Escorts Life

A lot of you ask about what an escort’s life is like in London. It’s usually the guys that are new to punting that have been listening to the stories about exploitation, people trafficking and drugged up girls being held prisoner in some dingy bedsit. I guess unfortunately in the world of the massage parlour that may exist. I know that rightly the Metropolitan police are waging a war against these people traffickers and I urge you if you find yourself with a girl who you suspect might be in danger from these guys please let the police know and get something done about it; but let me reassure you that to my knowledge the escort agencies in London are not involved in that seedier side of the adult industry. Certainly as far as Playful Escorts goes all our girls are totally independent of us. In fact our girls effectively employ us. They pay us a fixed fee per introduction and in return we put their photos on our website and then spend many thousands each month promoting our website in magazines and online directories and advertising in the press. Then it’s up to us to make the arrangements and get you two in the same room at the same time. That’s our job done and that’s why we don’t discuss what happens after you enter that room…because that’s up to your escort and of course to a certain extent yourself. I am not there so I can’t know who said what or offered what or did what.
Now obviously we have our reputation to maintain. So whilst the girls are free to dispense with our services if they think we’re not promoting them efficiently, if we find a girl is not being honest with our clients or is unreliable in any way then we will investigate it and if necessary remove her from the Playful website. Such girls jeopardise our reputation, our business and of course the livelihood of all the other girls on our website. So please we need your feedback. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your appointment you must let us know so that we can do something about it.
So an escort’s life is one of freedom. They choose when they work and which websites they appear on. They have the ultimate choice of what they do and with whom and they hire and fire the escort agencies that represent them. If you’re concerned that they are being exploited please don’t be. You must be new to it all if you think that because if you’ve dated as many escort girls as I have you know that 99 times out of 100 it’s your girl that takes the lead and controls things the way she wants to. Occasionally with girls just starting out you’ll get a little uncertainty and her looking to you as if to say ‘what happens now?’ but generally the girls know what to do and how to do it because their business depends upon it. Most guys are happy to be led along by a beautiful girl. We don’t really want to be in charge and it does make a nice change from real life to be pursued rather than having to do all the chasing.

We cover the following areas: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey