Fantasy Dates

I’ll be honest with you I was never a looker. I started off as a chubby baby with a little fat face and it’s been an uphill struggle ever since. I am sure that on my death bed some nurse will come running into the room to tell that they’ve just released a pill on the market that controls your weight whilst allowing you to eat whatever you like. I shall then drop dead…just my luck. Let’s not paint too ugly a picture I’ve had my successes not only with my weight but also with girls but as you get a little older I find the thrill of the chase dwindles a little. I guess in direct correlation with your ability to chat up beautiful young girls. Once you hit 40 you certainly notice the supply of girls has been diminished yet your attraction to beautiful young girls in tight jeans has not. So what do you do? Well some guys go down the Thai bride, Russian Bride, Philippine Bride route. They think a bit of money can make them sexy to some young Thai girl who they don’t realise has all the same interests as your teenage daughter. Thai rap music, the Glee Club, Twitter and badly acted action movies about rival dance groups in the Bronx or maybe in this case Bangkok eh? With these girls all you are doing is storing up a whole lot of trouble and probably paying for a lawyer’s new kitchen at the same time. Please don’t lose your head. The head that has enabled you to amass enough dosh to look after yourself and keep you amused. Well unless you are happy for that money to be redirected to a small village in Thailand and a big extended family then avoid the commitment option at all costs.
The great thing is we have a solution, a fantasy girl from Playful Escorts. You get to choose from nearly a hundred girls if you include the girls who work anonymously without photos. We have girls of every size, shape, age and experience. We make sure all our girls are over 18 and safe for you to date and all offer a different fantasy date. Look I’m not trying to piss on your leg and tell you it’s raining. I know the bride option is a seductive one, but I’m telling you in practice what sounds a great idea will end up with you giving half of everything you have to a young girl who will never be happy with what she’s got. You can take her from the slums of Thailand where she shared a room with 10 other people and give her a nice semi-detached in Surrey and I bet in 6 months she’ll be asking when you are moving to the detached house. It IS human nature to want more and these girls are tough…they’ve had to be to get as far as they have. It’s certainly not going to stop now that they are so close to the pot of gold which is independent wealth and a British passport.

Welcome to Fantasy Island!!. Fantasies are our stock in trade at Playful Escorts. We are here to try to make yours come true. We have a choice of over 50 women on our books. They are every shape, size colour and age. Whatever you’re preference. Playful has a girl to match it. That includes girls who specialize in role play and can satisfy your particular fetish. Please don’t be shy, we have heard everything before, nothing shocks us and we have many girls on our books who share your liking for the more avant garde, as you can imagine, the industry tends to attract the more liberal ladies.

We cover the following areas: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey