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You may or may not have heard of “Black Betty” before. Take a trip through the past and goggle it if you have the time; it´s a song classified as hard rock that was released by a band way the heck back in 1977 by a band named Ram Jam. Wow, was it really that long ago? That puts me at just 7 years old when it was released; yes call me an old timer or an old fart if you please; I won´t get offended, I promise. (And we hope we never offend anyone here and never intend to if we have done so, we´re just to have a little fun ourselves and provide you with the same thing) I remember it like it was yesterday; it was one of my favorites. OK, so what has it got to do with our girls? It should stick out like a neon sign; you’re looking at our latest outcall escort named Betty. Right now they may just have their names in common; but we´re sure that in the future that´s going to change and they will have more in common.
Betty is a busty escort that is a 25 year old Brazilian; she´s without a doubt going to become very popular. She may not become as popular as rock and roll is or some hits from the top-charts but she´s going to be just as enjoyable and satisfying as listening to some of your favorite music; actually I guess in my opinion she would be much more satisfying than any music could be. That´s just my opinion though; you should book her for yourself and find out what she can do for you and make you feel like.
Certain types of music can get your blood flowing and your heart pumping; Betty is going to have sort of the same effect on you. She may not quite get you in a `foot-stomping´´ or Heavy Metal head banging type of mood but she is pretty much guaranteed to get you in a good one some way or another. Spent some time with her and find out what she can do for you.


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You better make an appointment to spend some quality time with this new exotic beauty that we have found. Of course our London Escorts come from all different places and recently we have had quite a few new ones too add within our agency.
So you had better jump at the chance the chance to see this beautiful 26 year old Bianca. This girl has some of the most velvety and smoothest skin ever. She is a girl that you are really going to like. We have a very nice selection of busty and curvy girls in the Busty Escorts section if Bianca does not “do it” for you. (She sure “works” for me.) In other words; she looks absolutely incredible.
She is very open-minded and is very excited about meeting new people and trying different things. Give us a ring and spend some quality time with this beauty. Some but not all women really know how to look after and treat their men; Bianca certainly does.
Book an hour or two with her and find out for yourself; she’s waiting to visit you.


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Our newest addition Raissa is a wonderfully sensuous, seductive beauty, which you will probably end up falling in love with… just as I have. She knows better more than others how to please her ‘man of the moment’.
She is one of our relatively newer girls here but by no means inexperienced in the art of seduction… She is certainly a must see for guys like you and I who prefer their girls fresh faced and hot bodied with plenty of experience at pleasing a man.
Raissa is going to be very popular with that nicely curved body of hers. She was amazing in every way, perfect! She is an outcall girl who is looking forward to meeting and spoiling you; have a feast of our fabulous Raissa! One time is all it takes and you will be hooked forever…


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Bruna is a beautiful young new Brazilian girl; she has looks that conjure up nostalgic thoughts of classic beauty, with a beautifully sculptured face and hot body. But she’s much more than just a good looker… she’s not just a pretty face… and her skills and talents will become apparent very soon after she opens up the door and invites you in.
She is a cutie and likes to take her time with you. Fun loving and frisky… she’s the perfect choice for the more discerning among you who enjoy the thrill of the chase and meeting our beautiful girls.
You know what you get when you book her, a nice woman that loves to have as much fun as you do when it comes to spending some time rolling around in the sack. It looks like to me that she can be quite the wild adventurous type girl. Call to make an appointment with her and have one of the best times of your life.


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Just look at this stunning girl we recently added to our list! Agatha is a very classy woman… we feel very lucky to have her! She is the girl to accompany you on that business trip (Put her on your drink tab) or have her escort you to the summer ball. Think of your colleague’s faces when you turn up with this sexy girl on your arm.
Agatha will turn heads; she is a fantastically fit young woman with a natural sense of what a man wants and needs… and has all the goods to deliver. She is fresh and new like exploring uncharted territory. I was a little worried at first, how would she fit in with our other girls.
You know that sometimes these girls can be very competitive; would the others be jealous, would there be problems? Well we decided to take a leap, throw her in with the mix and give her a chance. I am sure she will do fine, please give her a chance and book this hot babe. If you date her, please take time to leave a review.


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My name is Giselle and I am new to London, I just arrived recently and started working as an Outcall Escort so I can meet new people. I am 27 years old and love nothing more than going out to dinner and then afterwards going out dancing to burn off some of the calories. Dancing is good exercise and I do not mind getting a little physical and all HOT & SWEATY! I enjoy it and I am sure you will too when we do it together.
So I can tell you with confidence that I am a great choice for a sophisticated night out in London, but also perfect for those more intimate dates as well. I will be your date for the evening and I will make you feel like a king. We can relax; have some good conversation and a nice meal. I really like delicious creamy Pina-Coladas. Likely after a few of those I will get that “warm & fuzzy” feeling and decide to show you my sensual and provocative moves on the dance floor.
As I lead you out onto the dance floor you will notice how people will start to stare in our direction, jealous that you will have such a curvy and loving woman accompanying you. I am not at all shy and don’t mind the attention; I will love it and move my body harder and faster to tease that room full of men even more. Call now for an unforgettable time; I am sure I will be able to make you very happy and content.



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Andrea’s got some class about her. She’s not your average Escort. She’s university educated and from a posh family that, if they knew she was doing this… they would likely drag her back home and probably make her do that MA that she toyed with for a while. For Pete’s sake leave the girl alone!
If Andrea wants to be entertained by our discerning clients in London rather than being ‘rogered’ for free by some post graduate (But still spotty) student on her MA course then for God’s sake let her. It’s her life to live… she’s got plenty of time for study when the face and the breasts are starting to sag.
That’s my entreaty to keep Andrea here. How can you help? Just keep booking her, keep her busy. There nothing like a bit of cash in your pocket to make you feel like you’re following the right career path.


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Camila is one horny Colombian girl and she’s just arrived! She’s here with us now and I know she is going to attract a lot of attention here in London. With those 34D breasts and nicely proportioned body how could she not? Get ready for a date of a lifetime, her personality is impressive as well.
Beware she is not the sweet innocent looking girl as the photos suggest. (Sweet yes, innocent no) She can be your calm mannered sweetheart or if you are into some kinky things she can be your punishing dominatrix if you desire. She doesn’t mind a little role-playing or other things as well. She’s come here to London, the most sophisticated, charming city in the world.
I know she’s going to love it… but more importantly I know that you are going to love her. I can assure you her performance is second to none, totally committed to you. The perfect Escort who is just doing what comes naturally.


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As one of the many Colombian girls I’ve seen working in London, Carla is one that is out of the ordinary; she brings a fantastic approach to her performance. She’s a mature escort at 45 but unlike us guys who reach our sexual peak at around 18 or so, it’s well known that girls mature much later… err in fact around about 35 or sometimes later. So our Carla’s is at the peak of her powers… a volatile volcano waiting to erupt… will it be on top of you?
She is a very sexy dresser and that’s something I love about Latin women. They know how to put on a little show… sort of a sleaze and tease (in a good way) and I’ll be honest with you I personally love the slightly trashy look. She’ll hide it all under a discreet coat but don’t worry when the coat comes off its party time. Funnily enough parties are one of her favorite things. She’s quite a character and I found her very easy to talk to and not opposed to the occasional glass of wine or three.
So this is sort of a two fingers up at her combined with the need that any of us would have to feel desired again. I can’t think of a better person and with Carla you don’t have to worry because with a male population in London of about 5 million she’s going to be dated like she’s never has been dated before.