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This is our relatively new gallery of Elite Escorts. For the longest time we use to only have girls for £110 an hour to keep things as budget minded as could possibly be. But after receiving so many calls from potential clients and regulars as to why they saw girls like this advertised on other sites but not on ours we decided to give them what they want. Sure it means a little (sometimes a lot) more of work on our part but it´s all about the options. You won’t find more options anywhere else in London than you will right here.

Sometimes we all deserve a little more. It’s your Birthday…you got that promotion…or maybe you just feel in need of a little bit of luxury in your life. Well for that very reason we have here our new Elite Escorts collection. Our very own Tesco’s ‘taste the difference’ selection of girls. They are ALL new girls to the Agency…they are all at different prices…but our aim is to give you the best choice of what’s available in London. We simply can’t do that at the fixed price of £110 for every girl. All our London escorts give a great service at whatever price, otherwise they don’t work with us…but now we get the chance to showcase ALL the girls that this great City has to offer. I’m very excited at the prospect!!




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I know we’re not a dating agency and of course, if you want to see Eva, it has to be through the Agency but never say never in this day and age. Don’t forget that escort girls are human just like the rest of us. They feel happy or sad, they need attention and TLC and they will be warm to genuine people who treat them with respect. That’s the starting point for a relationship with any girl and she is no exception. So treat her like a prospective girlfriend, take you time to get to know her a little, listen to what she has to say and move at a pace that she’s comfortable with. Eva is a real sweetheart with an open mind and awesome personality. I’ll be honest, there’s a part of me that I think is a little bit in love with Eva. Certainly everything about her fascinates me, not only her gorgeous looks but her inner beauty as well. I´ll always seek her out when I get the chance… just for a chat if nothing else. That’s the power of women eh? It scares me sometimes.

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