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One thing is for sure, the competition amongst London escort agencies has never been so fierce. Playful Escorts has been around for almost ten years now and in that time we’ve seen a lot of escort agencies come and go but at the moment, the pressure is really on as the market is saturated. I guess for you that’s a good thing. It illustrates the fact that London is the capital of the world in terms of the escort industry. Why is that you ask? Well it’s because girls are drawn to this great city from literally the four corners of the planet. They come not to be escorts but to study or more often just to see. Once here, they realise what a fantastic place it is to be and then they don’t want to leave. What does a pretty young girl do if she wants to stay in London but can’t afford London prices? Well I guess some live six to a room and work in Starbucks 10 hours a day…but some girls want a better lifestyle than that, so they turn to the London escort agencies for an alternative. We are happy to help because of course the more girls working in London the better the choice for you and the more likely you are to call Playful Escorts.
Our only problem is how to survive amongst the jostling crowd of agencies clambering for your attention. Up to now we’ve done it by offering a service pretty unique to London. It comes from the fact that Rob and I, the founders of the Agency, set up Playful with the intention of providing a budget escort service for the working man. We set our sights at ordinary working guys like us who wanted a decent escort service but without paying £200 or £300 an hour which none of us could afford. So we keep the basic price really low at just £110 per hour for which you get the industry standard ‘full service’. That is fine for any man to walk away happy and contented for another couple of weeks or a month (subject to the girls agreement which always applies). If you want more than the just the standard, then you will have to pay a little more for it. It’s the budget airline approach…Easy-jet will get you to your destination cheaper than anyone else, but if you want drinks on the plane or the inflight meal you pay a little extra. British Airways don’t give you the choice so you end up paying for the fact that the guy next to you likes to get pissed when he flies. So you see you only pay for what you want, we don’t charge you £250 to start with, we give you the choice.
Our approach has kept us alive and kicking for 10 years now and we’re not about to change. A lot of our regular clients see us as one of the few London escort agencies that they will use. We try to keep it as real as we can and we constantly, actively recruit new girls. New escorts are our life’s blood because the consequence of keeping the price so low is that girls are always moving on to find what they think will be better agencies. They often find they make less charging £200 or £250 an hour and come back, but of course they have to try. We’ve learned to embrace that constant change and our regular clients say they like the idea that there are always new faces on the site. They say it keeps everything fresh and new…we agree it’s worth all the effort. Let’s hope our approach continues to work. We’ve kept our price the same for the last 5 years and so hopefully you will appreciate our efforts and tell your friends that Playful Escorts is the best of the London escort agencies.

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We cover the following areas: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey