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We hope that you are here and enjoying the selection of girls that we have to offer you; if you have looked around and done your homework you´ll know that there are a lot of other choices of agencies to get your London escorts from. We have them all for you with prices as good as you´ll find anywhere else. Incall or outcall and just about any service is ready to be experienced by you; want a girl that is really good or maybe considered an expert in French kissing? Kissing is just one of the things that Kendra our new incall escort is very good at.
Do you want more than just your run of the mill or average punt; not only is Kendra a great choice but any of our elite incall girls would be. We´re really happy to have her because she is such an open minded girl who´s willing to do what it takes to make sure you are happy. She is in a new location in London and as a matter a fact she is the only girl that we have there so now you have even more convenient places for you to choose from; as if we did not have enough anyways… things just seem to get better and better don´t they?
So back to Kendra now… she´s just 22 years old so she´s going to be a little bit foolhardy you could say; and we do not mean that in a bad way, she´s excited and willing to try new things and different ways of making your time together one to remember. She likes to party; that´s always a good thing, maybe a MMF (at the same time) turns you on, or lesbian experience (FF) just about whatever does it for you, you´re going to get it from her; all you have to do is ask.


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Serena is a name that I am thinking is going to become even more popular than it already is… especially here in London now that we have found this amazing and delicious, yes I said delicious 21 year old Eastern European woman that wishes to work as one of our elite incall escorts in London. With Wimbledon coming soon hearing the name Serena of course brought Serena Williams to mind; sadly it sounds like you won´t get to see her participating this year cause she has been `busy´ so to speak with her fiancé and expecting a family addition. Take a look at our Serena´s photos and tell me if you think there was any chance that we would say no to her about working? Absolutely not!
Serena is one hot little number! I say little because she stands just five foot three inches, a woman like that, with that sexy body and just 21 years old that ready to spoil and pamper you… Jesus how could one say no or not want to get right on it, or in it? So she´s tiny; which some would call a spinner type girl which I am sure she is very good at, she looks pretty energetic to me… you could also say she could be a `pick & drop´ type of girl, if you have the energy (you won’t need much cause she´s so little) instead of her spinning away on your willy you could pick her up and drop her right on it and parade around her flat as one. Lol, That´s not a bad scenario to imagine.
Ok so now you have a little idea about our Serena, at least her body and how she looks anyways; now you have to do the `performance test´… you can start that ball rolling in W2 Queensway. There will be some games being played I am sure once the two of you meet but they won´t be on a grass court or with tennis balls… What are you thinking?


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Queensway has becoming a pretty popular place lately (we´ve been hiring more incall escorts there) despite the slow times that are upon us; we say slow because there is such a great number of persons in London taking time off and going on holidays for Ramadan. (June 2017) We´re used to it and have prepared by making sure and planning ahead to ensure that we have a nice new supply (and the old ones) of girls working as escorts here in London. It´s nice that we have incall and outcall girls available for you so no matter which you prefer we´ll always have the right one for you.
So our incall girls are in a way `bailing us out´ if you want to call it that and you´ll be happy to know that we have recently added some new elite escorts in the area of W2 Queensway and other places around Central London. Here we are putting one of these new girls in the spotlight right where she belongs; we cordially invite you to meet Tina. Young and fun is just a little bit of what this 20 year old Eastern European is; you got sexy in there, she likes to party and a whole lot more!
Personally she is the type of girl if she looks even a little bit like her photos (we all know sometimes they may differ to a degree) just about anyone is going to be more than happy with her looks. I have not got to meet her but I think she´s going to be one to put on my Bucket List for sure; she looks great and she may be one that you want to check out as well, if you happen to meet her before I do please leave a few words about how it went, I´m sure it will be more than enjoyable but we still like to know.


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Eric Clapton; inarguably in many persons opinions one of the greatest blues/rock and roll musicians of all time. Depending on where you are from or what type of music you like I wouldn´t imagine there´s going to be any arguments about that from many people if any; if you do happen to not agree though we´ll respect that of course. So why are we sitting here on a London escort website´s profile page for a 27 year old French girl talking about a musician named Eric Clapton? Let me ask why are you sitting here reading it? ; ) No I do not think it´s just because we can… well maybe for me it is.
We know why you´re here; there is nothing much to read on the outside of the profiles so we are betting that you must like the pictures of Leyla. (Eric Clapton is famous for writing a song Layla and performing it) You should know the song of course but seems that our elite escort Leyla is pretty much brand new you likely do not know her yet; but judging from the photos and the fact that you are here looking at and reading this you will likely know her pretty soon.
It struck me as a little odd and a nice change of the norm to see a new young woman of 27 years old, yes she is young but compared to a lot of the recent ones looking for a job she´s got a few years better up on them; they all seem to be about 19 years old. 27 and older is a little bit more to my liking; and she looks fab! 38D breasts are an added bonus that I can do with or without; we have whatever you fancy here… 19 to 30 or more years old, small b to large DD breasts included in the heap/mix of them all. Come and get what you want; you´ll find Leyla waiting for you in Queensway.


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Priclla; I kind of like that name. When I hear it brings me back to my youthful days when I was very young and in reading books about action and adventure, science fiction and fantasy and yes even fairy tales. The name Pricilla reminds me of a character or beautiful woman whose name is well suited to be in fairy tales. Everyone likes a good fairy tale once in a while… especially because they seem to always have a good ending. Well my days of reading fairy tales are for the most part over; now I do one of two things with them, both are a possibility for you as well. One thing that I do with them is to read them to my children before going to bed at night. They say reading is the food brain so why not feed it and keep it healthy? Keep your other body parts happy too with our lovely escorts.
The other thing I do with fairy tales is experience then in a type of way that most persons do not think of and that´s by making fantasies and such come true with escorts in London. You can find girls that are experts in Kama Sutra French kissing and a whole lot more. If you are in London you are in luck; not that you cannot find escorts other places but London has some of the best ones there is. Your inner most desires will surely be met by them.
24 Year old Pricilla has joined us just a few days ago (as of May 15, 2017) working as an incall escort. She is a perfect one to start with; she has that sexy Italian accent going on and a body that is even more provocative. She is an open minded girl who will stop at nothing to please you; she may not be a pro or experienced at tantric sex and massage but does that really matter? Take a good look at her body and then you tell me? She will give you a fairy tale with a hell of a lot more than just a happy ending. For £110 how could you not go for it and find out what she can do for you?


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So you happened to stumble upon our newest elite incall escort Farrah. CONGRATULATIONS! Personally she has a pretty nice photo shoot but it seems to me that it´s nothing that spectacular or out of the ordinary compared to all of the other ones that are out there. Being and making a living as a London escort is not always the easiest thing in the world. We´re lucky and glad to have the girls working for us and love to keep bringing new girls in for you to choose from. Some girls cannot even afford to have a decent photo shoot so we would have to say that even though Farrah may have `run of the mill´ photos like a lot of other girl’s do she is already doing pretty good for herself.
Farrah has some other good things going on for her as well. A lot of guys out there are always seeking out a woman that is slender and has some nice long legs and she fit´s that bill perfectly. You’re not going to find too many girls listed on our site that are much taller than she is; 5´8” is going to sort of hover or tower above the good majority of them.
Farrah is also one of our younger girls at just 21 years old… just old enough to legally drink depending on where you are from. Well she´s in London and so are you and the two of you can do whatever you want to do together legally and not have to worry about getting in trouble for it. Drinking, partying, dancing and a lot of other ways are just a few ways to have fun while you are in London; make two easy phone calls and discover other ways that you can have fun while in the company of this beautiful new Elite London escort.


