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We are sorry to inform you but at this time we do not have any incall girls available in the WC2 area. Remember that we can send outcall girls to any area in London. Outcall prices to WC2 are the same low price as all incalls, just £110 per hour. (Minimum 1 hr. charge for outcalls) So browse our website and we can have the outcall girl of your choice come directly to you. Generally we can have the girl to you within one hour or less, depending on availability of our girls.

We are always striving to do our best and recruit more girls in different areas throughout Central London, to offer you a wider variety of locations that are fast, easy, convenient and safe to travel to. Check back with us from time to time and we may have a few new surprises for you.

WC2 is smack bang in the middle of London. Just west of Tottenham Court Road it includes the Strand and the Aldwych and Holborn. For the tourists these places are likely to have you ‘coming in your pants’ The architecture, the famous theatres, The Savoy Bar and Grill, the buskers in Covent Garden. A whole load of sightseeing crap infact. If I found you wandering around WC2 looking for a real taste of London I’d do one of two things. I’d send you in the other direction, towards St Pauls down Fleet Street. Firstly you’ll come to the Gothic splendour of the Law Courts but you don’t want to waste your time in there. Keep going away from WC2 and on the left you’ll find the oldest pub in London (and that’s saying something). Ye Old Cheshire Cheese are a great pub. It’s real authentic London dating back to the 17th century. Now my advice is finding yourself quiet spot. Order yourself a nice beer and a pie and then get the smart phone out have a look at the girls that we have to offer in WC2. If you don’t see anything that you fancy, don’t worry. We have a lot of girls that don’t like to appear on the website. Just give us a call and we’ll go through the girls available near to where you are.


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Tabitha as you can see is pretty much perfect. (As with many of our other girls) She was born for pleasing; slim, young and ready for fun is what this 25 year old European girl is. She has soft fair skin, a beautiful round bottom, nice large natural breasts and a passion for life that is totally inexhaustible. Are you ready for some fun? You had better be with tabby…. With her what you see is what you get, a gorgeous well proportioned, and sexy girl who just wants to please you. Tabitha it appears is going to have no problem living up to and fulfilling the task at hand. (Pleasing us men) At Playful we know what our clients want and it’s the best girls, of course but at a reasonable price. So that’s exactly what we have to offer you! Well that’s why we keep our prices so low and competitive and the available selections always fresh and changing. We´ll keep sending these beautiful girls that come from many multicultural backgrounds your way just be sure to do your part and book them so we don´t lose ´em! Although if you don´t see one on our site in the available today gallery that you have a special liking for give us a call and we can always try to contact her for you.

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