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At this time we have only one escort available in the W14 Postcode, we are always striving to do our best and recruit more girls in different areas throughout Central London, to offer you a wider variety of locations that are fast, easy, convenient and safe to travel to. Check back with us from time to time and we may have a few new surprises for you.

In the W14 postcode area we have Carla for your enjoyment. She is a lovely 20 year old Brazilian Escort. Carla is a busty girl with her 36D´s and a little larger than Andrea with a dress size of six. She is a real Exotic beauty from South America. The tube station closest to Carla is the West Kensington Tube Station.

Visiting an Escort is often a spur of the moment thing. We guys get that tingling sensation that’s like a little alarm clock going off in our body. If you’re in W14 when the alarm sound’s you’re a lucky man. It’s like being in the swimming pool when the building catches fire. Paddington Station is in W14 and as this is a hub for international travel it’s like a gateway to the world.

Gateways to the world attract people from everywhere and it’s usually people with some time to kill. So you’ve guessed it, Paddington is like Escort Nirvana. Lots of girl around here to choose from and some of the best and cheapest are Playful Escorts. The great thing is that means if you’re pushed for time it’s easy to make an appointment. A lot of our in call girls in this area do 30 minute appointments for just £80 and with Heathrow only 15 minutes away on the train, how better to end a boring business trip, start a holiday or prepare for a long journey. Give us a call 24/7 and we’ll have a girl ready with her engine running.


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With so many different types of girls to choose from that I would say we have one of the best selections available in all of London. Take a good close look and you will see that I am not exaggerating, the good news is that most all of our Incall girls are the same low price; you won’t have to pay top-dollar for the girl of your dreams. Samba is an exceptional girl who stands apart from all of our other Escorts. She is going to cost a little more to see of course than just £110 but she is a woman with amazing breasts, curves and an out of this world body. She is 29 years old certainly has the skills and knowledge to know what it takes to please her man. She is a South American from Brazil with a very nice personality. Dig down a little deeper in those pockets for once and spend some time with this lovely girl.  You´ll be glad you did in the end. She´s easily worth the extra poundage... We all know what happens if we do not keep them busy. They have to support and feed themselves just as well and if we do not help them out they move on. Some all too fast… and then we kick ourselves for it because girls like this are hard to come by. Samba is one woman who we never want to lose.

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