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For me, Jully denotes a true Bulgarian girl. She is sexy; she is witty at the same time fierce to show some level of strength. I do not know about you but I love that in a woman. Anyway, Jully can be anything you want her to be. She can be a strong Russian woman, the kind that you are used to in the movies such as the black widow in Marvel’s superhero movies. I speak for myself.

Her long legs make you wonder what you could do with them, lick them from top to bottom, run your hands and feel her smooth warm skin, glaze them with chocolate and lick it off; the list is endless and Jully will allow it so long as pain is not involved. Her busty chest exemplifies her inner beauty, the way they bounce when she jumps makes you smile in awe. Her butt is round and full as if air has been pumped in them. A look at them invites your hands to spank them and view the aftershock of how they vibrate in excitement while asking for more. Her brown hair matches her brown eyes. She looks as perfect as a Barbie doll.

Jully is not afraid to try new things and if you wish to explore, you can find her at playful escorts where your dreams and fantasies are made a reality. Visit us online to book Jully at a cheap rate. She is caring and compassionate about spending time with you. According to her, spending time with you is learning new experiences and vice versa. You also get to learn new aspects of her that are likely to change your sexual life.

I like the way she moves. Elegantly like a model on the runway only this time it’s for you and not an audience.


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Amira exemplifies the beauty of an Eastern European girl. Her long Black hair makes her hazel colored eyes pop. She definitely represents 24 Carat with her pure perfection in looks. Her slender body epitomizes her as a Bulgarian goddess whom you would wish to be by her side. Her 24/7 party girl attitude assures non-boredom times even with longer hours at our incall services.A glance at her in person will have your tongue sliding across your bottom lips and she is likely to respond by licking her upper lip. She is very playful.
Personally, I would like to watch Amira in her wild bisexual nature then join in afterward to have a piece of the pie. Once you meet Amira you are going to fall in love. And this is not just information; it is a disclaimer to warn you on the risks of becoming addicted to her. Be sure to be careful because 24 Carat would not want you to take her away from the business. She is a valued escort. Bulgarian girls have been taught well on how to take care of their men. Amira is smart, stunning and down to earth. She is an almost perfect woman that you could not be embarrassed to hang out with on a date or public functions around friends.
Her needs are not expensive and you are guaranteed quality time spent together with all attention diverted towards you and your needs (a true description of a Bulgarian woman). Her full chest, beautiful eyes, black hair and slim body makes you feel like a King for hosting a goddess. I too want an Eastern European girl! Amira may be slender but she is also curvy. A dress on her will never disappoint.
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Pamela is one of our newest and hottest escorts yet. She spells perfection from her head to the bottom of her heel. If you want to be among the first to get a first-hand experience with her, you better get to dialing. She is effortlessly beautiful, and the photos are there to prove that. Pamela’s body is unique because every inch of her body looks perfectly measured.

She is 5’8’’ and she has legs for days. She probably works out because it’s not every day that you come across such model-like legs that are evenly toned. Her thighs and hips blend together, making her legs look sensually thick. Pamela loves her black, flowery stilettos that make her look even sexier as she walks to you. If you want her in them during your session, she will be more than glad to let you have a good look at her get her sexy on in heels.

Pamela is fun to be around, and she has all the skills you are looking to experiment. She is also bisexual, therefore ladies, she’s available. It is a plus for men because there’s something sexy about an all-rounded woman. Pamela has more pronounced body curves compared to most of our slim escorts. You would expect that a slim girl would have a tiny booty and boobs too, but Pamela stands out. She is sexy and proud of it, and she will definitely show you what it’s like to be with a sexy, confident woman.

She is young and energetic. She may look calm in these photographs, but her body is more than flexible enough to take you through the hottest sex positions you could think of. She is open-minded and ready to learn from you, her clients. She is also pretty excited to show you what she can do with that smoking body. If you want to feel, touch and do things with Pamela, call us and set up a date with the lady.


