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Queen is a Black Escort at Playful London Escorts Agency

A London Escort is a thing of beauty; just try arguing otherwise with our black escorts in London and you will find you run the risk of pissing off our cheap outcall escorts BIG TIME! Look, don’t get me wrong they are a nice bunch of girls. They love the guys they date and they enjoy pretty much all aspects of the escort world. After all if you think about it these girls get to date some of the most eligible men in London. You guys are a diverse bunch but generally speaking you are a respectful and entertaining group of guys. It’s quite a brave thing to do to invite a stranger into your home and make out with them.

You have to trust that person and unless you’ve got a cast iron rock solid ego it’s a vulnerable situation where your body and your character are put in the spotlight. I always marvel at the contestants on that Naked Dating program on TV where guys and girls have to strip off completely in front of the cameras and choose a date based purely on their bodies rather than their faces. I was always very shy in changing rooms and public swimming baths. The thought of stripping off on national TV scares the hell out of me but of course I date escort girls just like you do so we all have to deal with the initial meeting and the slightly awkwardness that that involves. Thankfully our cheap outcall escorts are very laid back and friendly so any awkwardness is short lived and of course it’s up to you how much you want to talk with them. Personally I tend to dispense with the preamble.

I don’t like a lot of pre coital chit chat. For me part of the turn on is that element of detachment. The two strangers in the night passing each other and connecting for a few brief hours before disappearing their separate ways their paths unlikely to cross again unless she’s extremely hot and accommodating and I’m lured in for a repeat encounter. I don’t tend to do repeats too often for the aforementioned reasons so when I do see a London escort again it means that she has really affected me in some way and I’ve felt a connection that isn’t generally there. There are very special girls out there who you will make a connection with on a deeper level. I have met some incredible girls over the years and they are the ones that you should stick with and see on a regular basis. It is possible to form a bond with one of our black escorts in London even though we both know that in terms of a real relationship it is not going to happen despite how much you might think you have a connection.

You see for you your date is a memorable affair. If you are lucky maybe you can afford one of our cheap outcall escorts every week for most guys they can only afford one of our black escorts in London once a month. So the actual date for you is very important and you anticipate it for hours if not days before. For the girls, each appointment will inevitably tend to blend into each other. That’s partly because they see a lot of guys and partly a defence mechanism against getting too involved and getting too emotionally attached to anyone. This is all generalisations and if you are the right kind of guy and you make a spiritual connection with an escort girl anything is possible. I’m just talking about how it generally works for guys and their London escort. You may well be the exception if you are open to such a thought.

Saucy Black Escorts At Playful Agency

Queen is the Saucy Black Escort at Playful Escorts London
Our black escorts in London are happy to come to your home 24 hours a day seven days a week and so we are offering you our cheap outcall escorts at bargain prices better than any other London escorts you will find in the capital. That’s a big promise but someone has to do it. Not all agencies are the same and so if you are looking for a girl to make your dreams come true I think we are able to supply that girl for you. London is the best city in the world and it attracts people from all over the world to come and enjoy its pleasures. One of those pleasures is to sample the delights of the escorts. We have girls in all shapes and sizes and all genders. They are always available for you to visit in discreet apartments positioned all over the Greater London area within the M25 ring road or if you prefer you can call us and we will bring a girl to your door.

Most hotels in London are very happy for you to bring a girl to your room. Our cheap outcall escorts will dress very discreetly and blend into the background in reception so that they do not attract attention to themselves. Then the reveal when they get to your hotel room. We always make sure our London escorts are dressed in sexy underwear as standard but if you have a particular request and you give us a little notice then they can bring a special outfit with them. Maybe your fantasy is a nurse or a schoolgirl of even a policewoman. We can get the girls to dress up for you if you like. Equally any fantasies you have can be played out with one of our girls. They love role play as it adds a little spice to the occasion.

Your London escorts will happily join in playing her part to make your time with her special. Obviously we have the proviso that no role play involves hurting anyone of degrading anyone. If you are into sado-masochism your escort is happy to spank you as long as it’s a mild form of spanking. We don’t cater for the more serious sado-masochistic client but you will find specialist cheap outcall escorts, usually freelance girls, who will happily beat you to the point of death. Good luck if that’s your thing. I think I’ll stick to the nurse’s uniform myself. I love a uniform. I’ve always been attracted to girls in school uniform but that is more to do with the stockings and those pleated skirts that girls of my era used to wear. It’s not a thing about the age of the girl. I’m not into school girls just the outfit.

All our girls are well over the age of consent and thankfully there is no market in London for teenage girls. Our black girls are always popular and if you are interested in black escorts in London we have a fantastic selection of girls. These black escorts in London come from all over the World including the Caribbean and Africa plus South America. They all offer a distinct character and approach to the business of escort work. Some are more laid back whereas some are more driven to succeed treating your pleasure as a personal goal. You need to talk to us to find out which girl best suits you. Our reception girls know all the escorts and can help you make the decision about which girl is best suited to your preferences. Just give us a call and we will help you make that all important decision.

