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Here we go down that road again; adding yet another great looking girl to our list of girls that are here in London working as escorts. So where are we going to go with Mira our new 20 year old Italian escort? Well wherever you live or are staying for the time being is where she is going to be going first-off. No matter where it is pretty much she is happy and willing to come and see you as long as you do not mind the normal thing of paying a little extra £ if you are too far out of Central London. Believe me that when Mira shows up knocking at your door you are not going to mind paying a little bit of extra if need be.
We do not give you any ugly surprises here; that has never been our style and that’s the way it is going to stay. Of course just like any other London escort agency we try to hire pretty girls, sexy and desirable ones that will come is a great assortment of shapes and sizes to please the fussiest person out there. You could say we have a nice potpourri of girls to offer you. Being awfully persnickety ourselves helps to just make things better and more enjoyable for everyone in the end. We provide a good product and great service, and all the involved parties benefit in one way or another. That´s living the good life… nice and smooth.
Smooth is the way we like it and that is the way that you are going to get it with Mira if you want it that way; fair complexion, borderline large breasts which seem to me that they could be pushing the boundaries of a D cup but are listed as 34C´s, but then again I´m no expert when it comes to judging the size of a woman´s breasts. Maybe you are and want to give them a closer look? Maybe you want to see something else of hers up close? Whatever it may be just ask and she will be more than willing to give you full access to all of her most intimate and personal `belongings´ for as long as you´d like to check them out for; we are about 95% sure that she´ll easily pass as a woman on your “Do-able” list… likely one you will be wanting to do over and over again. Get goin’ on it! Make the phone call.


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Some girls will…some girls won’t…some girls need a lot of lovin and err…some girls don’t….Irina ‘will’ and she craves the lovin. I had a cat like that once…always purring, always wanting to be sitting on your lap and snuggling up. Then the going rate was a tin of Whiskers and a flea collar. Now pussy comes a little more expensive but with so many added perks. Irina is house trained and very clean. She can lick her own bottom and loves curling up on your lap. Gives us a call and let this feline femme fatale in through your front door.


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You better make an appointment to spend some quality time with this new exotic beauty that we have found. Of course our London Escorts come from all different places and recently we have had quite a few new ones too add within our agency.
So you had better jump at the chance the chance to see this beautiful 26 year old Bianca. This girl has some of the most velvety and smoothest skin ever. She is a girl that you are really going to like. We have a very nice selection of busty and curvy girls in the Busty Escorts section if Bianca does not “do it” for you. (She sure “works” for me.) In other words; she looks absolutely incredible.
She is very open-minded and is very excited about meeting new people and trying different things. Give us a ring and spend some quality time with this beauty. Some but not all women really know how to look after and treat their men; Bianca certainly does.
Book an hour or two with her and find out for yourself; she’s waiting to visit you.


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Elizabeth is looking forward to spending some casual NSA encounters with you. You are not going to want to miss out on experiencing what she has to offer. This 23 year old British beauty is going to leave quite the impression on you, in other words she is going to “ROCK YOUR WORLD!”
She is one of our most beautiful girls and surprisingly uninhibited for one so pretty. Elizabeth has a sort of mysterious look to her and pretty brown eyes that I could stare into for hours. (Truth is I’m a sucker for a pretty face) On our first meeting I accidentally just blurted out how beautiful she was. I didn’t mean to say it; it just popped out because I was thinking it so I unintentionally let her know what I thought of her. It was a little awkward for me at first but she did not seem to mind.
At our great rates you won’t find better and it was a real treat to spend time alone with her. She doesn’t always work so you got to be a little lucky to catch up with her but she’s worth the effort. Definitely one of my favorites and one of the prettiest girls we have on the books. Sexy Elizabeth is SCORCHING HOT and is tops for me! She will be for you too…


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Maya has the sweetest face with one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen. She has that innocent look about her but also a naughty mischievous look as well. Luckily for us she seems to be one of those girls who just can’t get enough of you guys. Well, I think she’s found her calling here! I am sure that we can find at least one or two guys more than willing to spend time with her. So it sounds like a happy ending for everyone involved.
I took her out for an early evening dinner to get to know her better, I have to admit she sure put a spell on me. I don´t how she did it, maybe she slipped a little something in my drink while I was in “the little boys room” Maybe she cast some kind of black magic or gypsy spell on me unknowingly before our rendezvous…
Or another more feasible reason is the fact that her personality and attitude has such a calming, relaxing effect on everyone she comes into contact with. Or is it possible that in my age I am getting a soft spot for these young aspiring girls that decide to give the escorting business a whirl? (Sadly none of us but the girls seems to be getting any younger. (Lol) Give us a call now and let Maya work her magic on you.