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EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! We are betting that this is a phrase that you have heard at least one time before in your life no matter how old you are. The most common place or way that you may have heard this is when persons are trying to sell newspapers with a special edition included that may have other news than the normal content in it. Another possibility depending on where you are from that you may or may not know of but there was an Irish sitcom that aired on television for just one season in the early 1990´s under the same name. It was supposed to be a comedy but did not fare so well and became to be more popular and well known for actually not being liked by audiences; I guess you could say it must have been pretty `cheesy´ or not made very well.
We are not going to try to fill you with boring news; we are trying to grab your attention and point out some news that you may find is very likable. Feast your eyes on our newest incall escort in Central London named Michelle; You won´t have to read too much about her to the point where you will be bored though; we just want to let you know that she is a young and budding 19 year old Eastern European girl who we recently came to us looking for work. You do not even have to read about her if you do not care to. You can just look at her photos if you want and do not bother to read any more of this if it really bores you. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words; we think Michelle’s are worth a whole lot more.
Michelle as you can see by looking at her pictures is EVERYTHING but cheesy; she is very well put together as a matter a fact with a nicely toned body and bountiful pair of natural 36DD breasts. What´s not to like about Michelle; hopefully we have not bored you too much and you do decide to spend a little bit of your time with this wonderful young woman. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the future as we are always on the hunt for fresh and exciting new leads to pass on to you.


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South Kensington is just one of the many places where you are going to find some of the best escorts in London.  (Not just ours) If you are familiar with the practice you’re e going to know that one of the best reliable and well known London escort agencies to find them at is Playful escorts. Incall girls, outcall girls… all are in abundance and at great rates which you are sure to be able to afford. Lorena is our newest that we can offer you for your own personal enjoyment and pleasure. (For hers too) Her pictures may look a little bit familiar (they do to me) It´s hard to keep track of them all but we do our best to always have `fresh ones´ for you. Lorena is about as fresh as one can get.
`Twenty one and looking for fun´ is what Lorena is doing working as a London escort. They are all looking for fun of course but some look a little bit harder than the others. You´ll know who they are once you take that first step and decide to spend some time with them. You´ll want to book her again without thinking about it for a second after your first meeting with her. There is not a lot more that we can tell you about Lorena that you have not heard before… well-endowed with 36DD breasts, curious at just twenty one years old and wanting to learn and explore new ways of reaching heightened states of satisfaction in any way possible.
Eastern European girls are some of the most popular ones that you will find here; everyone has their own tastes and preferences but if EE girls do it for you then you had better give us a call and see what Lorena or some of our others have to offer you. Many younger and older women of different nationalities are available so book one of them and find out what meeting the perfect companion is all about. 21 year old Lorena is a good place to start… after that the doors are wide open to go whichever way you choose. Lorena is a good first step in the right direction.


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Here at Playful Escorts we are in a fortunate situation, we seem to be swimming once again in a sea of beautiful blonde girls. It´s not a bad place to be and you won’t want us to throw you a life-line and pull you out. You’ll notice when you are looking through our grand selection of girls that you are going to find them in every shape and size. You’ll find a good majority of busty ones and an equal amount of very slim and petite ones. What exactly are you looking for? The young slimmer ones seem to becoming more and more popular as they always seem to be more energetic and make it `less work´ for you so to speak when you are spending time with them. Do you desire a young woman who enjoys and has the art of French kissing down to a “T”?
Have a good look at one of our lovely blonde girls that have entered the industry recently and I know you will be impressed. Beverly is slim, well put together and a very pretty 19 year old girl who has got a body that couldn’t be any better; for all you petite sized women lovers out there. If you’re an expert in Kama sutra maybe you can teach her a few moves and positions? She likes to learn new things and is more than willing to try them with you.
She has a nice combination of everything that we men love in escorts, look at her photos… I don´t have to tell you why. She’s a great addition to our many other beautiful London outcall girls. Let’s book her and date her like crazy so she will be with us for a long time and not run off soon. Small natural breasts on a hot looking blonde; what’s not to love about that?


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Barbara has the brightest smile that you could ever imagine, she is always friendly, outgoing and in a good mood. She is one of our newly added Moldavian Escorts. We were very happy to have her come into the office looking for work. There was no possible way that we were going to turn this girl down.
She easily could have strolled in the door of some other agency so we are fortunate to have her here working for us. Girls of this caliber are very hard to come by. (Especially at £110 for the hour) Her body is every man’s dream; she has silky smooth slim legs, long brown hair, nice large firm breasts and a perfectly curved bum.
You can shack up with Barbara for a short while or an extended visit if you´d care to in W2 Paddington if you are in the mood! Barbara is ALWAYS in the mood! Hit the ground running and make sure your laces are tied so you don´t trip over them!