A Weighty Problem

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I’m quite lucky, I think, that I’ve never had any major weight problems to overcome. Despite having a rather sedentary job (desk-bound, at the London escort offices), I’ve managed to get myself into quite a decent routine of exercise, including going to the gym or the pool on most days. But I’ve always been naturally thin anyway, and, at the risk of angering the less fortunate out there, can pretty much eat what I want, within reason. I can’t imagine myself ever being tubby; I think I’ve inherited my Dad’s fast metabolism – he’s been a stick insect all his life.

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F..FFF..F.F..FFF..FFF..FFFFancy an Escort

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The much anticipated Oscar nominations are in and as expected the big films of the last few months have popped up with a good few nominations each. As many people predicted the recently released ‘Kings Speech’ has been nominated for 12 Oscars, the film, starring Colin Frith deals with King Gorge the VI and his stutter. A well noted problem of King George is made into a very engrossing and interesting motion picture about his struggle getting over his speech problems and his relationship with his speech therapist. Another inevitably popular pick was Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, a very well done psychological thriller about Natalie Portman’s decent into madness as she prepares for her lead performance in Swan Lake.

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Woz the worst job you ever ad

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I have mentioned in a few of my posts in the past that the job of a London escort is probably one of the best that anyone could have and of course I still stand by that. Our escorts in London get to go out to the biggest events around the UK and around the world if they are very lucky. They get wined and dined in the best restaurants in London and taken to the most prestigious clubs often rubbing shoulders with celebrities and footballers. Of course for every good there is a bad, if the job of a London escort is one of the very best then what is one of the worst?

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A Week Away with Lads

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I recently took a week off work at the London escort offices and went on a lad’s holiday to Magaluf. It was a bit early in the season but we sort of prefer it like that, before it gets ridiculously crowded. There were three of us – me, Mark and Jeremy, and it was the first holiday I’ve taken with these two guys (I met them at a motorcycle off-road training weekend a couple of years ago).

Now, I’m afraid to say, it was a lad’s holiday in its truest sense, with everything that that entails. We drunk far too much than was good for us, got thrown out of a couple of places and made the acquaintance of several pretty girls. I’m not proud of this behaviour – to be honest, I think for guys that have all just hit their thirties we should know much better, but I have a feeling it was possibly one last big blow-out before we consider trying to settle down seriously with someone.

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Mother and Daughter

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I’ve been making the most of my lunch break at the London escort offices by gawping at an article on famous mum-and daughter look-alikes – the similarities in some cases are really astonishing! The best are Madonna and her daughter Lourdes – apart from hair colour they’re two peas in a pod, the almost gothic Pearl and Daisy Lowe, Demi Moore and her daughter Rumor (they look more like sisters, although there’s more than thirty years between them), Reese Witherspoon and her all-American little blonde girl and Meryl Streep and her daughter, who I swear have exactly the same face. I’m not used to mums and daughters looking so alike, but I guess these celebrities often enhance the effect by having very similar styling. Additionally, famous mums often don’t really look like mums at all – they’re either very young and radiant or they’ve had a lot of work to look like that. And their offspring are very lucky – apart from being able to afford the same grooming and personal care their mum has, they know they’ve got good genes and won’t end up looking horrible in their old age.

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Valentina – Brunette Escort in Bond Street, Central London

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Valentina is truly one of our stars here at Playful. This lovely Brunette Escort just loves to entertain at her Bond Street apartment. With her classical looks and glowing skin, its little wonder that she turns head wherever she goes. Should you find yourself in need of a beautiful London Escort when visiting Central London, then I’d highly recommend making a date with Valentina.

Playful Escorts has a great reputation for bringing you some of London’s best Escort Girls at the best rates in the Escort Industry. Call us to book a date with this truly gorgeous creature.

Valentina – Brunette Escort London is available for in calls only. Click here to view more of her stunning pics.

Primeval Scream

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MAN…WOMAN…DOGGIE..this was some of the earliest grafiti found scrawled inside ancient caves found in the Australian bush. Sadly the Abo’s language skills have barely moved it’s MAN…WOMAN…BEER.

Anyway, Abo’s aside ( I await with glee the complaints of that actor bloke who’s always the Abo’ in every Australian film there’s ever been..don’t they have more than one?) what I’m saying is that Escorting has been around for sometime. In the times of that ancient painting, apparently guys would offer a woman dried Kangaroos testicles if she’d go walkabout with him for a few days (it was a delicacy at the time) Escorting is here to stay so Cameron and Clegg, when you’ve finished with fucking up the economy a little more, why not give us some sensible, definitive legislation for the Escort Industry so that we ALL know where we stand.

NB isn’t the internet fantastic..I just googled ‘Abo Actor’ and his name is David Gulpilil…ripper mate!!

Stephanie – Slim Brazilian Escort in Earls Court, London

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Stephanie is a real treat for the gentleman with discerning tastes. Slim and elegant, this beautiful latina joins the ranks of us poor men who are thoroughly captivated by the constant supply of beauties Brazil keeps sending our way.

Stephanie knows how to take care of a man, so we trust that you will be in good hands when you go off on your date with this gorgeous Brunette Escort.

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