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Anastasia is one of our new outcall escorts who everyone should at least once make an appointment to spend some time with. Her name is a Greek name but she not even really close to being from there; maybe her mom or dad has some Greek heritage in them or it runs in the family somewhere else down the line but she was born in the land of Lithuania. A lot of persons may not know where it is but it´s right above Poland on the map. Lithuanian women are great and Anastasia is a great example of one; it´s been said that Lithuanian women tend to be well educated for the most part and are attracted to foreigners. That´s just a few things out of many that are said to be true about them. The being attracted to foreigner’s part is a good one I think because just about everyone here in London would be a foreigner to her and you are here in London!
So Anastasia is a slim and little woman who loves the company of gentleman. If a tiny pretty little blond haired and blue eyed woman is on your list of thing `to do´ you are going to have a blast with her. We don´t ever look for things to pick-apart about our girls or point out their flaws intentionally but sometimes you just cannot help but notice some things about them…
Taking a little bit closer look at her photos I am thinking that you are going to be pretty impressed when you meet her in person; I would say that there is absolutely nothing to pick-apart about her, nothing about her looks for damn sure anyways. It´s up to you to administer a more thorough type of test for her to see how she handles… It´s bound to be fun and I´m betting that this little 22 year old Lithuanian is going to be pretty darn impressive.


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Here is a name that I have not heard in quite the while now; Leslie. The name vaguely rings a bell in my noggin but after having a gander at the photos they look pretty familiar now and suddenly I remember her. You know they all come and go and sometimes jump from agency to agency or for other reasons but we are lucky enough to have a good part of them come back. There are always new ones too but there has to be a reason why so many here make their way back to our door; I just assume that it means that we are doing something the right way and is the reason why. Hell, we´re not even sure exactly what it is and we do not ask; we just put them back out there for you to enjoy.
Leslie has grown up a little bit since she has last been represented by us to say the least; we can honestly tell you that it´s been years and she has started to mature very well. You have to give this 24 year old a little bit of credit because many of the girls that try this work lose their faith and patience and seem to fall from the face of the earth… or at least London anyways. So we´re going to give her our support again and wish her the best of luck this time and hope that everything is all right with her and things work out the way she plans.
We can only do so much for the girls as hard as we may try; employ them, put them in the car for outcall work or advertise their incall locations for them to have you come and meet them. I don´t think it was anything that Leslie did wrong when she was with us; maybe being young and wet behind the ears had something to do with it but we´ll never know for sure. She has a little more experience and understanding now so our suggestion is to spend a little bit of your time with her and let us know how it goes.


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It has been a little while since we have added some new fresh beautiful girls for you to enjoy the company of so we are glad to have Antonia to offer to you. Things are going to be slow for a little while at the time that we are writing this because Ramadan has started recently. (May 26th, 2017) If you look on the bright side it can be good in a way because it´s going to be a lot slower for our girls so they are really going to appreciate being put to work and it means we will have more choices for you with less waiting time for the girl to arrive. ‘Lickety-split’ and she´ll be there in a jiffy!
Antonia is another one of these young girls at just 19 years old; it´s up to you to find out just how good she is when it comes to having fun and pleasing a man. She is a Spanish girl who I do not even know for sure where she is from but I am betting that you´re going to have a whole lot of fun with her if she´s anything like the rest of these women that come from those lush tropical regions that we all dream about going to.
It´s going to be awhile until Ramadan ends (June 24th, 2017) and things pick back up so you have plenty of time to check her out or some of our other girls if you prefer a girl to be a little bit older. Antonia is a party girl and with a young 19 year old with the looks of her can you imagine all of the fun that you can have with her when the two of you go out on the town. You´ll make some people jealous no doubt with such a perfect young woman at your side. She likes to do intimate things too so sexy fun and games indoors are always and option for the two of you so use your imagination and get creative and call to book her now!


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Sonya is a girl that you will not want to miss the chance to spend some time with, you may have already missed out on her once before because she is yet another girl that used to work for us a while ago and decides to come back; it´s amazing how many of these girls do that. Sometimes it really wastes a lot of person’s time as I am sure they do not realize the effort that goes in to advertising for them on different sites for them, making their profiles and such which can get time consuming. Silly girls… lol But oh well there is not much we can do about it but keep grinding away and trying to keep things up to date.
It´s hard to say why these girls come and go so frequently; is there something wrong with them we sometimes wonder. Well you do not have to worry about that because as you should already know we screen the girls pretty carefully and keep records of everything so you never have to worry about a `bad apple´ sneaking its way back in to the basket. Obviously if we let this 20 year old Eastern European come back to work for us after leaving one or more times (yes many of them actually leave numerous times) there is a reason for it; and you can be assured that it can only be for good reasons.
One of the best reasons why Sonya has been allowed to come back to work for us is her age; more than ever we are having a lot more gentleman and women asking to spend time with young girls. If that´s what you want you are in luck because if you take a little bit of time to browse the women that we are showing for you here you are going to find that plenty of them that are 18-20 years old; as a matter a fact I think the good majority of them are around that age. Sadly that is leaving fewer choices out there for persons who prefer the older mature type women but not to worry because we´ll always have some of those types of women on hand waiting to spend some time with you too. In the meantime; why not spend a little time with Sonya?


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Good afternoon or evening whichever one it happens to be for you that you have found yourself reading our new escort Sandy´s profile. Thanks for taking time to read it and check out all of the stunning London escorts that we happily have to provide for you. If you do not know it by now you should never take anything you read here personally; that goes for potential clients and the girls we employ as well. We like to try having a little bit of fun here and making things more enjoyable and maybe easier than other London escort agencies do. So now let’s proceed with the fun! Hopefully we won´t offend Sandy our new 23 year old Russian outcall escort.
We´re going to take a trip through the past maybe for some of you depending on your age and where you were from. People use a lot of slang words now and in the past to describe certain things. Urban Dictionary is not a bad site to look at if you are ever unsure about what something means. Ok… so spending time with London girls can be a little frustrating at times to say the least; on some occasions it can get you downright pissed off, maybe the girl is late or never shows, is not anywhere close to the photos or not the same girl at all. Have you ever heard of someone being `Sandy´ It can have different meanings but in some places it means for someone to be pissed off or irate for some reason. So if you have a bad experience with an escort that you are not happy about you could say that you are a little bit sandy, or maybe you are a lot or very sandy about it.
We just want you to try a different kind of sandy that you are likely going to enjoy, you already know who she is and you do not have to worry about anything bad or undesirable happening when you spend some time with her. Seems how she does outcalls you can feel free to take her wherever you want. We hope and try to make sure that none of our girls here will leave a `sandy´ taste in your mouth. Meet this woman, and have the perfect kind of experience that you are hoping to have. Sandy will leave you a happy man!


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Here at Playful escorts we always try to keep recruiting new girls for you to have the chance to spend time with. We have our ups and downs just like anyone else out there and it´s been a little bit on the slow slide lately unfortunately. So we have had a little bit of luck the other day and landed a pretty nice one. I guess you could say that we have a special “Catch of the Day” to offer you. It’s been awhile since we have had a girl this nice of looking come in looking for work so maybe you could say she´s a catch of the month. There´s an idea we may ponder; we´ll come up with some kind of incentive for our girls to try even harder to do the best they can do with clients. In return you´re going to be more thrilled than ever after spending time with our girls.
OK; so maybe comparing our London escorts to fish may not be the best idea. (We hope not to offend anyone; we mean everything in the best of ways for our girls and clients) But I couldn´t help it when I first saw Fiona´s photo shoot; if you happen to notice (how could you not?) she is wearing a one piece fishnet bodysuit and fishnet stockings that to me could not be any sexier. We do not have to use much imagination to figure out what is hidden within; don´t you agree?
So there you have it; Fiona… an outstanding catch that´s safe and secure within our net. We are lucky have the catch of the day like no one else does that we´d like to share with you; you can help her out of that net end enjoy her as much as you can. See how easily or how long it takes you to help her slip out of that net. Be careful and have fun;you know how slippery they can be.