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A look at Kayla is like an escapade in the desert that would leave you thirsty rather than satisfied with the spree. Kayla is hot and tall, a sexy and fierce body. Her attitude mimics the same. She will leave you begging for more. You have to be careful not to want extra. More is leading you to addiction and this is dangerous. Her affliction for companionship ensures you have an engagement session with her. She will offer you with value for your money. No one is happy with a girl who rushes you for your time.

I like the way she shakes her particulars, her petite boobs bounce around in joy, her ass follows suit to obey her commands. Her passion for romance exudes her beauty once you meet her. She teaches you how to treat a woman and in turn, you get what you desire from treating her right. Her slim tall body makes her a unique and one of a kind girl from Italy. Her freshness tantalizes your senses and marinates your thoughts with great ideas you can introduce to Kayla who will obediently comply. Touch her flawless body and play with her boundless beautiful features for as long as you want. Her Italian accent relegates you to continue pushing her buttons during pleasure.

Kayla‘s world is a playful one. Her positivity is infectious driving out any worry especially during your sessions. She is always Horney and ready for you. Her tactics for arousing are unique. She is sweet, fun and with her, it’s all quality. She will not rush you into ending a session. In fact, you would wish to extend. Extending is not a problem with our cheap rate. Playful escorts got you covered.

I do not want to divulge a lot about Kayla but she is full of surprises. Book online for Kayla and find out your version of her.


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Ivy is a hot sexy Italian girl. Close your eyes and think about Italy. What do you see? I see art, food, spice, perfume, bulls, fashion and sexy. I look at Ivy and I can see the same things. Ivy is a special girl. Her Italian origin presents her with some known attributes Italian girls possess. I like a girl who knows a lot. It makes up for meaning constructive conversation. Ivy knows a lot on the topics mentioned above. She is also passionate about everything Italian but nothing beats her Italian way of fulfilling your desires.

Ivy’s butt is somewhat puzzling. Is it round or heart-shaped? I cannot get the difference. If you wish to help out, book Ivy to make the deductions we may not know. As a new girl to the game, she brings lots of freshness to the scene. Be among the first to try her and give your review. All I can tell you is when I first saw her, she blew my brains off. The way her pencil skirt caressed her curves reminded me of taking the bulls by its horn. She commanded attention in the room as she flicked her hair back, bit her lips and from time to time changed the position of her crossed legs. Right leg over left and after a while left leg over right.

Her perfect bosom draws you to her chest; it makes you wonder of the perfect sculptures Michael Angelo sculpted while in Italy. Her wide smile invites you to a warmness she can provide physically. Her Aurora and beauty surround her at all times. Her distinct sense of fashion assists her to know what to wear and when to wear. Her presentation is a mystery that ends with a surprise that will leave you asking for more.


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The secret behind Luna having glowing, youthful skin is still a mystery. She is the definition of aging like the finest wine. And the truth is she gets sweeter each time, as many of her clients would say after more than one date with her. Luna has a form of beauty that even these pictures cannot tell. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. That said, you will need to schedule a date with Luna to know what goodies she has in store for you.

She has long, gracious legs that get thicker on your way up. Her thighs are well toned, and that booty! It always leaves me speechless for sure. Those two buns wobble around effortlessly with her every step. She’s known to be an irresistible teaser. Just take a look at her brown eyes and juicy red lips. Remarkable, right? Her tiny waist gives her a Barbie-doll kind of look, and this makes it even harder to believe that she is really a mature escort. When Luna gets out of her lacey lingerie and lets those two melons loose, your breath is immediately taken away.

Luna is talented between the sheets, and one of her weaknesses is that she can’t help but make men fall in love and stay hung up on her. She has a gentle touch that can quickly turn naughty, depending on what you want. You will be compelled to squeeze her juicy butt, her full breasts and every inch of her perfectly toned body.

She is Columbian, and her Spanish combined with that smoking body is the complete package. She knows just how to roll her ‘R’s right. And the things she can do with her mouth, simply amazing. Make sure you get a taste of this mature, sexy escort today, because who would want to pass on this work of art?

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