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Are you into big tits? The bigger the better…’bring those babies on and I’ll wear baseball gloves if I have to’ sort of thing? Well here we have Carmen…ready to shake her maracas for you until you tell her to stop. OK they aren’t the biggest I’ve ever, EVER seen…you’ll generally find THEM on the body of some huge monstrosity of a woman who, should you find yourself in a compromising position with, could easily roll over and crush you to death like a bull seal.. No Carmen comes into that middle ground where she still has a nice figure and face…but God has seen fit to bestow upon her the ‘twin airbags as standard’. So Carmen’s tits are God given…not stuffed full of silicon. They respond and react as nature intended. Feel free to do the wobble test…sit her on the washing machine at home when it hits the fast spin…just be careful where you stand, not too close, and you’ll see them move like jelly on a plate. Now with the fake tits, Carmen will be moving, but they’re gonna stay where they were put. Actually the washing machine scenario is a pretty good idea for any escort, big tits or not, might save you a whole lot of warm up time!! I’ve banged on about her boobs so I’d better reassure you that this is by no means where the story ends. Carmen is an accomplished mature Escort who has been around men long enough to know how we tick. She enjoys her job, especially a party and remains a happy and bubbly girl. She’s a great choice for the longer date and if you want someone to dance you off your feet in a salsa club…you couldn’t choose a better companion.    

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Men who want women with intellect and poise would be impressed by Playful Escort’s wide range of mature escorts. These ladies are in their later years yet they still look as astonishing as a vibrant lady. The mature London escorts are perfect for the men who are in their advanced years themselves and who would rather not get anybody else who is young and inexperienced.

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There is no stopping you to be the man that you are with these fantastic ladies. The mature London escorts can cater to your every need, want, and desire. She has been with lots of men just like you. If you want some experience to go with the beauty and the body, these women are the perfect choices for a date.

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