London Escort Who’s Available Today

Best London Escort Who’s Available Today

Hi Guys, all our Incall girls are available from 11.00am in the morning. Why not try to come along during the day? It’s a quiet time where the girls are refreshed and relaxed with time to chat and they are VERY happy to see guys. So you’re guaranteed a warm welcome.

Daisy’s moved out of the City to Marylebone.So from being surrounded by champagne swilling City Bankers; she’s now in the comforting arms of our antipodean friends. If you are a City Boy, it’s nothing personal you’re welcome to jump in a black cab (or the 911 of course) and by the time you’ve bought a few Fannie Mae’s from Tarquin and sold a few Freddie Mac’s to Rupert you’ll be jostling for position with all the beaten up Camper Vans sorry, I do like my stereo types

Seriously, Daisy is well worth taking the time to visit, no matter which part of London you find yourself in. She is one of our favourite mature Escorts and has been receiving a lot of great reviews. Daisy Delivers that’s her mantra and we will back her up on that a personal recommendation from the guys at Playful. Daisy is also available for outcalls.




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It’s been a little while since we have been able to add another nice busty girl to our roster of available outcall girls… You are going to be very impressed with this young woman and her large breasts and curvy figure. If you’re not already a fan of large breasts you should give her a go. She’s a leggy one too standing 5´8” Harper out new 23 year old British girl is one you should not miss out on. If you take her out you can be sure that you will get some jealous stares from some other guys but don’t worry. It probably won’t just be the guys checking out your date for the evening… likely you will see some girls glancing at her too; she has some impressive legs to go with those breasts. If you want to keep her in away from all those prying eyes she will be happy with that too. So with Harper you pretty much have it all; a little on the tall side, classy, curvy and large breasted. She is one of our dearly loved party girls as well. She's a great girl but if time is of the essence then you could just trust us (she has no reviews at moment this is being written) and rely on the fact that looking at her photo's how could one not be getting excited? If your patient and prefer to wait I am sure it won’t be long and you’ll be able to go through some of her reviews and read what some other punters have got to say about her; but how could you possibly resist those 36DD breasts? Call us and we can make it happen, we´ll deliver the “Perfect Pair” right to you.  

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