Edgware Road Escorts

Edgware Road Escorts in London

Edgware Road is a place in London that can give you a good taste of Asia. Travel over to its southern part that touches Marble Arch and you will find distinct restaurants offering cuisines of Mediterranean origin. This fact forces all Londoners to fondly call this place as Little Beirut, Little Cairo, or Little Cyprus. Have a taste of the late-night bars and cafes in the area and you will definitely feel what it is like to be in Asia yet never leave London.

Edgware Road is a place that is not very far from Marylebone, Hyde Park, and Bayswater. The area is very rich in history as well, with every structure and landmark having its own share of stories to tell. The evident culture over at Edgware road definitely follows that of Asian influence, especially with the many ethnic bistros around. There are many immigrants from Middle East in this part of London, which makes all residents think that it is one of the most Islamic places in the UK.

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