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Playful Blonde Escorts in London

playful Blonde Escorts in London

If you’re at home twiddling your thumbs or whatever it is you like to twiddle then why not let one of our Blonde escorts do that twiddling for you? Of all the London escorts we supply our clients with all over the greater London area it’s the blonde outcall escorts you seem to get the most excited about. Admittedly we have a fantastic selection of the genre. They flock to London from all over the world and we stand there at Heathrow with a fishing net and our Wellington boots and scoop them up and invite them to let us work our magic for them and introduce you guys to them. It’s a match made in heaven because we know just the kind of girls that drive you crazy. We have 20 years of experience and the statistics don’t lie.

It’s the purest form of market research and market forces in operation because there’s no hiding place is there…We send you one of our outcall escorts and you either like her, invite her into your home or hotel or you don’t like her and she gets the walk of shame back to the taxi. I’m pulling your leg a little therein the sense that it’s obviously not a walk of shame. It’s just called ‘life’ and we all have our preferences. If the girls not right for you then don’t worry, we will understand. Obviously, we think our escorts are fabulous. We wouldn’t employ them if we didn’t think you’d like them because what would be the point in that? Why would we put each other through the pain of sending you a girl who obviously isn’t up to our collective standards? We try to ensure that our blonde escorts are everything we, and therefore you, could want in a girl. It’s not just about hair color. It’s also about the attitude and the service they have to live up to.

Do blondes have more fun right? Never has a hair color so defined a girl as it does when you conjure up those iconic photos of Marilyn Munroe or Scarlet Johansson. That’s why girls who aren’t blonde in the first place decide to change their hair colour…because they are making a statement about the kind of sassy, sexy, vibrant and fun kind of girl they feel they are inside and they want to project that image to the world. It’s not just outcall escorts who think that way, its women in general. So our search for the perfect playful blondes goes on. It never stops and we are always advertising and looking out for new girls. We take regular trips to Europe to seek out the best girls whether they are working in the industry at the moment of not and we use our persuasive skills to try to tempt them to join us in the UK and become London escorts. There are some truly stunning European girls out there. Some of them just don’t realize how beautiful they are. We regularly take trips to Scandinavian countries searching out these blonde escorts and the first thing that strikes you is that these girls are just ten a penny.
The guys are all chasing dark and sultry Latin looking girls or black girls if they can possibly get their hands on them and neglecting the homegrown talent. The only trouble is that with the Scandinavian temperament they might be into free love but seem to have a reluctance to be paid for it. Note to self: open an Agency in Scandinavia specializing in black and Latin America escorts.

To know what it feels like

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Self-esteem is something you might tremor with, when it comes to a girl. This is a shout-out for all those guys out there who haven’t had much luck with girls. It’s not always the time and business that drives the escorts, but also maybe some shopping time, or an evening dinner would turn out to be quite the fun.

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X Rated Escorts

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Well, X-Factor has finally come to an end, a fact I’m both happy and sad about. Happy because by the time the series gets to the finals there aren’t many contestants left to keep things interesting and it really does drag a bit. Sad because I’ve come to rely on the show for my Saturday night entertainment if more exciting options don’t materialise, or I catch up with it on the Sunday repeat. Like our London Escorts, I often find myself otherwise engaged on Saturday evenings.

Many a happy hour (well 20 minutes) has been spent in earnest discussions with friends about who should be voted out this week, and is Cheryl’s hair better red or brown. We were all relieved and delighted when Wagner was eliminated – the joke had really worn thin and I hated that decent singers were leaving the competition early just so he could stay in and flash his fake smile at everyone.

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Thinking of Becoming a Playful Girl? Read On…

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We could safely wager that the majority of people coming to this site on a daily basis are men looking to share a fun experience with a pretty, young woman. Life is a bit unsettling right now for most people in this great City, and some easy companionship can be classified as a much needed mini-break rather than an expensive indulgence. Most guys, when they call us up, just want to spend a couple of hours with a London Escort who is beautiful, and makes him feel relaxed and appreciated.

Most clients have a preference for their Escort Girl. Some gentlemen prefer Blonde Escorts; others just want to meet an attractive Busty Escort. Playful Escorts – London escort agency has a great reputation for providing Escort Girls that are good looking, charming and committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. We are always recruiting, and as potential Escort Girls are the second largest group of visitors to the site, we thought we’d give you some tips on what we look for when selecting a Playful Escort.

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Blonde Escorts

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London Blonde Escorts

It is always a grand experience whenever you are in the company of sultry young blondes. Take your intimate needs to a higher level and don’t just settle for the blonde escorts – get the hottest blonde escort in the city that possesses an attitude. You want naughty, playful, and mischievous ladies to serve you tonight. They are the women who can put added colour into your most intimate adventures.

For the highest form of sensual experience, only the London blonde escorts would do. Mesmerize yourself in this one-of-a-kind experience. While sultry hot blondes are almost a common thing, the women from Playful Escorts are never your ordinary girls. Try them once and you will feel the difference. Let their passion serve as your guide towards true ecstasy and satisfaction.

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Do you like your girls to be screamers? I hope you know what I mean, that is a woman who likes to express her emotions loudly when making love. I think it’s great as long as you’re in the same room as her. I’ve had many occasions when on business trips where it’s the couple in the next hotel room who are getting all the action and you’re just laying there being pounded  with the thump thump thump of a headboard on the adjoining wall accompanied by much high pitched encouragement from the young lady.

