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I was born in London and have lived here most of my life. Don’t get me wrong I’ve traveled. I have seen some of the world. Certainly enough to know how wicked man can be the man and how the human spirit can prevail over that wickedness. I have learned that people are more important than money and that those who have the least are so often the most generous. It’s helped me to reconcile in my mind this business and to make sense of it to the extent that I can live with myself and continue to hold my head up. London is a wonderful place. I love the fact that we can find room for people from around the world who need help, that the city is such a mixture of cultures and nationalities yet we seem in the most part to be able to live together without hurting each other. It’s like an infinite sofa and there’s always room for one more if you just shift up a little.
Of course life in London can be very hard. We have people sleeping rough on our streets. Not everyone one has somewhere safe and warm to sleep at night and London can be a dangerous place after dark. There are not many cities that don’t have that problem and it’s a product of our own success. So many people are drawn to London, usually to find work or even just to explore it and then find they don’t want to leave. There’s a buzz about the place that inspires people to be creative and to produce stunning things that surprise the World and feed our reputation…and so more people come.
Now I wasn’t talking about girls there but God!! London has an incredible draw for the brightest and most beautiful women and even if they arrive with a lovely sense of innocence that they are going to make their fortune running their own beauty business, or dancing in the West End theatre or maybe just marry a Royal Prince, it soon dawns on them that it’s not that easy. Yes I see those faces as they come through our door. Hoping that their fantasy idea of what escort work is about will be true. The dinner parties with beautiful educated men who just want a companion for the evening to show off to his friends or the theatre trips with intelligent young businessmen who are alone in London and looking for someone to show them the sights. In their hearts they already know the truth and we break it to them as gently as possible even though they knew already. That’s why they left the call to us as the last resort before admitting defeat and starting the journey home to their old lives. The thought of that spurs them on and helps to make up their minds to give it a go.
Whether they are going to make it as an escort we find out pretty quickly. There’s no hiding place and of course we’ve explained what was expected of them at our first meeting so there is no excuse for them. Theory and practice are two different things but all in all, most get through that first appointment and soon settle down. It’s when the money starts to roll in that it all begins to click into place and make perfect sense to them. They cast aside their newly acquired Barista skills and jump in with both feet. They start to build a client base of regular guys who they get on with and that starts to make it easier and sexier to be an escort. Their needs start to change and in the same way that you can get addicted to booze or food it seems that the phrase ‘the more you get, the more you want’ applies to escort work.
Things are now working in harmony and I’m not sure if that’s just the minds way of reconciling the whole thing but when you have an insatiable desire for something and you’re working in an industry that has an inexhaustible supply of people desperate to supply you with it and, at the same time pay you for the privilege, then I think you can see how a girl gets drawn into the escort business. That is life and how it works. I’m not apologising for it and its one of the most established parts of London life.

If you’ve booked one of our beautiful London escorts and you’re a bit too strapped to start paying £300 for a posh meal in South Ken, why not take her out to one of the city’s best kept secrets- Lahore Kebab House just off Commercial Road near White-chapel. Not only is it renowned in East London for delivering the best curry in the Capital, but whatever you’re up for, it’s sure to be an experience.

Not only will you have the most stunning girl in the room sitting opposite across the table, but you can guarantee whatever you choose will be served to you double the speed of anywhere else, leaving the night free for hitting Shoreditch’s hottest nightspots or perhaps heading to Dalston on the Overground that’s just a five minute walk away.

I’m not going to lie to you, the waiters are rude, the décor is your typical low budget curry house affair- but that’s why it’s such an institution. Apart from all this, the food is served to you almost before you’ve ordered it, it’s bring your own booze (the wine shop across the road sells fantastic vino at the price of one Strongbow) and the food is utterly incredible. Our Escorts just love having a good time, and Lahore will certainly give you something to chat about if her mind blowing legs and beautiful smile is leaving you a little bit tongue tied. We’ve all been there. Just talk about the waiter who slams the plates down and leaves without so much as a word, let alone asking you how the meal is.

Don’t worry, your meal will be fine.

Someone like Paula would love Lahore, because not only is she young, fun and up for a laugh, the curry house is also close to a whole host of brilliant clubs. Forget Mayfair, Dalston Junction is where it’s at if you want you, Paula and her incredible body to experience the real nightlife London has to offer. Alibi, 91 Kingsland High Street, is free, cheap and an absolute gem of a club.

With an array of up and coming DJ’s playing everything from Dubstep to Reggae seven days a week til 3am, Alibi is a firm favourite among the hipsters, media types and bohemes living in the studio flats just off the main road. But you know what? They really know how to have a good night and you can guarantee that any of our London Escorts love a good East End blow out as much as if you’d got two front row tickets to the opera. In fact, a girl like Paula would prefer a good slap up meal and a trendy East End club to Swan Lake anyway. But if you’re going to go East, then make sure she gets the full experience which is why Lahore and Alibi are the perfect choices.

The best thing about a free club is, if you’re not feeling it, you haven’t wasted any money. Just hop on the bus outside and you can be more comfortably North, if the Dalston vibe gets a bit much, in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, if you fancy staying in the area, the high street is lined with clubs, pubs and restaurants that will stay open til the early hours. A young brunette Escort like Paula is perfect if you want to have fun in the East, because of her wicked sense of humour and willingness to please. If you’re up for it, she’s up for it…

An Escort Writes

After a really fun weekend hanging out with the girls (we got completely lost and ended up in Holloway, HOLLOWAY?! It was awful) I had such a boring couple of days. I mean, London is a bit of a lonely place for an escort who doesn’t know her Gloucester Road from her Old Kent Road (yeah ok I googled those!) but was so excited when I got a call through from Playful Escorts  telling me to be outside Mahiki on Mayfair at 10.30pm. I mean finally I’ve actually got a reason to put on some heels and go clothes shopping! Perfect!

So I thought I’d treat myself to a day of pampering. Hello scented body butter, manicure, pedicure and all those things a girl needs to look her best. You can imagine… It’s hard being a London escort. Sigh…

Also, could not be more excited about Mahiki because I’ve never even been to West London, let alone the club that apparently Rihanna was in last month. Can’t wait though because apparently it’s an after work party and thankfully that sort of thing is something I LOVE. It’s always fun to meet new people and I just so happen to be able to hold my drink, as well as a conversation…

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