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Tips about Advanced Sex & Avoid mistakes during it

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This Info-graph describing various sex tips that are going to help you getting intimate with London Escorts. And 10 things, you should avoid while having sex.

Advanced Sex Tips:

  1. Oral Queening it.
  2. Forget about measuring up
  3. Blowjob Angling
  4. Breathe!
  5. Vibrators make anal that bit easier
  6. Don’t forget to…Kiss

10 Mistakes you should avoid while having sex

  1. Waiting for her to orgasm
  2. Not waiting for her to orgasm
  3. Trying to impress her with sexual mastery
  4. Shaving it all down there
  5. Not shaving it at all
  6. Performance anxiety
  7. Skipping foreplay
  8. Skipping afterplay
  9. Refusing to wear condom
  10. Worrying about size

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London Fashion Week and Playful Girls

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With our extensive knowledge of providing escorts service in London I can say there are a few things that our mature escorts like more than money and that’s clothes shopping. Fortunately with London fashion week fast approaching you have The perfect opportunity to make an escort girl very happy indeed. Why not take your date to one of the many fashion shows dotted around London at the moment. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with the glamour set for sure and no doubt that will set you up for receiving probably the best escorts service in London at the moment. Sorry to blow our trumpet but if you’ve seen a better collection of mature escorts tripping around the capital then I’ll eat my Paul Smith hat and you can do anything but don’t step on my blue suede Jimmy Choo shoes eh?

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Primeval Scream

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MAN…WOMAN…DOGGIE..this was some of the earliest grafiti found scrawled inside ancient caves found in the Australian bush. Sadly the Abo’s language skills have barely moved it’s MAN…WOMAN…BEER.

Anyway, Abo’s aside ( I await with glee the complaints of that actor bloke who’s always the Abo’ in every Australian film there’s ever been..don’t they have more than one?) what I’m saying is that Escorting has been around for sometime. In the times of that ancient painting, apparently guys would offer a woman dried Kangaroos testicles if she’d go walkabout with him for a few days (it was a delicacy at the time) Escorting is here to stay so Cameron and Clegg, when you’ve finished with fucking up the economy a little more, why not give us some sensible, definitive legislation for the Escort Industry so that we ALL know where we stand.

NB isn’t the internet fantastic..I just googled ‘Abo Actor’ and his name is David Gulpilil…ripper mate!!

E Europe the most beautiful?

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We also have a lot of Eastern European escorts. They vie for top spot with our Latina girls. They are very different physically but equally exquisite so in terms of Escort Service there is little to choose between them.

Physically they ten to be more pale, the Russian girls are just the most beautiful…possibly in the World I think. OK I know that in the case of Croatia it is hardly a booming economy. That’s what draws them to London but once here they seem to love our culture and settle very happily. Of course they all have lives, loves and family back in their home town who rely on them sending them handouts courtesy of your good self but talking to them, they are positive not negative about their experience of London…that’s thanks to Playful’s discerning clientele, always willing to give someone a chance.

Latina Lovelies

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We always have a big selection of South American girls who work with us. Why is that? Well partly management connections but more importantly its because they tend to have the perfect attitude to the Escort Service in London. That is, they tend to be driven by a passion to succeed and then you can add to that their laid back approach to relationships. Brazil for example, is it the climate? or the beaches? or just the characteristics of the race, but nothing seems to bother them too much. They love life and they enjoy getting hot and steamy in those claustrophobic sleezy dance halls that abound in the back streets.

Latina’s are hot dates make no mistake.


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I’ve just heard Cameron’s first speech…all about deals and working together and freezing poor Gordan out. Mark my words there will be another election inside the year…Cameron will sweet talk Clegg like an experienced Thai bride…wooing him with promises of eternal love whilst all the time cheating on him, then when he feels strong enough..he’ll call an election and Cleggs back working on the cheese counter in Morrison’s.

I don’t care who wins, as long as they leave everyone alone to make their own choices in life. YOU know what’s best for YOU…not a bunch of scheming, pocket lining politicians.

Roxy for President, that’s what I say!!…she likes a well hung parliament so I’m told.


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‘Society’ would have us believe that its morally unacceptable to hire an escort. I think everyone would agree that’s a fact. The problems start to arise when you dig deeper. Who makes up the people in that ‘society’? Well firstly I think we have to discount the 3 in 10 guys who admit to booking an escort in the last year. Then you’ve got to add the 2 in 10 who didn’t want to admit to it. I guess some of these figures overlap but lets take out the Catholic priests and Politicians..both held up as ‘pillars’ of our society but actually to be found wallowing in the mire. Then I’m going to take out the Police..heralded as the defenders of out society yet as big a player as anyone else and we have many regular clients who are policemen.

If we’re talking regulars, we’d better take out lawyers, judges,doctors,teachers and journalists (who don’t actually ‘make their excuses and leave’ at all) and of course the celebrities that we all admire so much. They just pursue their immoralities with pocket lined discretion ssured.

There’s not so many people left to hold the high moral ground…a couple of tree huggers and some ugly lesbians…that’s about it !!


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It’s not as easy being involved in this industry as you think. The girls can be quite highly strung, like thoroughbred race horses. Not all clients are as pleasant as you are and putting you together with the escort of your choice, at the time you choose, can be something akin to bringing the Apollo 13 guys back in one piece!!….You’re not convinced are you!!


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We at the Agency are the souls of discretion. We never call you on your mobile unless you call us. We never e-mail you unless you know its coming, and we promise not to mention your date to the wife. What she doesn’t know about, won’t harm her.. and be careful out there!!

M M M M M M M My Ramona…

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Hi guys you can see we have a new girl Ramona. She really is a beautiful young girl with huge boobs.

Fantastic breasts to die for…maybe they’re not THAT good.

But certainly worth a closer inspection.