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Escort of the Moment

Billie Jo…not the sweetest working name I've heard but she chose it so who are we to argue.

What's in a name? Does a Rose by any other name smell as sweet? Who said my O level Shakespeare would never come in handy? Well actually Billy Jo smells pretty damn good and she backs up that initial impression with a performance that proves that this girl's talent are perfectly suited to her chosen industry.

I'll be honest, in the past I've had my criticisms of English Escorts…but that was then and I think the new breed like Billie Jo have finally embraced the work and the fact that no one owes anyone a living in this World. Yes I think we are all waking up to the realisation that the days of shouting loudly 'I'm English' is no longer enough to get you the contract, the table or through customs at Mumbai airport…in fact it's more likely to get you a gloved finger up your arse. I'm not complaining, I guess it's time the Indian nation got its revenge, plus I quite enjoyed it LOL.

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Best English Escorts

Please allow us a little poetic licence with our English Escorts Gallery as we've included all our UK girls. We've included them because they are part of us and help give you the true flavour of London The story wouldn't be complete without them.

You see the 'English Rose' genre is famous throughout the World as representing a sophisticated, pure, charming girl you can take on a date anywhere. But our girls also know how to party and our present economic trouble's is persuading more and more English girls to try Escort work. If you're looking to taste the local 'cuisine' so to speak, there's never been a better time to order. Our selection is growing all the time.