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Playful Escorts understands that sometimes after a long day of grinding away at the office or after a fun filled evening out with your friends that sometimes you just don’t have the urge or strength to get up off the couch but still may be yearning for a little unbridled passion and company from a beautiful woman. Our Outcall Escorts are the perfect fix for those kinds of cravings. Our sexy outcall escorts are happy to travel to your home, hotel or anywhere you are going. So ‘Outcall’ means our girl comes to you.

If you are based in Central London we offer this service at no extra charge. You get the girl of your choice to your door for the standard price of just £110 for the first hour. Depending on how far from Central London you are, you will pay a small fee for our girls travel expenses. We charge only enough to cover our costs and any costs are agreed with you before you commit to anything so there will be no added ‘extras’ as with some other Outcall escort agency. We cover the whole of Greater London within the M25 including all London airports. We also visit Kent, Hertfordshire, Essex and Surrey. Please no matter where you are in the UK or the World for that matter you can always call us and we will quote you a price to deliver the girl of your dreams to your door. Just please bear in mind if you are in a rainforest in Borneo it may take a little longer to get to you than if you’re in Basildon.

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As a budget Outcall escort agency we are very aware of keeping any travel costs to a minimum. Our girls have dedicated drivers so we are not paying a premium to a taxi company. That way I think we can still call our outcall escorts in London good value for money. If you’re within the M25 we will aim to be with you in under the hour depending on your chosen girls commitments. Outside of the M25 you may have to wait a little longer but then that gives you time to make the bed and chill the wine. That’s the great thing about having us bring the girls to you. It’s such a painless process. You might be busy working from home and can only spare an hour or two. You might be having a ‘duvet day’ and not want to leave the house (you realise you will have to get up to answer the door though). You may have had a top night out and despite employing your ‘best moves’ arrived home unexpectedly alone. Whatever the scenario you need never be alone when you have Playful Escorts on speed dial.  Certainly not with the selection of Outcall escorts we have here for you.




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Sonya is a girl that you will not want to miss the chance to spend some time with, you may have already missed out on her once before because she is yet another girl that used to work for us a while ago and decides to come back; it´s amazing how many of these girls do that. Sometimes it really wastes a lot of person’s time as I am sure they do not realize the effort that goes in to advertising for them on different sites for them, making their profiles and such which can get time consuming. Silly girls… lol But oh well there is not much we can do about it but keep grinding away and trying to keep things up to date. It´s hard to say why these girls come and go so frequently; is there something wrong with them we sometimes wonder. Well you do not have to worry about that because as you should already know we screen the girls pretty carefully and keep records of everything so you never have to worry about a `bad apple´ sneaking its way back in to the basket. Obviously if we let this 20 year old Eastern European come back to work for us after leaving one or more times (yes many of them actually leave numerous times) there is a reason for it; and you can be assured that it can only be for good reasons. One of the best reasons why Sonya has been allowed to come back to work for us is her age; more than ever we are having a lot more gentleman and women asking to spend time with young girls. If that´s what you want you are in luck because if you take a little bit of time to browse the women that we are showing for you here you are going to find that plenty of them that are 18-20 years old; as a matter a fact I think the good majority of them are around that age. Sadly that is leaving fewer choices out there for persons who prefer the older mature type women but not to worry because we´ll always have some of those types of women on hand waiting to spend some time with you too. In the meantime; why not spend a little time with Sonya?

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