Kensington Escorts

We have a great selection of Kensington Escorts to tempt and tease you. I love Kensington, it’s one of my favourite parts of London and if I ever win the Euro Lottery then I’d love to have a house in one of those Georgian Squares that are dotted about. Trouble is its becoming more and more exclusive such that you need to be Uber rich to find anywhere to live there. So I content myself with the occasional visit and a lot of dreaming. So if you do live in Kensington or maybe you’re just staying in one of the wonderful hotels dotted around the area why not spread a little love and cash down to a struggling local Escort Agency. Hell you could probably afford to hire the whole Agency!! We could play that game where you see how many Escorts you can get in a Mini Cooper…we’ll keep them coming until you say stop. Seriously I know there are a lot of guys moving through Kensington that are far from wealthy. We offer the cheapest Kensington Escorts on the web and we’re proud of the quality of our girls and service we provide despite our cheap basic price. So give us a call no matter what your circumstances and we’ll find a girl to suit you.

We cover the following areas: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey