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Beckenham is a very leafy community in south east London. It started as a rural community until it became what it is today. The first Beckenham village is composed of but a few number of houses. But they are all grand and regal despite their small number. That village is situated at the northern part of the district. It is flanked by the Beckenham Park, Langley Park, and Kelsey. River Ravensbourne runs through it, making the place as beautiful as it can be.

There are many interesting spots in Beckenham right now. One of the most notable landmarks around here is the Chinese Garage. There are several trains stations passing through the area, with five of them in full operation right now. Because of the place’s strong transportation links, there are many workers who choose to live here as they can get to the rest of London quite easily and in just a few minutes at that.

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