How to hire an escort in London

Hiring an escort in London couldn’t really be much simpler. In fact the hardest thing about it is choosing between the 80 or so girls we have on our website. Things are more complicated by the fact that we also have other girls who won’t show their face. Now don’t jump to the conclusion that that is because they are ugly. Put yourself in a London escorts shoes and imagine how difficult it would be if your teenage brother or your cousin comes across a photo of you semi naked on an escort site.

These girls just can’t risk that possibility so they work on the basis of our recommendation and they stand or fall on their performance. The simple fact is that some of our best escorts work this way…so bare that in mind when making your choice. That also brings me onto the other matter, if you don’t see someone you like it’s worth calling us. We don’t bite and we have some lovely friendly girls on reception to help you choose. Obviously they also know who’s available and when so it pays to get on the phone sooner rather than later. Then once the decision is made its just the formalities of where the rendezvous with your escort in London is going to take place. Your home or hotel we call an outcall and when you visit our girls in their own apartment it’s called an in call.  Just give reception all your details and they will make the appointment arrangements. That’s it, it’s easy to hire an London escort.

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