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We are happy and proud to offer you for incalls, Julia in the victoria SW1 area. She is a 28 year old Eastern European lady. She is Slim and Busty with beautiful blue eyes, and long flowing blonde hair.
She is located just five minutes or less of a walk from the Victoria station. So call now to have some good times and fun with this hot busty escort. The closest tube station to Julia is Victoria.

Well SW1 is one of the top 5 most popular places that people want to live in London. That doesn’t surprise me. It can be very swanky and if I had a time machine and a wad of cash I’d go back a couple of hundred years and buy the whole of Belgravia. An SW1 postcode can be a real ‘knickers dropper’ for the right kind of girl. Trouble is you’ve got to have the full set…the house in the country, the villa, the boat, the bank balance. Not so with Playful Escorts.

We don’t do a credit check before we let our girls loose on you. We do cater for the super-rich of SW1 but our girls are bigger than that and so they are just as happy to come to your Travelodge in Victoria as some posh pad in Kensington.

Finally as I always explain, if you’re a visitor to London and you find yourself wandering the streets of SW1 then please you need never be alone. Playful Escorts are all over London and our girls provide a little haven of joy and sensuality for the weary traveller. Just give us a call and we’ll put you in touch.


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Hazel is a great girl; very slim, pretty, and sassy as well and with a lovely body. She is awesome and also a great choice… so why not give us a call and take a chance? You’ll be more than satisfied after spending time with Hazel; how could you not be with a body looking as hot as hers? She is a little young but nonetheless an experienced Escort and really knows how to please a man. She will entice and tease you in a sensual and seductive way until you feel like you are going to explode from the anticipation of what’s to come. When she does finally deliver (She always does) you’ll know it was all worthwhile. Give us a call and experience an Escort like you have never had before. Hazel is first class; you won’t be disappointed with her in anyway.  

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