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Lately it seems we a lot of younger girls coming in looking for work lately. I can assure you one thing…  We are not complaining by all means! All these girls that are just 19-25 years old seem to be swarming into the office wanting to be an escort; and that is nothing but GREAT NEWS FOR YOU!
We know that at just 19 to 25 years old or so that they cannot have so much experience in the escorting industry. So what are we to do? Turn them all down because they lack experience? Not a chance! We´ll put them to work and at let them at least have the chance to prove that they have what it takes to make it as an escort.
24 years old is a little young for my taste (Myself being an “old-timer”) but I know many of our clients have a lot less years on them then I do. LOL (Laughs) so this is great news for all of our regulars and for our new clients as well; we will be providing you with young, fresh new faces in abundance. Olivia is our latest Brazilian recruit who I am sure you are going to enjoy the company of. You can count on every moment spent with her to be full of lots of passion; if you have never spent time with a Brazilian woman before it´s about time you did.


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When you get her out on the dance-floor and she starts showing off her moves and shaking that perfectly rounded booty around you´ll see guys with their eyes permanently transfixed on her. They will be unable to look away… with their tongues hanging out of their mouths and drooling like babies. This new and BUSTY Spanish woman is going to have everyone going crazy!
You´ll be proud to know that she is YOUR “PRIZE” for the night and she is going to do everything she can do to make sure you have a good time. You could always keep her in a more personal and intimate setting in in your home or hotel and let her show you her seductive moves in private. (No one will get in trouble for shedding off their clothes there) HEH, HEH
Personally I think that sounds like a much better idea. The choice is up to you.  You better book this woman as much as you can because we do not know for sure how long she will be around for. We hope for a long time… But you should be happy to have the chance to date her now!


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Renata is an amazing girl! I would like to point out the fact that her photo shoot went just amazing! But wait until you see her in person! You will not be upset with any aspect of this girl. Well despite the very sexy lingerie I’m getting ‘elegance’, I’m getting ‘demure’ and I’m getting ‘classy’. All great quality’s…
We want you to know that she ‘rocks the boat’ well and proper when the need arises. So I’m telling you not to get too carried away by the stunning photos. Renata is a hard working girl and she knows exactly what you want and will deliver it with great enthusiasm.
Renata’s beautiful but by no means’ untouchable’ in fact she is very touchable. She loves nothing better than a guy with a bit of technique to take her back to her courting days when she was a young teenager. What I’m trying to say is she’s one of the best! You had better not waste any time and give us a call to spend some time with this buxom babe! She does outcalls only so just two simple phone calls are all it takes to be enjoying her company.


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Megan is going to be one of our very popular girls; she is an Austrian girl who stands 5`6″ with a dress size of 6-8… and boy can she deliver big! Her body is perfect; just imagine how much fun you could have with her. She is very sexy and always has a good attitude; she takes her work very seriously.
She is one of the many London Incall Escorts we have to offer. If you are into slim hot brunettes you had better call to make an appointment to see her. We have a lot of other girls available so if Megan is not your type just check out the incall escorts gallery. Blondes, brunettes we have them all; it should be easy for you to find one you like.
Our London Escorts work all different hours, some of them even 24/7. So no matter what time you get the urge you can book an appointment with one. You can even make last minute bookings with our incall girls (Within 10 or 15 minutes’ notice or so if the girl you choose is not busy at the time) or up a day or more in advance if you want. We´re here to help and provide you with the best escort´s you can find in all of London. Megan does just incalls out of W2 Queensway.


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Believe it or not… yes we have a new Escort… Chloe has recently arrived to London and boy is she hot! London is the perfect place for a young, sexy escort like her. She is sure to have a great time in this city where people love adventure and discretion. She has a very strong desire to meet different men to please and she equally likes to be pleased by you.
At only 23 years old this lovely girl is very sure about her talents and the way she can deliver. Having fun is one of her priorities and she cannot wait to start seeing clients to find out what you guys think about her nice personality, slender legs, gorgeous body and lovely face. More than anything she wants to know if you can feel her passion when she does what she does best.
We are sure you are going to be happy and excited to spend some amazing time with this lovely babe. Chloe is not going to be a girl who would ever let you down or disappoint you in any way. She is sure to be a winner and soon rise to stardom here at Playful Escorts. Chloe is easily well worth a little bit of your time.