I once had a girl at work who used to tell the embarrasing tale of her partner whom she’d recently moved in with receiving a letter asking him to keep the noise down. Our London escorts are specifically told that if things do progress between you two to the point that two consenting adults decide they’ve got to get it on (or Off I’m not sure which it is now) that there noise level is not important provided it’s genuine. I just wished I’d had that letter from a neighbour…I told her straight I’ve have had it framed and mounted on the wall like a fast food shop will frame it’s food hygiene certificate. Let’s face it it’s a testament to a man’s great performance and can I give you a tip.

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I Kissed A Girl and I liked It

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Well I can’t blame you especially if it’s one of our London Escorts. God aren’t women an incredible invention, ? God got it so right didn’t he…how awful would it be if you had to go on date’s with Nigel from accounts? OK he’s a good squash player and you enjoy thrashing a little green ball around with him for an hour one lunchtime, but surely he’s far to hairy to date!!.

No God realised that Nig’ was never going to be more than a squash partner. Then there’s Dave in of the funniest guys that you’re ever likely to meet..and they do say that the couple who laugh together stay together, but the beer gut is something else. How could anyone prefer Dave in a dress over one of our Black Escorts in London offering a gut free passport to paradise. I rest my case at my Julia, beautiful dark and the perfect Latina Escort…and not a well trimmed beard in site.

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The Men Having Fun in Earls Court

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Earls Court can be such a boring place if you’re the type of a man who always craves for a heightened level of fun and satisfaction. If you don’t know any better, then you must be one of those who choose to drive all the way to central London just to have the level of entertainment that you want. But do you know that all of your manly desires and hidden fantasies could come true here in Earls Court? Yes it’s true. You don’t have to go very far to find the highest level of fun that London can offer. Earls Court have it. Just come in and join the fun.

The London escorts in Earls Court have the answer to your deepest desires. Many men have come and availed of their services. Some of them even hailed from outer London and came here just to be entertained. Men meet with the escort girls of Earls Court for the sole purpose of availing total pleasure delivered at its finest.

The types of men who have already spent time with the London escorts in Earls Court are the businessmen, the socialites, and even officials of the highest ranks. They all can’t resist the charms of these ladies. And they get so captivated by their beauty and services that they keep coming back for more. While they don’t really see these girls on a regular basis, you can be sure that they have already availed of what the girls have to offer in one way or the other.

You too can join them in the fun. Be one of these men who see the London escorts in Earls Court as the ultimate source of male pleasure in the entire big city. These girls can be invited just about anywhere – to the many clubs and pubs in the area or even right inside a secluded hotel room. The things that you can do with her can be the same things that you have fantasized of over and over again.

When choosing a London escort in Earls Court, consider not just the body and the face of the escort but her services as well. If you want to be fully satisfied, then you must consider the performance level of your girl. She has to be all out with what she can offer. There should be absolutely no inhibitions in her body as far as making you satisfied is concerned. Only three groups of escorts have these qualities – the blonde escorts, the busty escorts, and the mature escorts. And all of them you can find from Playful Escorts Agency.

Want to Improve Your Language Skills? Meet one of our Latina Lovelies

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South America has always been a popular destination for adventurous backpackers and holidaymakers. It is a place with an incredible history of conquest and revolutions, leading to its reputation as a hot blooded continent.  South America is relatively stable socially and politically, and can be explored completely overland by the truly intrepid traveler. From the wonders of the Amazon to the pleasures of the Costa Rican Cloud Forests, South America seems designed, by nature, to take your breath away.

It’s little wonder then, that so many of our clients sound a bit breathless when they call us to book a date with our lovely Latina Escorts. These South American beauties come in a variety of Blonde Escorts, Brunette Escorts, Curvy Escorts and Busty Escorts. Many are samba babes from Brazil, with their classic curves and warm smiles. Not to be outdone, the fiery Venezuelans have become firm favorites here at Playful escorts, proudly justifying the country’s record breaking hold on the Miss World and Miss Universe titles. We cannot forget the gorgeous Cuban Auri, who currently is revered as one of London’s best Busty Escorts, yet remains a sweet, genuine girl.

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How to Book London Escorts in Bayswater

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The London escorts in Bayswater are increasing in number because many men are looking for their services nowadays. The escort agencies in this part of London are focusing on providing adequate adult male entertainment in the area. If you are in Bayswater right now, then you are in for a big treat. A handful of beautiful ladies are teasing you to be their date right this instant.

If you are indeed looking for a woman to spend sometime with while here in town, a strong suggestion is that you book the services of the brunette escorts. Brunette escorts are simply the best. Aside from their charming exotic looks, you would definitely love their full service guarantee. They would satisfy you from head to toe – something that a regular blonde escort may not eagerly do for you.

Bayswater is such a busy old town with lots of entertainment spots scattered all over the area. If you are coming here for the sole purpose of booking the services of an escort girl, all you really have to do is to prepare yourself for the big meeting ahead. You won’t be disappointed with the charms and allure of the London escorts of Bayswater. They are known to deliver all the pleasure that your heart can handle.

To book a Bayswater escort, the first thing that you have to do is to select a rendezvous. Where would you like to see her? You can pick from any one of the restaurants, clubs, and pubs in Bayswater to serve as your meeting place. Choose a place where you can be sure that you will truly have a great time with your lady. A hotel room in Bayswater is the best place as any to carry out some intimate moments with a beautiful girl.

After choosing a place, you should be ready to pick an escort. Every escort agency in Bayswater maintains a website where all the lovely girls who are affiliated with them are featured. Go to these websites. Playful – London most popular Escort Agency has one. This London escort agency specializes in brunette escorts, blonde escorts, and elite escorts. So if your today’s penchant for companionship fall within these escort categories, then go ahead and seal a deal with this escort agency. Book a lady from Playful – London most popular Escort Agency and just wait for her at the designated rendezvous. When she arrives, that’s when all the pleasure in this world would begin flowing right through you.