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It has been a little while since we have added some new fresh beautiful girls for you to enjoy the company of so we are glad to have Antonia to offer to you. Things are going to be slow for a little while at the time that we are writing this because Ramadan has started recently. (May 26th, 2017) If you look on the bright side it can be good in a way because it´s going to be a lot slower for our girls so they are really going to appreciate being put to work and it means we will have more choices for you with less waiting time for the girl to arrive. ‘Lickety-split’ and she´ll be there in a jiffy!
Antonia is another one of these young girls at just 19 years old; it´s up to you to find out just how good she is when it comes to having fun and pleasing a man. She is a Spanish girl who I do not even know for sure where she is from but I am betting that you´re going to have a whole lot of fun with her if she´s anything like the rest of these women that come from those lush tropical regions that we all dream about going to.
It´s going to be awhile until Ramadan ends (June 24th, 2017) and things pick back up so you have plenty of time to check her out or some of our other girls if you prefer a girl to be a little bit older. Antonia is a party girl and with a young 19 year old with the looks of her can you imagine all of the fun that you can have with her when the two of you go out on the town. You´ll make some people jealous no doubt with such a perfect young woman at your side. She likes to do intimate things too so sexy fun and games indoors are always and option for the two of you so use your imagination and get creative and call to book her now!


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Priclla; I kind of like that name. When I hear it brings me back to my youthful days when I was very young and in reading books about action and adventure, science fiction and fantasy and yes even fairy tales. The name Pricilla reminds me of a character or beautiful woman whose name is well suited to be in fairy tales. Everyone likes a good fairy tale once in a while… especially because they seem to always have a good ending. Well my days of reading fairy tales are for the most part over; now I do one of two things with them, both are a possibility for you as well. One thing that I do with them is to read them to my children before going to bed at night. They say reading is the food brain so why not feed it and keep it healthy? Keep your other body parts happy too with our lovely escorts.
The other thing I do with fairy tales is experience then in a type of way that most persons do not think of and that´s by making fantasies and such come true with escorts in London. You can find girls that are experts in Kama Sutra French kissing and a whole lot more. If you are in London you are in luck; not that you cannot find escorts other places but London has some of the best ones there is. Your inner most desires will surely be met by them.
24 Year old Pricilla has joined us just a few days ago (as of May 15, 2017) working as an incall escort. She is a perfect one to start with; she has that sexy Italian accent going on and a body that is even more provocative. She is an open minded girl who will stop at nothing to please you; she may not be a pro or experienced at tantric sex and massage but does that really matter? Take a good look at her body and then you tell me? She will give you a fairy tale with a hell of a lot more than just a happy ending. For £110 how could you not go for it and find out what she can do for you?


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You may or may not have heard of “Black Betty” before. Take a trip through the past and goggle it if you have the time; it´s a song classified as hard rock that was released by a band way the heck back in 1977 by a band named Ram Jam. Wow, was it really that long ago? That puts me at just 7 years old when it was released; yes call me an old timer or an old fart if you please; I won´t get offended, I promise. (And we hope we never offend anyone here and never intend to if we have done so, we´re just to have a little fun ourselves and provide you with the same thing) I remember it like it was yesterday; it was one of my favorites. OK, so what has it got to do with our girls? It should stick out like a neon sign; you’re looking at our latest outcall escort named Betty. Right now they may just have their names in common; but we´re sure that in the future that´s going to change and they will have more in common.
Betty is a busty escort that is a 25 year old Brazilian; she´s without a doubt going to become very popular. She may not become as popular as rock and roll is or some hits from the top-charts but she´s going to be just as enjoyable and satisfying as listening to some of your favorite music; actually I guess in my opinion she would be much more satisfying than any music could be. That´s just my opinion though; you should book her for yourself and find out what she can do for you and make you feel like.
Certain types of music can get your blood flowing and your heart pumping; Betty is going to have sort of the same effect on you. She may not quite get you in a `foot-stomping´´ or Heavy Metal head banging type of mood but she is pretty much guaranteed to get you in a good one some way or another. Spent some time with her and find out what she can do for you.


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For all you guys or girls out there with a leg fetish and a long for a woman that is really open minded you had better take a look at Dolly. She informed us that she a “genuine bisexual” so when it comes to seeing couples and/or make duo experiences she is more than happy and willing to do it.
Dolly is our newest 20 years old European escort who you can be sure is going to show you a good time. Even if there happen to be something a little bit (or even a lot) out of the ordinary that you like to do you can count on Dolly to come through and deliver just what you are looking for.
Her legs may not be the longest but at her age she has enough experience to know how to use not just them but the rest of the body to bring you to heights of pleasure that maybe you never knew existed. Small natural breasts and a nice firm bum are waiting for you with the likes of Dolly. Remember if you want a special need met call plenty in advance to book Dolly so she can be perfectly prepared to work her stuff on you just after she arrives.


