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Wapping was a very busy port before, especially during the time when the British were ruling the shores. During those times, London was indeed the grandest city to be in, especially for water-based travellers. These days, it have been said that if you can swish through the River Thames right now, you’ll immediately feel the rich history and the sovereignty of the great British Empire with every movement of the water.

The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge are not too far away from Wapping. These are the two sights that you can easily enjoy from here, especially if you intend to spend the weekend over at the area doing some sightseeing. You can also visit HMS Belfast while you’re at it.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for entertainment spots while in town, you can always start your search for the best ones situated over at St. Katharine Docks. Across the docks that could house 120 ships are boutiques, bars, and restaurants that would surely fit your taste. There are taverns that are rich in history in and around the area as well.

Over at Wapping, you also get to enjoy the best meals. Fine cocktails are served in lavish restaurants all around. The grandest cuisines of London are best tasted from Wapping’s prized dining places. However, never dine alone. It is not fun to have a sumptuous meal and not share it with somebody. There are beautiful girls in Wapping who are raring to be with you, just in case you can’t find anybody to be your date for the evening.

These girls are no other than the Wapping escorts, the precious little things who can keep you company until the break of dawn. These lovely ladies would see to it that you’ve got your type of passion, entertainment, and excitement in their company. They are professional escort girls who know exactly what to do to keep you in ecstasy.

The escorts in Wapping are easily accessible from the many London escort agencies serving the area. Wapping gives you fine choices for such a service, although the top pick for an agency is still Playful Escorts. Playful Escorts is the one who knows your best interests in the London escort industry by heart. They are ready to give you enjoyment like never before. You can make sure that every minute spent with a Wapping escort belonging from their roster is a partnership created in heaven. Playful Escorts offers London escort services in a level that no other agency can get close to. Their concern is to serve even the most discriminating clients in Wapping

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