Ask a South Londoner what he’s doing at the weekend and you may well get the response…’I’m going Up West’. What he means is W1, the West End, the heart of this fantastic city of ours, where anything and everything is possible. This is the heartbeat of London where all the different nationalities, visitors, locals, tourists, the homeless, the rich and famous all seem to mix together in a big melting pot of humanity.

W1 has its respectable side, the clubs, bars and restaurants and then hidden beneath its skirt is the dark and sensual side. Lap dancing clubs and Gentlemen’s clubs hidden away in little side streets where you’ll never find then without a guide. Jazz clubs that stay open until the early hours, all- night café culture. W1 has it all and I love it. We are part of that culture. Hidden behind the anonymous windows or hotel entrances you’ll find Playful Escorts quietly and discreetly keeping you guys happy. Wining, dining, laughing, loving…don’t miss out on the full experience of London. Call us and choose one of our pretty girls.


Escort of the Moment

Gaby has the perfect beautiful body prototype. Wouldn’t you just love to run your fingertips gently over the curves of that body? Imagine those fine soft hairs all girls have just standing up as you stroke the contours and run a little trail of sensuousness around her body. Personally I love a girl’s body when it’s slim, medium busted, tan and smooth like Gaby’s and I love the way it reacts instinctively, the way it moves and responds to the touch. Every time I touched her body it shuddered a little like a ripple in a pond or like waves in the ocean. Everything about her was great. Gaby is a fantastic Spanish Escort. She’s bright and bubbly and just about the perfect companion for any man.  

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