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To be, or not to be, that is the question: What??? Fake or Real? That´s my question! You can book her and have her with you in about half hour or so and find out that ‘The Truth is Out There’


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I do know about you but there are some things in life that I just hate, as a rule I am not too picky of a person and you may think this is sort of weird coming from a guy’s point of view but one thing that really bugs the hell out of me is a dirty house, I like a clean place. If and when it gets to the point where I see dirt or even too many `dust bunnies´ building up around the house I tend to get a little edgy and irritable, then I go into cleaning mode and take care of it! (No, sadly I cannot afford a maid) We could go on and on about things we hate but what is the point; who really wants to hear that and who really cares? We are here to tell you about this new girl Isabel who recently came in looking for some work. Something you´re going to love!
So Isabel comes in the office the other day, things were a little bit slow and the afternoon seemed to be just dragging on forever, which is not always the most enjoyable thing in itself either… so this this beautiful 22 year old girl struts in and she was like a savior; something for us to do, something new and exciting to take our minds off of whatever was troubling us and make the time pass a little faster. So if you think about it and she can do that for us while we´re just sitting in the office working imagine how it´s going to be when she comes and visits you and the two of you are alone together?
This 22 year old youngster is going to be your “cure-all” Whatever is ailing or bothering you this blonde haired German sweetie is going to make you forget all about it. Time will go fast with her and that is pretty much a guarantee, she is one of those special girls that you should not miss out on; even if nothing is bothering you and you are already a happy person she´s going to make you even happier!


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Nihan is a new girl that we have found and you are definitely going to want to go and see her. We have not had a girl in the Royal Oak area for some time now so you have even another place to choose where you want to visit one of our incall girls. She is a very slim girl who is 24 years old and really likes to meet new gentleman. She does not mind the company of women so she is willing to provide her services to anyone that cares to see her and she is a really open minded girl. She is loaded with energy so if you need a little bit of `sex-ercise´ you better call now.
Once you arrive at her place you are really going to be impressed with her looks; and once you experience her services you will really be amazed, she likes to spoil clients with lots of French kissing and all the other goodies that our elite London escorts provide. It´s too bad that she just does incalls because she´s the kind of girl that you would like to take out on the town and show her off a little bit.
Nihan is a name that we have not heard before but do not worry if you have troubles pronouncing it; we´ll know what you mean. In case you were wondering the meaning of her name is hidden or a secret… that´s exactly what she is and you are going to find this hidden secret in W2 Royal Oak as we mentioned earlier. We have lots of other hidden secrets hiding in and around Central London for you to discover if Nihan is not your type of woman but how could she not be someone’s type with the looks and body that she has.


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Oh dear Mercedes! I do not know about you guys but I am thinking that Mercedes name fits her perfectly; I would think that when most of us hear that name that the first thing that comes to mind is class or luxury like the Mercedes-Benz automobile manufacturer that is so well known. I´ll be the first to admit that we certainly would like to have more photos of her to show you but sadly we do not have any more. The ones we do have though should get the point across to you pretty clearly about what kind of time you are going to have when the two of you get together and do your thing.
She definitely a girl that you could say is classy and sexy as hell; you are going to love this half-pint sized woman. I say half-pint sized because if you have not noticed she is listed as being just five feet two inches tall! Thinking about it I think it´s a pretty safe bet to say that she is the littlest girl that we have working for us. We have a lot of girls that we represent but I am pretty sure you will not find one smaller; about the closest you would get would be Celia or Delma a couple of our girls working as incall escorts.
I would say the sky is the limit with the amount of fun and pleasure that you are going to have together when the two of you meet up with each other. Me; I know exactly what I would be doing with her, I would be rushing her inside where ever I was and keeping her away from prying eyes and losing our clothing just as fast as possible. That´s just me but you can take her out, book her for as long as you want to and maybe treat her to a nice romantic candlelit dinner somewhere, it actually doesn´t sound like a bad option either. Whatever you do decide you pretty much have `satisfaction guaranteed´ here boys!


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Lexy is a name that when I think of it happens to bring the word class to my mind. No; not like a class that you go and sit in and listen to a teacher harp on about stupid crap you may likely already know. Get the heck outta the class room and spend some time with this classy woman that just came through the door. She does outcalls give us a ring now. We´ll tell you a little bit more about her later but for now you have the basics; pretty much all you need to know.
So here we are back again and what two things do guys love and adore more than anything in the world? Well that’ll vary a little depending on who you ask… women are on everyone’s list of course, then you got cars and motorcycles and maybe countless others; lots of guys are really into cars. If you want to compare Lexy to a car she´ll be a little more on the classy side, like a Bentley or a Rolls Royce; but it´s not like any of us can afford one of those but what you can afford is to spend a little time with this 25 year old French girl for just £110.
So come on and take her around the block a little bit for a spin; you never know she may turn out to be a `Sleeper´ You think you’re getting in a nice luxury ride and she turns out to be like a classic muscle car and the ride can get pretty wild. It´s bound to be exciting no matter what you do with her.


