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You know that sometimes you just take one look at a girl and you know that she’s got a very naughty side to her…and I’m not talking shoplifting here. I mean in the bedroom or any other room for that matter. Alysa is one of those girls. It only takes one look from her to get my underpants jiggling like a couple of ferrets fighting in a sack. That’s because there’s nothing us guys like more than the anticipation of what’s to come and when you open the door and find Alysa standing before you. It’s not just physical, it’s mental what a great escort girl does to us. They can seduce us with just a look or the lightest of touches. Alysa knows men back to front and she plays us like a concert pianist. Why not be her Steinway for the evening?


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We know that we really do not have to do it because we like to think that you guys and girls where applicable can read into these photos of the girls just a little bit more than just simply looking at their `good parts´, read between the lines or look a little bit closer; are you seeing what I am seeing? I could just quit writing this short introduction for this new 25 African girl that stands 5´4” right now. That would give you more time to get looking at those photos and have to spend less time read these words which you may or may not understand that I´m putting in here for your entertainment. (Winks) Yeah!
I’m not the real entertainment in case you haven´t figured that one out yet; tonight (hopefully) your entertainment is going to be Diamond. So looking a little bit closer I am predicting that Diamond is going to be a lot of fun when you are with her. (Tough prediction huh?) I think she´s going to be a little bit playful and an open-minded girl like most of the other lot we have working for us; depending on you of course; she´ll read into your feelings and provide you with exactly what you are looking for…
The one photo you can just see a little peek of her `nips´ coming out the top of the lingerie a little bit; on the other hand in one of them it falling down but she covering them up with her hands. *sad-face* Finally she´s barring it all for you without a care in the world in another picture. So I am reading that she´ll play the quiet and shy type of girl, or she can do a 360° and be the bold and wild party girl type with a care-free attitude who is going to go over the top to make you happy; have her come over for a more in-depth reading lesson for the two of you. Who will tutor who?


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Elizabeth is looking forward to spending some casual NSA encounters with you. You are not going to want to miss out on experiencing what she has to offer. This 23 year old British beauty is going to leave quite the impression on you, in other words she is going to “ROCK YOUR WORLD!”
She is one of our most beautiful girls and surprisingly uninhibited for one so pretty. Elizabeth has a sort of mysterious look to her and pretty brown eyes that I could stare into for hours. (Truth is I’m a sucker for a pretty face) On our first meeting I accidentally just blurted out how beautiful she was. I didn’t mean to say it; it just popped out because I was thinking it so I unintentionally let her know what I thought of her. It was a little awkward for me at first but she did not seem to mind.
At our great rates you won’t find better and it was a real treat to spend time alone with her. She doesn’t always work so you got to be a little lucky to catch up with her but she’s worth the effort. Definitely one of my favorites and one of the prettiest girls we have on the books. Sexy Elizabeth is SCORCHING HOT and is tops for me! She will be for you too…


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Tyra is new and we are very excited about working with her. She has large breasts and happily has a spot all of her own in our Busty Escort’s gallery. Be sure to take a look at some of our other large breasted beauties as well.
Look… we all love big breasts but the downside is that so often, with God’s cruel sense of humor, sometimes they are strapped on to not so pretty girls. When a girl such as Tyra comes along with that fresh, innocent face and the spirit of girl who is a little new to escort work and also sporting a 32D rack then it should be celebrated.
You have to give Tyra a try before she gets tired of all the attention the way that so many busty girls do and decides to quit working as an escort. (Although she likes the attention so I think we may not need to worry about that with her) So to take a gander around Tyra… Give us a call!


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I do not know what exactly Queen is doing here working for our Cheap London Escort Agency, and personally I am not going to ask her. I say this because instead of doing this she could easily be modeling designer clothes for Ralph Lauren or some other high end clothing manufacturer somewhere.
So that is why I will not ask her cause I am afraid she will leave and we certainly do not want to encourage her in any kind of way. She has one of the hottest and most provocative bodies that you could wish for. She has some nice looking firm 34C´s and has a wonderful personality as well.
I think we should keep her here forever and never let her go. Can you imagine how good she would look in some of those small tight fitting dresses or short skirts that Ralph Lauren makes? I know we can see a fair amount in these photos but it still leaves us to have to use the imagination a little bit, it builds up the anticipation, passion and excitement for the GRAND FINALE!

OH, OH, OH… You are going to love it!



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Odette is a beautiful 23 year old exotic firecracker. She’s been fighting off the local guys most of her young adolescent life. She told me that they are always sniffing and running around like a pack of wild dog’s looking for scraps. Occasionally she would throw them a bone but they’re not a very respectful bunch so she says. So she was fed up, had enough of it and said “The hell with it, I am outta here” and decided to come to London.
So you can imagine how happy she was to arrive in London where she’s surrounded by guys that know how to treat a lady. She really appreciates how we respect our women… and trust me she knows how to take care of her man.
We have apparently made a huge impression with Odette such that she’s already contacted all her friends and told them to come to London where they can get wined and dined. They can also be taken out dancing, arrive safely home in a cab, be expertly brought to orgasm and then on top of that paid for it all. She is well aware of the fact that her female friends and family are more than welcome to this great city…



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Fun and exciting Francine looks like a doll and acts like a very adventurous female in search of exciting new ways of living passionate moments in the company of fun loving men. She loves to go out and enjoy the night and her appearance causes a bit of excitement where ever she goes because she is really arresting. Her slim & tall figure is perfectly proportioned and she exudes passion.
She is so passionate that cannot help but create the situation to have more and more excitement and pleasure. Francine knows how to please a man and bring a big smile on the client´s face, her nice body, and 34C breast size will give you all the pleasure you need. Her legs are pure dynamite that will rapidly become an addiction, and you will want more and more from this sweet friendly girl.
She is an Outcall Escort, and will come visit you at home or in your hotel room. You will really love this beautiful brown eyed girl once you meet her and get to know her. She has been working for us for a long time and is one of our most popular ebony girls. Spend a little time with her and you´ll find out why; Francine is right up there with the best of the best.