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Playful present to you Nicole a mega busty Latina lady with a heart as big as her tits. These big busted girls can be a little prima donna ish…I actually remember on one occasion a mega busty escort having a no touching rule. Quite how she thought that was going to make her popular with the boys I havn’t got a clue. She lasted about 5 minutes with the Agency before we moved her on to some other less choosy escort site. Nicole is very much a hands on kinda girl…yours and hers. She loves nothing better than to get up close and personal with her man of the moment…that’s where you come into the equation. Nicole is here for your delectation. Think of her as a human playground for you to explore at your leisure.

Nicole is here ready and waiting to meet you. We can have her to your door in about the time it takes you to pour yourself a drink and freshen up a little. Fill your boots guys.


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Elizabeth is looking forward to spending some casual NSA encounters with you. You are not going to want to miss out on experiencing what she has to offer. This 23 year old British beauty is going to leave quite the impression on you, in other words she is going to “ROCK YOUR WORLD!”
She is one of our most beautiful girls and surprisingly uninhibited for one so pretty. Elizabeth has a sort of mysterious look to her and pretty brown eyes that I could stare into for hours. (Truth is I’m a sucker for a pretty face) On our first meeting I accidentally just blurted out how beautiful she was. I didn’t mean to say it; it just popped out because I was thinking it so I unintentionally let her know what I thought of her. It was a little awkward for me at first but she did not seem to mind.
At our great rates you won’t find better and it was a real treat to spend time alone with her. She doesn’t always work so you got to be a little lucky to catch up with her but she’s worth the effort. Definitely one of my favorites and one of the prettiest girls we have on the books. Sexy Elizabeth is SCORCHING HOT and is tops for me! She will be for you too…


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Tyra is new and we are very excited about working with her. She has large breasts and happily has a spot all of her own in our Busty Escort’s gallery. Be sure to take a look at some of our other large breasted beauties as well.
Look… we all love big breasts but the downside is that so often, with God’s cruel sense of humor, sometimes they are strapped on to not so pretty girls. When a girl such as Tyra comes along with that fresh, innocent face and the spirit of girl who is a little new to escort work and also sporting a 32D rack then it should be celebrated.
You have to give Tyra a try before she gets tired of all the attention the way that so many busty girls do and decides to quit working as an escort. (Although she likes the attention so I think we may not need to worry about that with her) So to take a gander around Tyra… Give us a call!


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Harmony is a natural; a sweet natured English girl who restores my faith in the British girls. She doesn’t need to cake her face in makeup to present a smooth skinned healthy look. No… our Harmony looks after herself, despite the potential excesses of her chosen career. How many escorts make the mistake of giving in to the temptations offered by you guys?
We know our generous clients will always be there offering their hospitality freely…wine, pizza, other indulgences… but of course as I tell the girls…you have to know when to take a rest and a rain check on the eating goods. Harmony takes a break when she needs it and that keeps her motivation high and her pants low and that sweet body as flexible as any escort you’re going to find in London.
So feel free to indulge yourself with some of our Harmony. Endulge yourself in those classic good looks and the impeccable performance… but please don’t be offended if she declines the pasta in place of the mixed salad. She’s only trying to keep herself tight and toned for your next appointment and believe me once you meet her in person, I’m sure you’ll be seeing Harmony again for sure.



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It’s been a little while since we have been able to add another nice busty girl to our roster of available outcall girls… You are going to be very impressed with this young woman and her large breasts and curvy figure. If you’re not already a fan of large breasts you should give her a go. She’s a leggy one too standing 5´8” Harper out new 23 year old British girl is one you should not miss out on.
If you take her out you can be sure that you will get some jealous stares from some other guys but don’t worry. It probably won’t just be the guys checking out your date for the evening… likely you will see some girls glancing at her too; she has some impressive legs to go with those breasts. If you want to keep her in away from all those prying eyes she will be happy with that too.
So with Harper you pretty much have it all; a little on the tall side, classy, curvy and large breasted. She is one of our dearly loved party girls as well. She’s a great girl but if time is of the essence then you could just trust us (she has no reviews at moment this is being written) and rely on the fact that looking at her photo’s how could one not be getting excited? If your patient and prefer to wait I am sure it won’t be long and you’ll be able to go through some of her reviews and read what some other punters have got to say about her; but how could you possibly resist those 36DD breasts? Call us and we can make it happen, we´ll deliver the “Perfect Pair” right to you.



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Kendall has the brightest smile that you could ever imagine, she is always friendly, outgoing and in a good mood. She is one of our newly added Busty Escorts; we were very happy to have her come into the office looking for work. There was no possible way that we were going to turn this girl down.
She easily could have strolled in the door of some other agency so we are fortunate to have her here working for us. Girls of this caliber are very hard to come by. Her body is every man’s dream; a little curvy, very nicely proportioned and she has silky smooth legs, large firm breasts and a perfect bum.
You can shack-up with Kendall whenever you please… if you are in the mood for some fun and exciting moments with a beautiful fair skinned woman you had better make an appointment to see her. One simple call if you are in the mood… and she is ALWAYS in the mood.