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New London Escorts are now available for you. All of our girls are £110 London Escorts. Are you looking for a new face? Do you want someone who as fresh as they can get? If you need a change from your regular girl and are in the mood for something different then you are looking in the right place.

Here we list our New Escorts in London. There will be many different types of girls here to choose from. Some will have escorting experience and some may not, we all know how sometimes the girls seem to jump from one agency to another. You never know what you may find. They are a mixed bunch, some will be New Incall Escorts in London and some may do just outcalls and sometimes even do both. Just because a girl is young or has no experience escorting does not mean we are going to turn her down. If the looks and attitude are right we are going to put them on the books to keep everything new and exciting for you.

We know you all have your favorite girl that you like to see but if she happens to not be available when you want to see her you should be able to find new escorts here that will suffice for the time being. We want our girls to be happy so we sort of let them work on an on-call basis, which means they really do not have a set schedule. The happier they are is better for all of us in the end.

Keep an eye on this page frequently because we are constantly adding new escort girls… Sometimes daily so you never know what nice surprises you may find here.

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Ok, so now you’re not the `new kid on the block´ anymore… ha ha. That´s a pretty stupid pun. New kids on the block… Boston Ma… (1980´s) is where it all began. (With the boy band) Can you believe that they have won two American Music Awards? I´m not even sure what songs they have recorded but likely you have heard one of their songs that they have produced. Offhand I can’t name any; I have never been a fan of them. So what are you doing here still reading this? We must have grabbed your attention in one way or another. Here we are all about the girls… Much better is Girls, Girls, Girls…Motley Crue; (1981) that´s some pretty good rock and roll. I like that, do you? We´re here to rock you in a good way… with all of our girls. We try not to bore you or dwell on too many details but we prefer to keep it as simple as we can. The girls send us photos, we post them and then you have the chance to look at them. And then it´s up to you to make a decision on which one you want to spend time with. Kelly may or not be your cup of tea... Kelly is a little bit of a young’un. That’s not even likely a real word, or much less one that most people will understand (young´un) but it should still get the point across. A 20 year old girl from Hungary who is very happy and appreciative to be here in London. How happy is she? There is just one possibility for you to find out exactly how happy she is; one phone call. Is that so difficult? 20 years old, a nice slim body with a great personality makes her a great choice as a companion to spend an hour or more of your time with. Remember that girls here in the industry can come and go as fast as… as fast as what? Faster than a speeding bullet? Don´t keep wondering about it and don´t let Kelly pass you up, and don´t pass up on spending some intimate moments with beautiful Kelly. If you’re looking for a little bit of fun and adventure Kelly may just be able to provide it for you.

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