English Escorts

English escorts have always been popular with visitors to London. I guess it’s like sampling the local cuisine…everyone has to try fish and chips at least once when they visit London. Thankfully English cuisine has moved on somewhat from that basic staple and you will find some of the best restaurants in the World in London now…and the biggest variety of food to choose from. Playful Escorts offers the same choice but we are only reflecting the multicultural nature of London. Girls come here from all over the World very often just as tourists or students but then they get a taste for the place and don’t want to leave. That’s when they get attracted to the Adult Industry, bless them. So English Escorts have their work cut out and in the past they had a bit of a reputation for being a little lazy and disinterested. It got to the point where Playful wouldn’t employ them but the new generation has changed all that. The English escort of today realises that no one owes them a living. That it’s the client that’s important and that they are in open competition with East European girls and Brazilian girls who are very happy to be in London and show it in their performance. The English Escort has come of age again and is finally delivering. Call us and choose from our lengthy list, some of which do not appear on the website.

We cover the following areas: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey