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Here we go down that road again; adding yet another great looking girl to our list of girls that are here in London working as escorts. So where are we going to go with Mira our new 20 year old Italian escort? Well wherever you live or are staying for the time being is where she is going to be going first-off. No matter where it is pretty much she is happy and willing to come and see you as long as you do not mind the normal thing of paying a little extra £ if you are too far out of Central London. Believe me that when Mira shows up knocking at your door you are not going to mind paying a little bit of extra if need be.
We do not give you any ugly surprises here; that has never been our style and that’s the way it is going to stay. Of course just like any other London escort agency we try to hire pretty girls, sexy and desirable ones that will come is a great assortment of shapes and sizes to please the fussiest person out there. You could say we have a nice potpourri of girls to offer you. Being awfully persnickety ourselves helps to just make things better and more enjoyable for everyone in the end. We provide a good product and great service, and all the involved parties benefit in one way or another. That´s living the good life… nice and smooth.
Smooth is the way we like it and that is the way that you are going to get it with Mira if you want it that way; fair complexion, borderline large breasts which seem to me that they could be pushing the boundaries of a D cup but are listed as 34C´s, but then again I´m no expert when it comes to judging the size of a woman´s breasts. Maybe you are and want to give them a closer look? Maybe you want to see something else of hers up close? Whatever it may be just ask and she will be more than willing to give you full access to all of her most intimate and personal `belongings´ for as long as you´d like to check them out for; we are about 95% sure that she´ll easily pass as a woman on your “Do-able” list… likely one you will be wanting to do over and over again. Get goin’ on it! Make the phone call.


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Yes you may have noticed if you are one of our regular clients but it has been a little while since we have added a new girl: They just sort of seem to come and go and thankfully we have not seen a lot of them go lately. But on the downside we have not had too many new ones coming in to the office looking for work either. Christina rang us up the other day and told us that she has just arrived to London and was looking for some work.
She is a slim 23 year old girl from Germany that you are going to want to spend a little time with. Yes there are plenty of other choices of girls here to choose from and you may be asking yourself why you should choose her? Well we can talk her up and go on and on about how special she really is but it´s not really necessary. Either she does it for you or she don´t; that´s pretty much straight forward. Here’s one for you to think about; she loves to be affectionate and she has one of the sweetest little bodies on her that I have seen come through the do in a little while now. Come have a taste on us. £110 is a pretty good deal to spend an hour with a girl like Christina.


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Congratulations on finding your way to the page of one of our newest escorts that we have to offer you. Almost daily we are adding new ones and trying to keep up with them; believe it or not but yes we do end up turning a few down on occasion. If there is a bad vibe or something just does not feel right we can afford to send a few down the road if need be… given the amount of girls out there that are looking to make it working as an escort. That means you get the best girls possible and we do the hard work of sorting them out for you.
Soraya is the latest beauty who has been fortunate enough to get her foot in our door. You´re going to find a lot of other nice looking slim brunettes here as well and maybe you wonder why we keep putting more and more on the books. Well… the main reason I would say… hmmnn… how to put it? OK; plain and simply put there is an idiom (or saying) that says that you can never have too much of a good thing. Based on the number of calls that we get from persons looking for slim brunettes and how often they are booked makes them a good thing; not only for us but everyone else that looks to spend time with them as well.
Ask and you shall receive; 24 year old Soraya is an open minded girl who will stop at nothing to help you reach a peak level of satisfaction when you spend time with her. Passionate French kissing, being very attentive and nurturing and many other good qualities about her make her an ideal companion. She has many other ways that she can bring you heightened levels of pleasure. She may not be an expert in Kama Sutra but she more than knows what she is doing. Discover the other ways she has within her together.


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Settle down and don’t try to get too excited… yes we have a new escort. You should know what the turnaround is like if you are an experienced punter; one day you are looking at a website and you think you have found the perfect girl that could possibly be the one you have been searching high and low for that can provide you with the ultimate tantric massage or even help you become an expert in Kama sutra (or at least become better and practice at it) and then next thing you know she disappears off the website never to be seen again. That’s why it´s better to not dillydally around and as soon as you see a new girl appear on our sites and book her right away. Goldy has recently came to London and boy is she hot!
London is the perfect place for a sexy woman like her. She is sure to have a great time in this city even though there is a lot of competition out there for her. Goldy will fit in just fine. She has a strong ambition to meet different men to please and she equally likes to be pleased by you whether it may be some sensual French kissing or whatever else you desire.
At 40 years old this lovely girl is very sure about her experience that she has and knows that she can deliver. Having fun is her main priority and she cannot wait to start seeing clients to find out what you guys think about her nice personality, slender legs, gorgeous body and lovely face. You will be sure to feel her passion when she does what she does best to you, and you do the same back to her.


