Nightlife of English Escorts In London

When we are recruiting the escorts London will offer you we sometimes emphasize the nightlife side of things. We maybe overstress the idea of the restaurants, the theatre visits, the high class hotels and the exclusive clubs. The fact is that the life of our girls can be a bit of a slog at times. For a start they are working mainly at night, but also during the day so the line between work time and play time becomes blurred. Then there is the fact that most dates are one or two hours long. The evening’s out or the overnight appointments are understandably few and far between.

They are the icing on the cake of the escort’s night life, so most of the time they are either at home waiting for a call or travelling all over London in the back of a minicab. We try to glamorise it a little for the foreign girls. The English escorts tend to have a more realistic approach to what the life is like. Maybe that’s why we don’t have that many on the books, who knows? So why am I telling you all this? I don’t know really I guess just in the hope that you will tread a little carefully around the escort girls and make a few allowances for why they might not always be the perfect companion. Their life is tough and they only generally do it because they feel they have to. The foreign girls are usually supporting families back home so not only do they have the added pressure to make money but they are away from their loved ones, in a strange city, hanging out with guys they mostly don’t know that well. All I’m saying is that the escorts London has work hard for their money so if you’re not always greeted with the broadest smile cut her some slack and give her a few minutes to settle.

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