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We are sorry to inform you but at this time we do not have any incall girls available in the W11 area. Remember that we can send outcall escorts to any area in London. Outcall prices to W11 are the same low price as all incalls, just £110 per hour. (Minmium 1 hr. charge for outcalls) So browse out website and we can have the outcall girl of your choice come directly to you. Generally we can have the girl to you within one hour or less, depending on availability of our girls.

We are always striving to do our best and recruit more girls in different areas throughout Central London, to offer you a wider variety of locations that are fast, easy, convenient and safe to travel to. Check back with us from time to time and we may have a few new surprises for you.

Well if I think of W11 it has to be Notting Hill, made famous by the cringingly awful film of the same name that portrays Londoners as being either hugely eccentric or apologetically excuses for men. Hugh Grant has made a career out of playing the public school educated idiot with a heart of gold who wins the girl despite being a complete twat. The great thing is that W11 is fantastic place to visit. Very close to the beautiful Hyde Park it’s full of quirky little shops, some of which were even there before the film put the rents up x100 !!

From our point of view you are just a 10 minute walk from Queensway and Bayswater. These are great area’s for Escorts…lots of them!! So you will be spoilt for choice if staying around Notting Hill. We have a great selection of girls who are available in W11 who can either come to you in your hotel or you can visit in their apartments dotted around the area. I always recommend that you call us because the website does not show all our girls and some of our best are in W11 but don’t want their photos on the website.


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Sasha is one of our freshest girls and she’s a little new to Escorting at just 19 years old and as a result is slightly hesitant and a little unsure of herself. That's understandable even though we were quick to reassure her about your decent character and good manners... we just need to give her a little time. I personally think she's very pretty but she just doesn't realize it and because of that, she lacks a little confidence and maybe doesn't showcase herself as best she could. All that works in your favor because it makes for a truly genuine date... A real encounter with a sweet girl who just wants to make sure she's doing it right. It is important for her and all of our girls to know that we guys are gentle and loving... Once Sasha realizes that, I’m sure she'll respond and then the possibilities are mind blowing. So go easy... take a little time to introduce yourself and get to know her. Gain her confidence and then I think you're in for a real treat with this beautiful young girl.

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