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Personal Services In London

‘Personal services’ is a term that I’ve not heard for a while. It’s a euphemism that was popular back in the 70’s when a celebrity madam of the time, Cynthia Payne, wrote a book about her life and used it in the title. They even made a film of the same name. The film’s a bit dated now but still very funny. You can probably watch it on Netflix. The film highlights in a very funny way, the double standards and hypocrisy that did then and still does, envelope the adult industry. We still have to be so careful about what we say on our website. The impression we give about what ‘personal services’ you can get by calling us is legally crucial yet you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out what you want to happen when you call us. Now of course I get the fact that we need to make it clear to you that our job is to make the introduction between you and your date. What happens on that date is up to you and the escort to decide as consenting adults but, why can’t we just explain what potentially is on offer? It beats me and when you consider that our clients include MP’s, Lawyers, Policemen and Social Workers you’d think between them they could make some sense of it all and end the bullshit. Still I guess that would involve them admitting that they got the occasional ‘personal service’ themselves which of course they are anxious to keep VERY quiet. So the hypocrisy goes on with social workers bleating about the damage to our ‘Society’ that the escort agencies pose, whilst at the same time calling us to see if Chanelle is free Friday evening at 8.30pm. It would be funny but I’d just prefer a little honesty instead. It would make all our lives a lot easier and surely openness and freedom are a benefit to Society and the so called victims. I’ve met a lot of escorts in the last 20 years and I’ve yet to meet a victim. All the girls you see on our website are totally independent of us. We work for them not the other way around. A lot like when you employ an estate agent to sell your house.

Our personal escorts services are available at Playful Escort Agency. We work very hard to fulfill our clients’ needs and have an outstanding collection of Ebony Escorts in London who are always ready to meet you.

We cover the following areas: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey