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If you happen to be one of our regular client’s maybe you have noticed that we have not been adding so many new escorts lately? We´re not sure what’s going on because our doors are always open and we´re always doing our best to keep new ones coming in for you. Can it be that there are no more women out there looking to work as London Escorts? That’s highly unlikely; could it be that another agency is scooping them out from under our noses somehow and there is a rat or a spy among us? HA HA! That´s a highly doubtful scenario as well. Could it be that sometimes it´s just a roll of the dice and it pretty much depends on luck? I think that is a more realistic speculation as to what is going on. Well either way all of our (including yourself) luck has not run out yet; it´s bound to pick back up sooner or later… hopefully sooner than later.
So this little bit of luck that recently has been shining down upon us comes in the form of a beautiful blonde Ukrainian woman. Meet Riana; a somewhat mature woman at 30 years old who is sure to brighten up your mood whatever it may be. Even if you are in a good mood there is a good chance that she is going to make it even better. There is an old saying that says that you shouldn’t try to fix something if it’s not already broke; that may hold true in some instances and we´ll leave that decision up to you.
We leave lots of decisions up to you with all the choices of London escorts that we can offer you. Riana is yet another one of them. Some of these decisions may be a little bit tough to make at times but we can assure that if you choose to meet and spend some time with New Busty Blonde Escort Riana just once that after that it will be one of the easiest decisions that you will ever have to make again. We can´t decide for you; only you have the power over that.


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Who would not like the pleasure of enjoying dreamy moments with a hot South American busty brunette that is nice and energetic? Esmeralda is one of our new outcall girls and we are totally delighted to have her here because we know you´ll be thrilled once you meet her; especially with those huge breasts and the curvaceous body that begs for attention.
This girl has a cheerful and down-to-earth personality that captivates people instantly.  She doesn’t even realize how hot she is… that mischievous smile and the manner in which she speaks to men is so charming that no one can resist her well-built body, especially those breasts.
Esmeralda is very experienced (40 years old) and everything about her is alluring; her body is irresistible, especially when she wears those sexy outfits under her clothes that she likes so much… This beautiful woman is an outcall Escort; you can book her to visit wherever you are and she will entertain you like you never have been before.



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Our newest addition Raissa is a wonderfully sensuous, seductive beauty, which you will probably end up falling in love with… just as I have. She knows better more than others how to please her ‘man of the moment’.
She is one of our relatively newer girls here but by no means inexperienced in the art of seduction… She is certainly a must see for guys like you and I who prefer their girls fresh faced and hot bodied with plenty of experience at pleasing a man.
Raissa is going to be very popular with that nicely curved body of hers. She was amazing in every way, perfect! She is an outcall girl who is looking forward to meeting and spoiling you; have a feast of our fabulous Raissa! One time is all it takes and you will be hooked forever…


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Auri has returned! Yes believe it or not; she had worked for us for a very long time but had left for reasons unknown. I am sure you are going to recognize the photos of this lovely 30 year old Cuban girl. If you are a regular and/or had booked her in the past you will remember just how special this girl is. If you never have, you better!
We are so happy to have Auri back as one of our girls, because she is a special person, she is beautiful, sexy, very sweet and considerate. She likes nothing more than seeing the contentness, the calmness and look of satisfaction on a man’s face after spending intimate time with them and pleasing them in any way she can.
Here at Playful Escorts we all know how important it is for you to have an Escort by your side that will make you feel good, respected and appreciated… (Being experienced punters ourselves) Well, this girl Auri has the power to brighten the room or social event as soon as the two of you arrive. Take a good look at that body, her face… how could she not?


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As one of the many Colombian girls I’ve seen working in London, Carla is one that is out of the ordinary; she brings a fantastic approach to her performance. She’s a mature escort at 45 but unlike us guys who reach our sexual peak at around 18 or so, it’s well known that girls mature much later… err in fact around about 35 or sometimes later. So our Carla’s is at the peak of her powers… a volatile volcano waiting to erupt… will it be on top of you?
She is a very sexy dresser and that’s something I love about Latin women. They know how to put on a little show… sort of a sleaze and tease (in a good way) and I’ll be honest with you I personally love the slightly trashy look. She’ll hide it all under a discreet coat but don’t worry when the coat comes off its party time. Funnily enough parties are one of her favorite things. She’s quite a character and I found her very easy to talk to and not opposed to the occasional glass of wine or three.
So this is sort of a two fingers up at her combined with the need that any of us would have to feel desired again. I can’t think of a better person and with Carla you don’t have to worry because with a male population in London of about 5 million she’s going to be dated like she’s never has been dated before.



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Nemeh is one of our client’s favorite girls because she never fails to satisfy. She’s one of our best girls with those classic black features that we all know and love. When we need a girl to really represent the Agency… we send Nemeh!
We stole her from a West End hairdresser where she was working before, so she’s new to Escorting and is relishing meeting you guys. She’s promised me there will be none of the inane chatter that you generally get with a visit to the salon. Nemeh assured me that actions are going to speak louder than words. That’s what we want darling Nemeh!
Nemeh is perfect for the black girl experience; totally uninhibited with a wonderful fresh enthusiastic approach to escorting. She is your essential introduction to the genre and that body is something that needs to be explored in some detail.