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As one of the many Colombian girls I've seen working in London, Becky is already out of the ordinary, but on top of that she brings a fantastic approach to her performance. She's a mature escort at 35 but unlike us guys who reach our sexual peak at 18, it's well known that girls mature much later... err in fact around about 35. So our Beck's is at the peak of her powers...a volatile volcano waiting to erupt...will it be on top of you? She is a very sexy dresser and that's something I love about Latin women. They know how to put on a little show and I'll be honest with you I personally love the slightly trashy look. She'll hide it all under a discreet coat don't worry but when the coat comes off it's party time. Funnily enough parties are one of her favorite things. She's an extrovert and I found her very easy to talk to and not averse to the occasional glass of wine or three. Becky's could be a sad story in that she's taken up escort work following an acrimonious split from her man. It's not like that though because she's hit the ground running and put her past behind her. So this is sort of a two fingers up at him combined with the need that any of us would have to feel desired again. I can't think of a better reason and Becky you don't have to worry because with a male population in London of about 5 million you're going to be dated like you've never been dated before. Oh and what an arsehole your former boyfriend must be to let you slip through his fingers... into the waiting arms of London.

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