Why are English Escorts Hard to Find?

Perhaps you were browsing our website and looking at our long list of working girls and happened to click on our English Escorts gallery and noticed the lack of Escorts in that category. Over the years it seems that it has been a little difficult to find and keep English Escorts. It just seems that there is not that many out there looking or wanting to work in the escorting industry. We do have a few nice ones on our books so we are grateful and happy to have the ones that we do.

These girls are very nice choices to take on longer dates. They were born right here and lived here all their lives and can show you places to go and things to do that many of our others girls may not know about. They have an excellent knowledge of the hot-spots this city has to offer, or if you prefer a quieter more romantic type of encounter they will know where to go for that as well. They seem to be a little bit classier that some of our other escorts; not that any of our other girls are lacking in class but these girls just seem to have a little more. I guess you could say they are more like the kind of girls that you could and would be proud to take home to meet mom and dad.

Obviously we strive to hire the best possible girls that we can find and we all know that many of these girls come from other countries. Some girls are not necessarily in the industry because they like it; maybe they are having hard times or are trying to support their family in a distant country. For these reasons on occasion you may have an experience where the girl may not necessarily be in the highest of spirits. Try to be a little patient with them and remember that they work very hard and often long hours to make ends meet. Show them a little kindness and appreciation for their efforts and they are sure to reciprocate nicely.

With the few English girls that we do have to offer you I am happy to let you know we have a nice little variety. We have Busty girls, Ebony girls, curvy girl’s blondes and brunettes. Be sure to take a look at the gallery for more details.


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