Escort Stories

We don’t spend a lot of time with the escort girls on the site. Once we have interviewed them when they join us then we don’t see a lot of them. Time is money for them I guess and that’s a shame because most are generally good company and have some great stories to tell about their lives and the strange and wonderful world of escort work. Obviously there are times when Rob or I revisit a girl for our own ‘needs’ and when we do, we usually take the girls for lunch so we can say thank you for them for sticking with us and letting us represent them. It’s one of the little perks of the job and as you can imagine we fight over the chance to do that.
Most of the stories they have to tell are happy ones. I like the idea that the most memorable dates they have are generally good experiences. The adult industry has a reputation for being dangerous. How many films and TV dramas have we seen where the starting point is a dead prostitute. Well the truth is that it’s as likely that the client gets his head caved in as the girl. Sorry I hope that doesn’t put you off, you’ll be fine as long as you show respect to the girls but understand that some of these girls have led very tough lives and won’t just roll over and agree to whatever you want. You must ask nicely and accept the answer. Now I’ve gone and created the wrong impression in your mind. I was trying to make the point that violence is a very rare thing and be you a client or a girl contemplating the adult industry as a possible career, you are generally very safe but I’ve ended up creating this awful picture in your head. Try thinking of your favourite sunset, where was that? Now that’s a better mental picture I’ll carry on.
Well most of the girls tell stories of the happy times they’ve had. When they’ve met a high roller from Russia or a wealthy Arab who has booked them for the weekend and then driven them round in the ‘Lambo’ he’s had flown over especially for the summer. God knows what it costs to have a car like that sent over just for the summer but of course money is not really an issue with these guys. They do seem to prefer the attentions of escorts which I welcome but struggle to understand really. The fact is that most people have a price don’t they? If you lavish enough cash on people then they generally succumb to its fascination. Money brings power and that is an obvious turn on for the ladies. If John Major can get laid then that says it all doesn’t it really but as I said these guys would rather book an escort than chat up an English girl. Maybe it’s the professionalism they like. I guess if you’ve got the cash you get the expert…like hiring Tiger Woods to give you golf lessons or Mickey Rourke to show you how to get wasted. Anyway I’m not complaining the more the merrier, hell buy up the whole of Kensington if it suits you guys. Just keep calling the London escorts Agency.
Some girls like to tell stories about you guys. These are the ordinary ‘blokes’ that form the majority of the client’s that we see. You probably think there’s nothing unusual about yourself but you would be surprised at how the girls remember the guys who’ve been kind and listened when they’ve been in trouble. A lot talk about their first couple of days as an escort. How you treat them has an incredible influence on whether they stick with the job or not. If you show respect and kindness, if you make sure you arrive clean and preferably sober, if you take some time at the beginning of your date to listen and introduce yourself properly, then you would be surprised by the lasting effect that has on a girl. A lot of them think this job isn’t for them. They try it out of desperation but they don’t really think it’s going to work for them. Then they meet a guy like you, a guy who is well groomed, funny, attentive and interested. A man, who opens a door, pays with a bonus, brings some beautiful flowers or holds a hand with some genuine compassion.
These are the escort stories I hear. They are about special guys that made working as an escort a fun thing to do. You should be proud of yourselves for creating so many happy memories when there was the potential for a lot of misery. Ours is fortunately not a sad story and I hope one day to see a film that actually accurately portrays that fact. Maybe I’ll write the screenplay eh?

Having been involved in this Industry for many years, there a lot of stories I could tell you. I’ve always said to myself that one day I would write a book, but I know I’m just flattering myself and the reality is, who would interested to read it?.

What you must understand is that this Industry brings out the best and also the worst in people. I have met people from all walks of life, from the higher echelons of society to the dregs. I’ve met some of the most physically beautiful women and yet found that so often the most beautiful are the humble, honest, soulful girls who give all they have and never seem to get much back. They are the unsung heroines of my world, who offer just a little genuine comfort to someone that means so much and keeps that person wanting to breathe. Indulge me, focusing on the positive, because you can imagine that there are also some pretty wicked people to be found..more so now that we have welcomed so many of our East European friends I think on balance I just cherish the special moments I’ve shared with some great, honest people, and block out the rest, lest it eat away at me…

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