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To be, or not to be, that is the question: What??? Fake or Real? That´s my question! You can book her and have her with you in about half hour or so and find out that ‘The Truth is Out There’

It’s all about the tits with Karina. She has huge breasts and she loves it when you play with them as long as you’re gentle about it. Remember they are attached to her and are living things so please don’t grab at them like they are slippery rugby balls…soft hands guys please. Your tenderness will get you your reward as Karina responds very naturally to your touch. She loves the attention of men. She thrives on it and mores’ to the point it makes her horny. We don’t really talk much about what the girls get out of these brief encounters. You probably think it’s ALL about the money. Most guys do but that’s not always true. Karina enjoys what she does. She gets off on your reaction to her and provided you are respectful, clean and attentive (I certainly can’t take my eyes off her). She will give back as much as you give her.


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Who would not like the pleasure of enjoying dreamy moments with a hot South American busty brunette that is nice and energetic? Esmeralda is one of our new outcall girls and we are totally delighted to have her here because we know you´ll be thrilled once you meet her; especially with those huge breasts and the curvaceous body that begs for attention.
This girl has a cheerful and down-to-earth personality that captivates people instantly.  She doesn’t even realize how hot she is… that mischievous smile and the manner in which she speaks to men is so charming that no one can resist her well-built body, especially those breasts.
Esmeralda is very experienced (40 years old) and everything about her is alluring; her body is irresistible, especially when she wears those sexy outfits under her clothes that she likes so much… This beautiful woman is an outcall Escort; you can book her to visit wherever you are and she will entertain you like you never have been before.



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Auri has returned! Yes believe it or not; she had worked for us for a very long time but had left for reasons unknown. I am sure you are going to recognize the photos of this lovely 30 year old Cuban girl. If you are a regular and/or had booked her in the past you will remember just how special this girl is. If you never have, you better!
We are so happy to have Auri back as one of our girls, because she is a special person, she is beautiful, sexy, very sweet and considerate. She likes nothing more than seeing the contentness, the calmness and look of satisfaction on a man’s face after spending intimate time with them and pleasing them in any way she can.
Here at Playful Escorts we all know how important it is for you to have an Escort by your side that will make you feel good, respected and appreciated… (Being experienced punters ourselves) Well, this girl Auri has the power to brighten the room or social event as soon as the two of you arrive. Take a good look at that body, her face… how could she not?