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Serena is a name that I am thinking is going to become even more popular than it already is… especially here in London now that we have found this amazing and delicious, yes I said delicious 21 year old Eastern European woman that wishes to work as one of our elite incall escorts in London. With Wimbledon coming soon hearing the name Serena of course brought Serena Williams to mind; sadly it sounds like you won´t get to see her participating this year cause she has been `busy´ so to speak with her fiancé and expecting a family addition. Take a look at our Serena´s photos and tell me if you think there was any chance that we would say no to her about working? Absolutely not!
Serena is one hot little number! I say little because she stands just five foot three inches, a woman like that, with that sexy body and just 21 years old that ready to spoil and pamper you… Jesus how could one say no or not want to get right on it, or in it? So she´s tiny; which some would call a spinner type girl which I am sure she is very good at, she looks pretty energetic to me… you could also say she could be a `pick & drop´ type of girl, if you have the energy (you won’t need much cause she´s so little) instead of her spinning away on your willy you could pick her up and drop her right on it and parade around her flat as one. Lol, That´s not a bad scenario to imagine.
Ok so now you have a little idea about our Serena, at least her body and how she looks anyways; now you have to do the `performance test´… you can start that ball rolling in W2 Queensway. There will be some games being played I am sure once the two of you meet but they won´t be on a grass court or with tennis balls… What are you thinking?


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Eric Clapton; inarguably in many persons opinions one of the greatest blues/rock and roll musicians of all time. Depending on where you are from or what type of music you like I wouldn´t imagine there´s going to be any arguments about that from many people if any; if you do happen to not agree though we´ll respect that of course. So why are we sitting here on a London escort website´s profile page for a 27 year old French girl talking about a musician named Eric Clapton? Let me ask why are you sitting here reading it? ; ) No I do not think it´s just because we can… well maybe for me it is.
We know why you´re here; there is nothing much to read on the outside of the profiles so we are betting that you must like the pictures of Leyla. (Eric Clapton is famous for writing a song Layla and performing it) You should know the song of course but seems that our elite escort Leyla is pretty much brand new you likely do not know her yet; but judging from the photos and the fact that you are here looking at and reading this you will likely know her pretty soon.
It struck me as a little odd and a nice change of the norm to see a new young woman of 27 years old, yes she is young but compared to a lot of the recent ones looking for a job she´s got a few years better up on them; they all seem to be about 19 years old. 27 and older is a little bit more to my liking; and she looks fab! 38D breasts are an added bonus that I can do with or without; we have whatever you fancy here… 19 to 30 or more years old, small b to large DD breasts included in the heap/mix of them all. Come and get what you want; you´ll find Leyla waiting for you in Queensway.


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Anastasia is one of our new outcall escorts who everyone should at least once make an appointment to spend some time with. Her name is a Greek name but she not even really close to being from there; maybe her mom or dad has some Greek heritage in them or it runs in the family somewhere else down the line but she was born in the land of Lithuania. A lot of persons may not know where it is but it´s right above Poland on the map. Lithuanian women are great and Anastasia is a great example of one; it´s been said that Lithuanian women tend to be well educated for the most part and are attracted to foreigners. That´s just a few things out of many that are said to be true about them. The being attracted to foreigner’s part is a good one I think because just about everyone here in London would be a foreigner to her and you are here in London!
So Anastasia is a slim and little woman who loves the company of gentleman. If a tiny pretty little blond haired and blue eyed woman is on your list of thing `to do´ you are going to have a blast with her. We don´t ever look for things to pick-apart about our girls or point out their flaws intentionally but sometimes you just cannot help but notice some things about them…
Taking a little bit closer look at her photos I am thinking that you are going to be pretty impressed when you meet her in person; I would say that there is absolutely nothing to pick-apart about her, nothing about her looks for damn sure anyways. It´s up to you to administer a more thorough type of test for her to see how she handles… It´s bound to be fun and I´m betting that this little 22 year old Lithuanian is going to be pretty darn impressive.


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Sonya is a girl that you will not want to miss the chance to spend some time with, you may have already missed out on her once before because she is yet another girl that used to work for us a while ago and decides to come back; it´s amazing how many of these girls do that. Sometimes it really wastes a lot of person’s time as I am sure they do not realize the effort that goes in to advertising for them on different sites for them, making their profiles and such which can get time consuming. Silly girls… lol But oh well there is not much we can do about it but keep grinding away and trying to keep things up to date.
It´s hard to say why these girls come and go so frequently; is there something wrong with them we sometimes wonder. Well you do not have to worry about that because as you should already know we screen the girls pretty carefully and keep records of everything so you never have to worry about a `bad apple´ sneaking its way back in to the basket. Obviously if we let this 20 year old Eastern European come back to work for us after leaving one or more times (yes many of them actually leave numerous times) there is a reason for it; and you can be assured that it can only be for good reasons.
One of the best reasons why Sonya has been allowed to come back to work for us is her age; more than ever we are having a lot more gentleman and women asking to spend time with young girls. If that´s what you want you are in luck because if you take a little bit of time to browse the women that we are showing for you here you are going to find that plenty of them that are 18-20 years old; as a matter a fact I think the good majority of them are around that age. Sadly that is leaving fewer choices out there for persons who prefer the older mature type women but not to worry because we´ll always have some of those types of women on hand waiting to spend some time with you too. In the meantime; why not spend a little time with Sonya?


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Priclla; I kind of like that name. When I hear it brings me back to my youthful days when I was very young and in reading books about action and adventure, science fiction and fantasy and yes even fairy tales. The name Pricilla reminds me of a character or beautiful woman whose name is well suited to be in fairy tales. Everyone likes a good fairy tale once in a while… especially because they seem to always have a good ending. Well my days of reading fairy tales are for the most part over; now I do one of two things with them, both are a possibility for you as well. One thing that I do with them is to read them to my children before going to bed at night. They say reading is the food brain so why not feed it and keep it healthy? Keep your other body parts happy too with our lovely escorts.
The other thing I do with fairy tales is experience then in a type of way that most persons do not think of and that´s by making fantasies and such come true with escorts in London. You can find girls that are experts in Kama Sutra French kissing and a whole lot more. If you are in London you are in luck; not that you cannot find escorts other places but London has some of the best ones there is. Your inner most desires will surely be met by them.
24 Year old Pricilla has joined us just a few days ago (as of May 15, 2017) working as an incall escort. She is a perfect one to start with; she has that sexy Italian accent going on and a body that is even more provocative. She is an open minded girl who will stop at nothing to please you; she may not be a pro or experienced at tantric sex and massage but does that really matter? Take a good look at her body and then you tell me? She will give you a fairy tale with a hell of a lot more than just a happy ending. For £110 how could you not go for it and find out what she can do for you?


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If you happen to be one of our regular client’s maybe you have noticed that we have not been adding so many new escorts lately? We´re not sure what’s going on because our doors are always open and we´re always doing our best to keep new ones coming in for you. Can it be that there are no more women out there looking to work as London Escorts? That’s highly unlikely; could it be that another agency is scooping them out from under our noses somehow and there is a rat or a spy among us? HA HA! That´s a highly doubtful scenario as well. Could it be that sometimes it´s just a roll of the dice and it pretty much depends on luck? I think that is a more realistic speculation as to what is going on. Well either way all of our (including yourself) luck has not run out yet; it´s bound to pick back up sooner or later… hopefully sooner than later.
So this little bit of luck that recently has been shining down upon us comes in the form of a beautiful blonde Ukrainian woman. Meet Riana; a somewhat mature woman at 30 years old who is sure to brighten up your mood whatever it may be. Even if you are in a good mood there is a good chance that she is going to make it even better. There is an old saying that says that you shouldn’t try to fix something if it’s not already broke; that may hold true in some instances and we´ll leave that decision up to you.
We leave lots of decisions up to you with all the choices of London escorts that we can offer you. Riana is yet another one of them. Some of these decisions may be a little bit tough to make at times but we can assure that if you choose to meet and spend some time with New Busty Blonde Escort Riana just once that after that it will be one of the easiest decisions that you will ever have to make again. We can´t decide for you; only you have the power over that.


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Here we go down that road again; adding yet another great looking girl to our list of girls that are here in London working as escorts. So where are we going to go with Mira our new 20 year old Italian escort? Well wherever you live or are staying for the time being is where she is going to be going first-off. No matter where it is pretty much she is happy and willing to come and see you as long as you do not mind the normal thing of paying a little extra £ if you are too far out of Central London. Believe me that when Mira shows up knocking at your door you are not going to mind paying a little bit of extra if need be.
We do not give you any ugly surprises here; that has never been our style and that’s the way it is going to stay. Of course just like any other London escort agency we try to hire pretty girls, sexy and desirable ones that will come is a great assortment of shapes and sizes to please the fussiest person out there. You could say we have a nice potpourri of girls to offer you. Being awfully persnickety ourselves helps to just make things better and more enjoyable for everyone in the end. We provide a good product and great service, and all the involved parties benefit in one way or another. That´s living the good life… nice and smooth.
Smooth is the way we like it and that is the way that you are going to get it with Mira if you want it that way; fair complexion, borderline large breasts which seem to me that they could be pushing the boundaries of a D cup but are listed as 34C´s, but then again I´m no expert when it comes to judging the size of a woman´s breasts. Maybe you are and want to give them a closer look? Maybe you want to see something else of hers up close? Whatever it may be just ask and she will be more than willing to give you full access to all of her most intimate and personal `belongings´ for as long as you´d like to check them out for; we are about 95% sure that she´ll easily pass as a woman on your “Doable” list… likely one you will be wanting to do over and over again. Get goin’ on it! Make the phone call.


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Yes you may have noticed if you are one of our regular clients but it has been a little while since we have added a new girl: They just sort of seem to come and go and thankfully we have not seen a lot of them go lately. But on the downside we have not had too many new ones coming in to the office looking for work either. Christina rang us up the other day and told us that she has just arrived to London and was looking for some work.
She is a slim 23 year old girl from Germany that you are going to want to spend a little time with. Yes there are plenty of other choices of girls here to choose from and you may be asking yourself why you should choose her? Well we can talk her up and go on and on about how special she really is but it´s not really necessary. Either she does it for you or she don´t; that´s pretty much straight forward. Here’s one for you to think about; she loves to be affectionate and she has one of the sweetest little bodies on her that I have seen come through the do in a little while now. Come have a taste on us. £110 is a pretty good deal to spend an hour with a girl like Christina.


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Settle down and don’t try to get too excited… yes we have a new escort. You should know what the turnaround is like if you are an experienced punter; one day you are looking at a website and you think you have found the perfect girl that could possibly be the one you have been searching high and low for that can provide you with the ultimate tantric massage or even help you become an expert in Kama sutra (or at least become better and practice at it) and then next thing you know she disappears off the website never to be seen again. That’s why it´s better to not dillydally around and as soon as you see a new girl appear on our sites and book her right away. Goldy has recently came to London and boy is she hot!
London is the perfect place for a sexy woman like her. She is sure to have a great time in this city even though there is a lot of competition out there for her. Goldy will fit in just fine. She has a strong ambition to meet different men to please and she equally likes to be pleased by you whether it may be some sensual French kissing or whatever else you desire.
At 26 years old this lovely girl is very sure about her experience that she has and knows that she can deliver. Having fun is her main priority and she cannot wait to start seeing clients to find out what you guys think about her nice personality, slender legs, gorgeous body and lovely face. You will be sure to feel her passion when she does what she does best to you, and you do the same back to her.


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Here at Playful Escorts we are in a fortunate situation, we seem to be swimming once again in a sea of beautiful blonde girls. It´s not a bad place to be and you won’t want us to throw you a life-line and pull you out. You’ll notice when you are looking through our grand selection of girls that you are going to find them in every shape and size. You’ll find a good majority of busty ones and an equal amount of very slim and petite ones. What exactly are you looking for? The young slimmer ones seem to becoming more and more popular as they always seem to be more energetic and make it `less work´ for you so to speak when you are spending time with them. Do you desire a young woman who enjoys and has the art of French kissing down to a “T”?
Have a good look at one of our lovely blonde girls that have entered the industry recently and I know you will be impressed. Beverly is slim, well put together and a very pretty 19 year old girl who has got a body that couldn’t be any better; for all you petite sized women lovers out there. If you’re an expert in Kama sutra maybe you can teach her a few moves and positions? She likes to learn new things and is more than willing to try them with you.
She has a nice combination of everything that we men love in escorts, look at her photos… I don´t have to tell you why. She’s a great addition to our many other beautiful London outcall girls. Let’s book her and date her like crazy so she will be with us for a long time and not run off soon. Small natural breasts on a hot looking blonde; what’s not to love about that?