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Here at Playful Escorts we are in a fortunate situation, we seem to be swimming once again in a sea of beautiful blonde girls. It´s not a bad place to be and you won’t want us to throw you a life-line and pull you out. You’ll notice when you are looking through our grand selection of girls that you are going to find them in every shape and size. You’ll find a good majority of busty ones and an equal amount of very slim and petite ones. What exactly are you looking for? The young slimmer ones seem to becoming more and more popular as they always seem to be more energetic and make it `less work´ for you so to speak when you are spending time with them. Do you desire a young woman who enjoys and has the art of French kissing down to a “T”?
Have a good look at one of our lovely blonde girls that have entered the industry recently and I know you will be impressed. Beverly is slim, well put together and a very pretty 19 year old girl who has got a body that couldn’t be any better; for all you petite sized women lovers out there. If you’re an expert in Kama sutra maybe you can teach her a few moves and positions? She likes to learn new things and is more than willing to try them with you.
She has a nice combination of everything that we men love in escorts, look at her photos… I don´t have to tell you why. She’s a great addition to our many other beautiful London outcall girls. Let’s book her and date her like crazy so she will be with us for a long time and not run off soon. Small natural breasts on a hot looking blonde; what’s not to love about that?


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Are you Juliette’s ‘love struck Romeo’?  You won’t be the first or the last. Men just love her . They want to be around her…talk to her…take her to dinner ( no not a drive through Mackie D’s). What I’m saying is she’s one of those special girls that you want to get to know better. I know escort dates can be a little frantic. I know that getting to know a girl isn’t always what you or she wants but I’d say take your time with Juliette. Imagine you’ve just chatted her up in a bar and struck lucky. Bask in your pulling prowess and slow down and take the time to chat a while. She’llopen up like a rosebud on a sunny summer day.


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Some girls will…some girls won’t…some girls need a lot of lovin and err…some girls don’t….Irina ‘will’ and she craves the lovin. I had a cat like that once…always purring, always wanting to be sitting on your lap and snuggling up. Then the going rate was a tin of Whiskers and a flea collar. Now pussy comes a little more expensive but with so many added perks. Irina is house trained and very clean. She can lick her own bottom and loves curling up on your lap. Gives us a call and let this feline femme fatale in through your front door.


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We know that we really do not have to do it because we like to think that you guys and girls where applicable can read into these photos of the girls just a little bit more than just simply looking at their `good parts´, read between the lines or look a little bit closer; are you seeing what I am seeing? I could just quit writing this short introduction for this new 25 African girl that stands 5´4” right now. That would give you more time to get looking at those photos and have to spend less time read these words which you may or may not understand that I´m putting in here for your entertainment. (Winks) Yeah!
I’m not the real entertainment in case you haven´t figured that one out yet; tonight (hopefully) your entertainment is going to be Diamond. So looking a little bit closer I am predicting that Diamond is going to be a lot of fun when you are with her. (Tough prediction huh?) I think she´s going to be a little bit playful and an open-minded girl like most of the other lot we have working for us; depending on you of course; she´ll read into your feelings and provide you with exactly what you are looking for…
The one photo you can just see a little peek of her `nips´ coming out the top of the lingerie a little bit; on the other hand in one of them it falling down but she covering them up with her hands. *sad-face* Finally she´s barring it all for you without a care in the world in another picture. So I am reading that she´ll play the quiet and shy type of girl, or she can do a 360° and be the bold and wild party girl type with a care-free attitude who is going to go over the top to make you happy; have her come over for a more in-depth reading lesson for the two of you. Who will tutor who?


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You better make an appointment to spend some quality time with this new exotic beauty that we have found. Of course our London Escorts come from all different places and recently we have had quite a few new ones too add within our agency.
So you had better jump at the chance the chance to see this beautiful 26 year old Bianca. This girl has some of the most velvety and smoothest skin ever. She is a girl that you are really going to like. We have a very nice selection of busty and curvy girls in the Busty Escorts section if Bianca does not “do it” for you. (She sure “works” for me.) In other words; she looks absolutely incredible.
She is very open-minded and is very excited about meeting new people and trying different things. Give us a ring and spend some quality time with this beauty. Some but not all women really know how to look after and treat their men; Bianca certainly does.
Book an hour or two with her and find out for yourself; she’s waiting to visit you.


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Valery is a very young Bulgarian girl who can get pretty wild sometimes for being so young; she is bold and daring, adventurous and open-minded. She is like a wild stallion or like someone lit a fire up under her arse. She goes balls-out, full-tilt and non-stop.
So if you are lucky enough to get a hold of her you had better dig-in those spurs and hold on for dear life. She is a beautiful 18 year old girl that is overflowing with life and zest who is going to get your heart rate and pulse racing and your blood boiling.
I can assure you that it will be a very enjoyable ride. CATCH HER IF YOU CAN! Book her and enjoy; she likes the attention and she will gladly return all that you give to her. She´s a fun girl to be with who you´ll rapidly want to enjoy the company with again very soon after meeting her.