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Woolwich is a very historic town that is located a few miles away from Greenwich. It used to be a naval town where the London ferries used to dock. Right now, there are many developments already carried out and are still in store for this London district, on top of what were already present in and around the area. The redevelopment of Love Lane is just one proof of that. From what used to be a deserted area, it has become the site of new offices, local shops, and some housing projects right now. It is also were you can find a rather large Tesco branch. At the General Gordon Square, the construction of a big tower block is in its planning stage.

Being in Woolwich is like being in the arms of a caring mother. You have everything that you need around here. The whole place is currently going through major improvements so that you can enjoy this place even more. That definitely is the work of a parent looking after the best interest of her child.

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