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You may or may not have heard of “Black Betty” before. Take a trip through the past and goggle it if you have the time; it´s a song classified as hard rock that was released by a band way the heck back in 1977 by a band named Ram Jam. Wow, was it really that long ago? That puts me at just 7 years old when it was released; yes call me an old timer or an old fart if you please; I won´t get offended, I promise. (And we hope we never offend anyone here and never intend to if we have done so, we´re just to have a little fun ourselves and provide you with the same thing) I remember it like it was yesterday; it was one of my favorites. OK, so what has it got to do with our girls? It should stick out like a neon sign; you’re looking at our latest outcall escort named Betty. Right now they may just have their names in common; but we´re sure that in the future that´s going to change and they will have more in common.
Betty is a busty escort that is a 25 year old Brazilian; she´s without a doubt going to become very popular. She may not become as popular as rock and roll is or some hits from the top-charts but she´s going to be just as enjoyable and satisfying as listening to some of your favorite music; actually I guess in my opinion she would be much more satisfying than any music could be. That´s just my opinion though; you should book her for yourself and find out what she can do for you and make you feel like.
Certain types of music can get your blood flowing and your heart pumping; Betty is going to have sort of the same effect on you. She may not quite get you in a `foot-stomping´´ or Heavy Metal head banging type of mood but she is pretty much guaranteed to get you in a good one some way or another. Spent some time with her and find out what she can do for you.


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Emily our newest outcall escort belongs in the spotlight; once you meet her and see how wonderful her body really looks in person we are sure that you are going to agree. She may not be one of those girls that is slim as a string bean or perfectly toned from going to the gym on a regular basis and likes to spend most of her time in tanning booths or hanging out at the beach all day wearing a two piece bathing suit with a tiny bottom that has just a piece of string going up the crack of her butt. Emily is going to look great in just about anything that she wears; she just may even be able to pull off a two piece swimsuit. It´s not likely that you will get the chance to see her do that but we´re pretty sure with her looks and body that there can be other things that she would enjoy pulling off and you are cordially invited to help her.
So what else may she possibly be pulling off while in your company that you could also help her with. You should be able to use your imagination to think of something but we´ll give you a few suggestions or at least one anyways. Well for sure we´re not talking about pulling off a bank heist or robbery; that´d get you in some big trouble most likely. We´re also not talking about pulling off insane moves in some crazy X-Games sport either. We´ll keep it simple; why not start with pulling off some clothes? No one should get hurt doing that; unless the two of you get carried away in the heat of the moment and wreck them in the process. We really hope that doesn’t happen.
OK, so now the clothes are off; Emily likes to experiment and try new things and is very open minded. Undoubtedly once your clothes are off (who knows if they´ll be first or last off or at the same time with hers) Emily is going to see something that she may like to pull on. That subject will be up to the two of you to decide together. Have all the fun you desire with Emily; we´re pulling for the both of you. (Cheering for or urging you to)


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Here you happen to be looking at the photos of Angie; our latest outcall escort that we are lucky to have working for us. She has the likes of one that I do not recall ever having been with for us before… or not for a long time anyways. She told us that she loves to party and even get in the mood for some wild times with gentleman. The good news is that now she can be with YOU! She is a little bit `wet behind the ears´ as you could put it at just 24 years old; maybe wet in a few other places too.
So what do you have to do to find out just how wet she may or can be? You should know by now that it only takes one phone call and she can be with you in an hour or less almost no matter where you are. It may cost you a little bit more than the advertised £110 if you are way out there from Central London but we´re sure that when you meet Angie you´ll agree that she is well worth it.
We´re strongly urging you to make that call and have an unforgettable time with this new young woman; her personality is great and she is a lot of fun to be with. She is great at French kissing and gives a top-notch massage as well. Imagine how good it´s going to feel when she rubs you down with some lightly scented oils and gives you a sensual and erotic massage on every inch of your body from your head to your toes. Likely she will probably let you cover her in oil as well and return the favor so the two of you be all wet and slippery together at the same time. Let your imagination run wild when you are with Angie; time is going to pass very quickly when you are with her so you may want to book more than just an hour.


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For all you guys or girls out there with a leg fetish and a long for a woman that is really open minded you had better take a look at Dolly. She informed us that she a “genuine bisexual” so when it comes to seeing couples and/or make duo experiences she is more than happy and willing to do it.
Dolly is our newest 20 years old European escort who you can be sure is going to show you a good time. Even if there happen to be something a little bit (or even a lot) out of the ordinary that you like to do you can count on Dolly to come through and deliver just what you are looking for.
Her legs may not be the longest but at her age she has enough experience to know how to use not just them but the rest of the body to bring you to heights of pleasure that maybe you never knew existed. Small natural breasts and a nice firm bum are waiting for you with the likes of Dolly. Remember if you want a special need met call plenty in advance to book Dolly so she can be perfectly prepared to work her stuff on you just after she arrives.