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The secret behind Luna having glowing, youthful skin is still a mystery. She is the definition of aging like the finest wine. And the truth is she gets sweeter each time, as many of her clients would say after more than one date with her. Luna has a form of beauty that even these pictures cannot tell. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. That said, you will need to schedule a date with Luna to know what goodies she has in store for you.

She has long, gracious legs that get thicker on your way up. Her thighs are well toned, and that booty! It always leaves me speechless for sure. Those two buns wobble around effortlessly with her every step. She’s known to be an irresistible teaser. Just take a look at her brown eyes and juicy red lips. Remarkable, right? Her tiny waist gives her a Barbie-doll kind of look, and this makes it even harder to believe that she is really a mature escort. When Luna gets out of her lacey lingerie and lets those two melons loose, your breath is immediately taken away.

Luna is talented between the sheets, and one of her weaknesses is that she can’t help but make men fall in love and stay hung up on her. She has a gentle touch that can quickly turn naughty, depending on what you want. You will be compelled to squeeze her juicy butt, her full breasts and every inch of her perfectly toned body.

She is Columbian, and her Spanish combined with that smoking body is the complete package. She knows just how to roll her ‘R’s right. And the things she can do with her mouth, simply amazing. Make sure you get a taste of this mature, sexy escort today, because who would want to pass on this work of art?

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If you are looking for a fierce, naughty, sexy blonde to spend the night with, Samantha has all of these features and more. She is 25 years old, and she is in the prime of her life. You would not want to let all this youthfulness and energy go to waste. Samantha is 5’6”, and everything that lies between her crown and heel is simply remarkable. She has beautiful legs that you can’t help but imagine yourself rubbing your palms against. Her thighs are thick and curvy, and they are perfectly toned. Her skin is soft to touch, and its fair complexion is enticing. Her blonde hair really matches her body, and it always looks like there is a fan blowing against it when she walks; talk about movie slow-mo scenes coming to life.

Samantha loves to touch herself and make you want to touch her. Look at how she cups her breast in her right hand, teasing whoever is looking at the picture, yes you. Her slim body that is curved right in all the right places makes her the perfect size that will fit right into your hands. She is a teaser. Her playful nature is evident from the pictures. She has a pronounced, sexy curve running from her back down to her round, juicy booty. She has a wild, naughty side to her that you will find very convenient. If you have crazy fetishes that include a Barbie-like, wild, sexy blonde, Samantha is here to make you accomplish every dirty fantasy you ever had.

Her breasts, cup size 34D, are smooshy and will fit right into your thirsty hands, or face. Samantha is full of surprises, and she will always bring new skills to the table. Count yourself lucky if you get a booking with her. She loves to create a rapport with her clients and her sociable nature makes her a queen in the bedroom (right after her sexy body and bedroom skills). Get yourself a date with Samantha today!


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You better make an appointment to spend some quality time with this new exotic beauty that we have found. Of course our London Escorts come from all different places and recently we have had quite a few new ones too add within our agency.
So you had better jump at the chance the chance to see this beautiful 26 year old Bianca. This girl has some of the most velvety and smoothest skin ever. She is a girl that you are really going to like. We have a very nice selection of busty and curvy girls in the Busty Escorts section if Bianca does not “do it” for you. (She sure “works” for me.) In other words; she looks absolutely incredible.
She is very open-minded and is very excited about meeting new people and trying different things. Give us a ring and spend some quality time with this beauty. Some but not all women really know how to look after and treat their men; Bianca certainly does.
Book an hour or two with her and find out for yourself; she’s waiting to visit you.


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Bruna is a beautiful young new Brazilian girl; she has looks that conjure up nostalgic thoughts of classic beauty, with a beautifully sculptured face and hot body. But she’s much more than just a good looker… she’s not just a pretty face… and her skills and talents will become apparent very soon after she opens up the door and invites you in.
She is a cutie and likes to take her time with you. Fun loving and frisky… she’s the perfect choice for the more discerning among you who enjoy the thrill of the chase and meeting our beautiful girls.
You know what you get when you book her, a nice woman that loves to have as much fun as you do when it comes to spending some time rolling around in the sack. It looks like to me that she can be quite the wild adventurous type girl. Call to make an appointment with her and have one of the best times of your life.


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Camila is one horny Colombian girl and she’s just arrived! She’s here with us now and I know she is going to attract a lot of attention here in London. With those 34D breasts and nicely proportioned body how could she not? Get ready for a date of a lifetime, her personality is impressive as well.
Beware she is not the sweet innocent looking girl as the photos suggest. (Sweet yes, innocent no) She can be your calm mannered sweetheart or if you are into some kinky things she can be your punishing dominatrix if you desire. She doesn’t mind a little role-playing or other things as well. She’s come here to London, the most sophisticated, charming city in the world.
I know she’s going to love it… but more importantly I know that you are going to love her. I can assure you her performance is second to none, totally committed to you. The perfect Escort who is just doing what comes naturally.