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We try to tell it like it is here at Playful Escorts. We try to avoid the same old clichés that start the alarm bells ringing on your ‘Bullshit Meter’. I’m confident that as the majority of our regular clients understand what we are trying to do, that you also have the intelligence to read between the lines a little. That way it’s easy for you to figure out which girls are our favorites… and we love our favorite girls with a passion!! We have many beautiful girls to choose from but do not let their good looks intimidate you. They may have the looks of models but they will not have any kind of attitude and are thrilled to have you over for company. Booking London Escorts is about fulfilling a fantasy with a girl that maybe 90% of the population feel the amazing looking girls are out of their league. If you can’t date her when she’s an escort, when can you?

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Hi Guys, all our Incall girls are available from 11.00am in the morning. Why not try to come along during the day? It’s a quiet time where the girls are refreshed and relaxed with time to chat and they are VERY happy to see guys. So you’re guaranteed a warm welcome.

Daisy’s moved out of the City to Marylebone.So from being surrounded by champagne swilling City Bankers; she’s now in the comforting arms of our antipodean friends. If you are a City Boy, it’s nothing personal you’re welcome to jump in a black cab (or the 911 of course) and by the time you’ve bought a few Fannie Mae’s from Tarquin and sold a few Freddie Mac’s to Rupert you’ll be jostling for position with all the beaten up Camper Vans sorry, I do like my stereo types

Seriously, Daisy is well worth taking the time to visit, no matter which part of London you find yourself in. She is one of our favourite mature Escorts and has been receiving a lot of great reviews. Daisy Delivers that’s her mantra and we will back her up on that a personal recommendation from the guys at Playful. Daisy is also available for outcalls.