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Haley is very down to earth and 'guy friendly and really enjoys flaunting her “perfect package” I made it clear to Haley what we expect of her and will be watching the reviews/feedback closely. I know it won't be a problem because she is a real people person. I guess the whole package is pretty darn mesmerizing. What I liked about this girl is that she has such a fun loving nature and a nice smile and nice breasts with a relatively slim body and finally a beautiful face that you can't help but look at. On the few occasions that I've been in her company, I just can't take my eyes off her... Her breasts are a little large for her small frame. It’s like staring at the leaning tower of Pisa, you can't really understand why it doesn't just fall over, but it's beautiful too and then, after a few minutes, you just want to climb on top of it. An awesome experience... enough said.

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