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No visit to London would be complete without dating an English Escort. It’s like going to Rome and not trying the pasta. WE already know how good our home grown talent is but, if you’re new to London, they may surprise you. Yes we have the classical English Rose as characterized in so many Hollywood films (stand up and take a bow Keira Knightly) but London Escorts know how to party too. Some are just as hot and horny as any steamy South American strumpet you’ll meet in downtown Caracas. Yet they’ll also know which fork to use at dinner. That means you can ‘take them’ anywhere and not be disappointed!

Here at Playful Escorts we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with just about any type of woman you could imagine. English Escorts are always a hit and we are glad to be able to offer you them at these great rates. You´ll notice that many other agencies that specialize in these women are going to charge you more than you would pay for some of their other girls. We don´t charge more for them, all our girls are the same price no matter where they come from. That´s what makes us your best bet when finding great London Escorts of all different types.

Please allow us a little poetic license with our English Escort gallery as we’ve included all our UK girls. We’ve included them because they are part of us and help give you the true flavor of London the story wouldn’t be complete without them. You see the ‘English Rose’ genre is famous throughout the World as representing a sophisticated, pure, charming girl you can take on a date anywhere. But our girls also know how to party and our present economic trouble’s is persuading more and more English girls to try Escort work. If you’re looking to taste the local ‘cuisine’ so to speak, there’s never been a better time to order. Our selection is growing all the time.




Escort of the Moment

Harmony is a natural; a sweet natured English girl who restores my faith in the British girls. She doesn't need to cake her face in makeup to present a smooth skinned healthy look. No… our Harmony looks after herself, despite the potential excesses of her chosen career. How many escorts make the mistake of giving in to the temptations offered by you guys? We know our generous clients will always be there offering their hospitality freely...wine, pizza, other indulgences... but of course as I tell the girls...you have to know when to take a rest and a rain check on the eating goods. Harmony takes a break when she needs it and that keeps her motivation high and her pants low and that sweet body as flexible as any escort you're going to find in London. So feel free to indulge yourself with some of our Harmony. Endulge yourself in those classic good looks and the impeccable performance… but please don't be offended if she declines the pasta in place of the mixed salad. She's only trying to keep herself tight and toned for your next appointment and believe me once you meet her in person, I'm sure you'll be seeing Harmony again for sure.  

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