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Oh Carmen, marry me and let's run away from all this. Let me cater to you every whim and pleasure you with trinkets, fine clothes and jewels. Carmen is such a sweet, beautiful, energetic and positive thing, just how I like my escorts, understanding and caring... blissfully unaware of just how cute she is. (Actually Carmen is not so much compared to some, she knows she´s beautiful) I love South American women and sometimes they're not the shy type... it's all the jiggling about (On and off the dance floor) that loosens their inhibitions or something I think. So you may have to work a little harder with Carmen, (or maybe not) coax her a little, chat a little more than usual, get to know her and show her you care. All I'm saying I guess is to be your charming self (if you can) and don't just assume that because you booked her for an hour you’re entitled to the full monty… she’s an old pro at this dating business. Take a bit of time with her and you will end up with the ultimate GFE... something the privileged among us know is truly Escorting Heaven.  

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