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London Escorts For Fun and Satisfaction

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Why do we book London escorts? Well the answers to that covers a multitude of, well I was going to say sin’s, but sinning is the wrong term to use when all us guys are doing is quenching an age old thirst. Some of you are more carefree than others. I guess that has a lot to do with your bank balance. If you have a few extra pennies flying around then who wouldn’t start at the letter A in Playful Escorts list of London escorts and then write the definitive guide only stopping when you get to Zoey.

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Sexy London Escorts

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High Class London Escorts

London escort

Sexy wild women are the dream girls of most men. Come to think of it, they are all easily available right here at Playful Escorts. Why go far and low when ladies who are erotically inspired are ready to make some wonderful memories with you? Take these ladies out for an adventure. The London escorts services of Playful Escorts are always available to you every day, every hour. With them at your side, there is no way that you are going to be lonely now.

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Primeval Scream

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MAN…WOMAN…DOGGIE..this was some of the earliest grafiti found scrawled inside ancient caves found in the Australian bush. Sadly the Abo’s language skills have barely moved it’s MAN…WOMAN…BEER.

Anyway, Abo’s aside ( I await with glee the complaints of that actor bloke who’s always the Abo’ in every Australian film there’s ever been..don’t they have more than one?) what I’m saying is that Escorting has been around for sometime. In the times of that ancient painting, apparently guys would offer a woman dried Kangaroos testicles if she’d go walkabout with him for a few days (it was a delicacy at the time) Escorting is here to stay so Cameron and Clegg, when you’ve finished with fucking up the economy a little more, why not give us some sensible, definitive legislation for the Escort Industry so that we ALL know where we stand.

NB isn’t the internet fantastic..I just googled ‘Abo Actor’ and his name is David Gulpilil…ripper mate!!

E Europe the most beautiful?

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We also have a lot of Eastern European escorts. They vie for top spot with our Latina girls. They are very different physically but equally exquisite so in terms of Escort Service there is little to choose between them.

Physically they ten to be more pale, the Russian girls are just the most beautiful…possibly in the World I think. OK I know that in the case of Croatia it is hardly a booming economy. That’s what draws them to London but once here they seem to love our culture and settle very happily. Of course they all have lives, loves and family back in their home town who rely on them sending them handouts courtesy of your good self but talking to them, they are positive not negative about their experience of London…that’s thanks to Playful’s discerning clientele, always willing to give someone a chance.

Latina Lovelies

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We always have a big selection of South American girls who work with us. Why is that? Well partly management connections but more importantly its because they tend to have the perfect attitude to the Escort Service in London. That is, they tend to be driven by a passion to succeed and then you can add to that their laid back approach to relationships. Brazil for example, is it the climate? or the beaches? or just the characteristics of the race, but nothing seems to bother them too much. They love life and they enjoy getting hot and steamy in those claustrophobic sleezy dance halls that abound in the back streets.

Latina’s are hot dates make no mistake.

Nikki Blonde Femme Fatale

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Valued clients, please extend a warm welcome to Niki, one of our newest finds. This Eastern European Escort will certainly generate lots of interest in the upcoming weeks. We know you’ve been particularly interested in a wider range of Busty Escorts, and, as usual, we went the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Niki’s impressive assets are amongst the best we’ve seen, and we know she will quickly become a firm favourite for clients of our London Escort Girls.

Treat yourself to a relaxing evening in Niki’s engaging company. We’re confident you’ll have a good experience.

Niki is available for outcalls in and around Central London.


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There are many ways to find a female on the internet, whether it is a virtual female, a bride, a friend or one of the many fine London escorts  has to offer there are plenty of platforms that allow us guys to find females whilst we are online. The most popular way of course it to find a virtual female, by this I mean a female that we are not likely to know in the form of pornstars. A lot of guys like to fill their female based void with girls in videos, considering they are so readily available nowadays it pretty much goes without saying that most guys dip their toe in the swimming pool of pornography every now and then whilst others dive in and immerse themselves completely. But their comes a time when the company of a girl in a video is not quite enough, whilst they might satisfy certain urges there are many others that they do not like actual conversation or physical touch for example and this is when you will start to look for other ways of finding yourself some female company online and I am here to say that easily the best way to ensure you get yourself a genuinely sexy female is by hiring one of our escort girls in London.

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I am very, very glad that I have not ended up being one of those people that refuses to try foods from other cultures and other countries, both myself and the sexy escorts London has to offer all enjoy trying different cuisines from different parts of the globe. There is so much choice out there and we are lucky enough to live in a city that pretty much offers nice food from everywhere and anywhere in the world, from Indian to Vietnamese, Tapas to Sushi there is nothing that you cannot get and it is one of the joys of life to have the privilege to try the food that other cultures indulge in. I have always thought that people that do not want to try anything else but what they are used to here in the UK are really missing out and it actually quite annoys me. Luckily most of the people that I eat with are not so fussy, the London escorts all love to dabble in different cuisines and as a result I have been exposed to all sorts that they bring back to the office, not a bad job I must say!

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Fake Tan Taking Over the Country

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Ever since shows like Jersey Shore and the only way is Essex have hit our television screens it seems as though everyone is obsessed with fake tan, I have seen hoards of both guys and girls sporting the orange look, or as they call it in the only way is essex, the ‘oompaloompa’. For those of you who are wondering what the term oompaloompa means I didn’t make it up, they are the little orange men that run around Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, they have green hair and extremely orange faces, but this is not due to over tanning, it is down to the fact that they are from another planet which speaks volumes for the fact that being as orange as some people are making themselves is very unnatural.

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Now that the sun has decided to grace us with its presence it is inevitable that a lot of people will be cracking out the barbeques and there is no better way to enjoy the lovely summer tradition than by getting a load of mates round along with some of the finest escorts London has to offer to indulge in a good bit of meat cooking. One of my favourite things about this lovely summer weather that we have been having is the fact that it enables us to have barbeque’s. For most guys, and great deal of girls, BBQ’s are one of the best ways of cooking a meal at home. I don’t know what it is but there is something about chucking a whole load of fresh meat on a flaming grill that seems to bring out the caveman in most of us guys, there is not many greater honours then standing by the BBQ and being in charge of the meat, putting the burgers on the buns and assessing weather or not the meat is cooked whilst thinking of who to blame if you give anyone food poisoning.

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