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At this time we have only one escort available in the W8 Postcode, we are always striving to do our best and recruit more girls in different areas throughout Central London, to offer you a wider variety of locations that are fast, easy, convenient and safe to travel to. Check back with us from time to time and we may have a few new surprises for you.

In the W8 postcode area we offer you a Latvian princess for your enjoyment. Maya is a lovely 25 year old escort. She has a 34C bust and a dress size of eight. She is a real exotic beauty. Her body is slim and has subtle curves. Her fair skin is soft and warm, waiting for the gentle caress of your hands
The tube station closest to Maya is the High Street/Kensington Station.

I’m not one for site seeing myself. London’s full of interesting places to go but as a Londoner I always think I’ll do the site seeing another day. W8 has the famous Kensington Palace for you to drag yourself around if that’s your bag. Lots of old pictures of people who’ve been dead for years, lots of posh furniture that came ready assembled. Lots of priceless heirlooms that the royal family seem to acquire totally free of charge, just for being born. Oh and a nice garden.

Thing is getting in will set you back £15 quid. In my opinion that’s money wasted in W8 that you could be spending on a Playful Escort. Yes I know what you’re saying, you’ve got the wife and 2.4 kids in tow, and you got to amuse them in some way! Well Kensington Palace isn’t the way. You want my advice? Put them on the tube to Leicester Square and the Trocadero Centre. Lots to do in there that kids love. You stay in W8 and wave them off at the tube station. Now you’ve got the time., the space and the opportunity to give us a call and find out the real attractions that W8 has to offer.


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Tabitha as you can see is pretty much perfect. (As with many of our other girls) She was born for pleasing; slim, young and ready for fun is what this 25 year old European girl is. She has soft fair skin, a beautiful round bottom, nice large natural breasts and a passion for life that is totally inexhaustible. Are you ready for some fun? You had better be with tabby…. With her what you see is what you get, a gorgeous well proportioned, and sexy girl who just wants to please you. Tabitha it appears is going to have no problem living up to and fulfilling the task at hand. (Pleasing us men) At Playful we know what our clients want and it’s the best girls, of course but at a reasonable price. So that’s exactly what we have to offer you! Well that’s why we keep our prices so low and competitive and the available selections always fresh and changing. We´ll keep sending these beautiful girls that come from many multicultural backgrounds your way just be sure to do your part and book them so we don´t lose ´em! Although if you don´t see one on our site in the available today gallery that you have a special liking for give us a call and we can always try to contact her for you.

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