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Anna is one of our newest girls we have added lately, you may have noticed that lately there has been a lot of Italian girls coming in that are very anxious and looking to get to work as one of our London escorts. It looks to me like Anna our fresh 21 year old has had a pretty nice photo shoot. Sometimes it’s not always easy to get the ball rolling for these girls so they can afford a good pictures. It looks to me like Anna has done pretty good for herself with hers but we hope in time to get her in for some freshly updated ones; not that these ones are bad but it would be nice to see a little bit more of her… specifically her body parts with just a bit more skin showing.
Who in their right mind is going to argue about her showing off a little more flesh for the camera? She is a petite little thing as you can tell by looking at her numbers; she barely stands five feet tall. I am not the tallest person in the world but heck even I stand a good head taller than she does. The little girls like this seem to have a little more energy to spend when they are entertaining you in the way that they do. I’m thinking that she’s going to be like a whirlwind cruising across the plains; and it’s coming right for you.
Anna is one of our girls who does outcalls so in order to find out just how much energy she has its going to take just one phone call and in a jiffy she will be knocking at your door. She is a pretty open minded girl and from what I heard she’s awfully good with her hands; some girls are better at certain things than others and the colleague who interviewed her told me that he was very impressed at everything she did but her massage was something to remember. So give us a call to see how good she is at the other things that she does; especially with the other parts of her body, she will be sure to put them to good use.


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Nicole’s name sort of rings a bell with me, it has been awhile I think since we had a girl with that name working for us but this one looks a little bit familiar. I can´t say for sure because we go through so many girls but it looks to me like she´s worth checking out. She is a little bit on the young side at just 22 years old but we know how much you guys and girls (Nicole does couples and lesbian dates as well) seem to have a special liking for these new ones. Ramadan is over and we are hoping to get out of the little slump that we were in so be sure to keep an eye out for new girls that we have lining up to be interviewed. We´ll get it done as fast as we can so there will be even more choices of new girls for you.
Nicole here is looking pretty good with her slim body; I guess you could say or I would put it that to me she looks good enough to eat! Her pretty green eyes and subtle curves look to me like they are enough to make any man crazy with desire. Whatever you do don´t just pass her up on the old assumption that she´s just another one of those Eastern European girls working as an escort here in London. All of our girls are special in one way or another and it´s up to you to find out exactly what makes her different.
So getting back to the basics; as with most of our girls she´s pretty open minded and willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy. If you want a woman who excels at French kissing and giving lots of TLC then do not miss out on her. She does just outcalls so you can book her for as long as you´d like to have her company for; chances are that once you meet her you´ll agree she is a special find… but you won´t know until you meet her.


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Well it looks to me like in my absence here things have changed a little bit; yes we do take breaks here on occasion to enjoy ourselves instead of toiling away 24/7 at our desks doing what we do best here; that is bringing you beautiful new women who are looking to work as escorts here in London. Well upon my return one of the first things that I happened to notice is Jane; hmmnn… how could one not notice her? She is looking pretty good to me and I just wish that I had gotten the chance to meet her but I hate to admit it but it seems that I may have lost out on this one; that makes me sad because she looks wonderful but it is never too late for you to meet her and we are happy to offer you all that she has.
Well one of the first things that you are going to notice about her are those legs; standing five feet nine inches you know where most of that height is coming from. I notice she happens to be advertised as maybe one really being into some kind of domination fun and games; that´s always nice and I’m thinking that she´ll be able to make all of your dreams come true. I am also thinking that she could make me happy without even touching me at all with a body looking like that; wow I am getting excited just thinking about it… she could put on a pretty good show and tell type of game for you from what I am seeing.
Whatever games it is you decide to play with her it´s going to be quite a treat; how could one not enjoy the time spent with this 25 year old Polish beauty? We have not had many Polish women come in lately and it´s said that they are known for many good qualities such as being nurturing, gentle and considerate and one of my favourites HORNY! So Jane does outcalls and is waiting to come and visit you, it may be a little bit hard for you to find out just how horny she is if you don´t keep her safely tucked away in your home or hotel so what are you waiting for? Give us a call to have her come over, the sooner you do the sooner you get to find out just exactly how sexy and horny she is in person.