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If you happen to be one of our regular client’s maybe you have noticed that we have not been adding so many new escorts lately? We´re not sure what’s going on because our doors are always open and we´re always doing our best to keep new ones coming in for you. Can it be that there are no more women out there looking to work as London Escorts? That’s highly unlikely; could it be that another agency is scooping them out from under our noses somehow and there is a rat or a spy among us? HA HA! That´s a highly doubtful scenario as well. Could it be that sometimes it´s just a roll of the dice and it pretty much depends on luck? I think that is a more realistic speculation as to what is going on. Well either way all of our (including yourself) luck has not run out yet; it´s bound to pick back up sooner or later… hopefully sooner than later.
So this little bit of luck that recently has been shining down upon us comes in the form of a beautiful blonde Ukrainian woman. Meet Riana; a somewhat mature woman at 30 years old who is sure to brighten up your mood whatever it may be. Even if you are in a good mood there is a good chance that she is going to make it even better. There is an old saying that says that you shouldn’t try to fix something if it’s not already broke; that may hold true in some instances and we´ll leave that decision up to you.
We leave lots of decisions up to you with all the choices of London escorts that we can offer you. Riana is yet another one of them. Some of these decisions may be a little bit tough to make at times but we can assure that if you choose to meet and spend some time with New Busty Blonde Escort Riana just once that after that it will be one of the easiest decisions that you will ever have to make again. We can´t decide for you; only you have the power over that.


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Yes you may have noticed if you are one of our regular clients but it has been a little while since we have added a new girl: They just sort of seem to come and go and thankfully we have not seen a lot of them go lately. But on the downside we have not had too many new ones coming in to the office looking for work either. Christina rang us up the other day and told us that she has just arrived to London and was looking for some work.
She is a slim 23 year old girl from Germany that you are going to want to spend a little time with. Yes there are plenty of other choices of girls here to choose from and you may be asking yourself why you should choose her? Well we can talk her up and go on and on about how special she really is but it´s not really necessary. Either she does it for you or she don´t; that´s pretty much straight forward. Here’s one for you to think about; she loves to be affectionate and she has one of the sweetest little bodies on her that I have seen come through the do in a little while now. Come have a taste on us. £110 is a pretty good deal to spend an hour with a girl like Christina.


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If you’re a natural breast fan and like slim girls with nice but minimal curves on them then have we got quite a treat for you here! Caroline and her 36C’s are here to bring a little bit of paradise to every hot blooded man (or woman if you please; yes she enjoys the company of other women as well) who is looking to spend some time with a beautiful and somewhat experienced woman who really knows how to please. They may not be the biggest ones but she really knows how to show them off! We know how much you love girls like Caroline. Nice breasts, body and a pretty face, she is one of those special escorts that it’s impossible to resist.
All you have to do is just spend an hour or two in private with this girl or even out on the town and you will understand why she is the complete package. Awesome performance, very touchy feely and the fun bags will most certainly respond to your touch along with the rest of her body.  You will have a fantastic experience with a very horny woman. Enjoy; and find out what dating escorts is all about.


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Tantric, tantric, tantric… what´s all this about anyways? Most all of us have heard the word tantric before. It´s based on a ancient healing way that is supposed to help us deal with different types of trauma whether they are emotional or physical. Some persons have described it as allowing you to have a “magical orgasm” Any orgasm at all is good for most persons but if you can possibly make them more intense and stronger then why not give it a try? 21 year old Lane is one young woman that may be able to help you out with it.
She is vibrant and full of energy and loves to perform many different ways of sensuality with persons that care to do so. It may be a little confusing at first… after all you have tantric yoga, sex, massage and even tantric meditation. You don’t have to be an expert in tantra to enjoy the benefits of it. Spend some of your time with beautiful Lane and learn more about how someone can make you feel better than you ever thought you could have before.


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Are you Juliette’s ‘love struck Romeo’?  You won’t be the first or the last. Men just love her . They want to be around her…talk to her…take her to dinner ( no not a drive through Mackie D’s). What I’m saying is she’s one of those special girls that you want to get to know better. I know escort dates can be a little frantic. I know that getting to know a girl isn’t always what you or she wants but I’d say take your time with Juliette. Imagine you’ve just chatted her up in a bar and struck lucky. Bask in your pulling prowess and slow down and take the time to chat a while. She’llopen up like a rosebud on a sunny summer day.


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Elizabeth is looking forward to spending some casual NSA encounters with you. You are not going to want to miss out on experiencing what she has to offer. This 23 year old British beauty is going to leave quite the impression on you, in other words she is going to “ROCK YOUR WORLD!”
She is one of our most beautiful girls and surprisingly uninhibited for one so pretty. Elizabeth has a sort of mysterious look to her and pretty brown eyes that I could stare into for hours. (Truth is I’m a sucker for a pretty face) On our first meeting I accidentally just blurted out how beautiful she was. I didn’t mean to say it; it just popped out because I was thinking it so I unintentionally let her know what I thought of her. It was a little awkward for me at first but she did not seem to mind.
At our great rates you won’t find better and it was a real treat to spend time alone with her. She doesn’t always work so you got to be a little lucky to catch up with her but she’s worth the effort. Definitely one of my favorites and one of the prettiest girls we have on the books. Sexy Elizabeth is SCORCHING HOT and is tops for me! She will be for you too…