T is for Two

If there is a man in this world who hasn’t fantasized about having two women at once, as we call it our duo escorts package, then let him reveal himself now. For me it started way back in school when the teachers mistakenly showed a film at Christmas which involved a bed scene with the lead character and two identical twins (there’s a free 1 hour incall to anyone who can name the film) but I guess it’s just human nature that if you like one of something you’re going to love two of it. I think our duo escorts bring more than just quantity to the table.

They actually enjoy each other’s company to the point that sometimes you’re going to have to be quite assertive and barge your way in between them, probably shouting ‘break’ not unlike a boxing referee. You could just go for the stage diving approach and launch yourself at them, they’ll have to roll aside then and you’ll find yourself buried in the centre of a duo escort scrum. Which other of the escort agencies London can offer you would paint such a vivid picture of the ultimate escort date? I’d say none of them. A playful escort in London is your window on the world of escorting.


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