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My name is Flavia and I am new to London, I just arrived recently and started working as an Outcall Escort so I can meet new people. I am MATURE and 32 years old and love nothing more than going out to dinner and then afterwards going out dancing to burn off some of the calories. Dancing is good exercise and I do not mind getting a little physical and all HOT & SWEATY! I enjoy it and I am sure you will too when we do it together. So I can tell you with confidence that I am a great choice for a sophisticated night out in London, but also perfect for those more intimate dates as well. I will be your date for the evening and I will make you feel like a king. We can relax; have some good conversation and a nice meal. I really like delicious creamy Pina-Coladas. Likely after a few of those I will get that “warm & fuzzy” feeling and decide to show you my sensual and provocative moves on the dance floor. As I lead you out onto the dance floor you will notice how people will start to stare in our direction, jealous that you will have such a curvy and loving woman accompanying you. I am not at all shy and don’t mind the attention; I will love it and move my body harder and faster to tease that room full of men even more. Call now for an unforgettable time; I am sure I will be able to make you very happy and content.  

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Best Party Girls

So maybe you were browsing our website and noticed we have added a new category of “Party-Girls”? Are you scratching your head wondering what a Party-Girl is? Well maybe we can shine some light on the subject for you…

Party girls are some of our most popular and busiest escorts. They have a vast knowledge of London hot spots and nightclubs that are always fun and exciting to visit. A lot of times they are friends or acquaintances with the doorman or bartenders and have other girlfriends that hang out in these particular places. Sometimes they can get you a discount on admission or drink prices. (Unfortunately no guarantees)

Our London party-girls understand the needs and wants of our clients, Imagine you and a couple of friends walking into a club each with a beautiful girl at you side and being the center of attention, the envy of the evening. They are not shy at all and like to start conversations with other groups of people and make the party even bigger. They are very friendly, sociable, and open minded. They are very experienced at making you look like the star in in any event or situation.

Maybe you not in the mood for a night out, busy crowds and loud music? No worries we still have you covered. London escorts offer personal one on one service as well, if you want to spend the evening indoors in a more intimate setting. Or if it’s for you and some friends we can send any number of girls to your place. Just let us know how many girls you would like to have for company.

Our girls can bring “Party-Favors” along with them. Whatever you may desire just let us know and we will be sure the girls cater to your every need. Be it beer, wine, pizza or anything else you desire our girls will come prepared with all your requests.

Inquire today; our Elite escorts are sure to make your Stag party or a Guys Weekend out one to remember…