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I Kissed A Girl and I liked It

In uncategorized by admin / April 13, 2013 / 0 Comments

Well I can’t blame you especially if it’s one of our London Escorts. God aren’t women an incredible invention, ? God got it so right didn’t he…how awful would it be if you had to go on date’s with Nigel from accounts? OK he’s a good squash player and you enjoy thrashing a little green ball around with him for an hour one lunchtime, but surely he’s far to hairy to date!!.

No God realised that Nig’ was never going to be more than a squash partner. Then there’s Dave in of the funniest guys that you’re ever likely to meet..and they do say that the couple who laugh together stay together, but the beer gut is something else. How could anyone prefer Dave in a dress over one of our Black Escorts in London offering a gut free passport to paradise. I rest my case at my Julia, beautiful dark and the perfect Latina Escort…and not a well trimmed beard in site.

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