Don’t Travel to Switzerland for a Fellatio Café

Maybe you have recently heard about a different kind of coffee shop Fellatio Cafe that is supposedly set to open in Geneva Switzerland towards the end of the year. The coffee shop plans on selling coffee, pastry’s and to go along with it oral sex. Yes, coffee and blow-jobs; it´s true that a lot of guys out there need and love their coffee; some persons just can’t get going without it in the morning and may be irritable or easily agitated without it. Some persons drink it constantly all day while at the office working. The same is true about fellatio (oral sex) that most men seem to really get into it; they always have and always will. There has also been news earlier in the year about the possibility of Fellatio café being opened up in London. Whether or not it will happen is hard to say. Some people really like the idea of coffee with a blowjob; some people may not but if you are the type of person who likes the idea you do not have to travel to Switzerland or wait to see if one opens up in London.

London is a metropolis of men and women working in the escort industry or sex trade or whatever else you want to call it and some persons can be into some pretty strange things when it comes to erotic types of pleasure as like fellatio. One thing for example is the act of having sex in a car or vehicle where other persons can watch them doing it. Some persons like to do it in public places where there is a chance that they could get caught doing it because it makes them more excited. Another one that some people like is smoking cigarettes when they are in the process of doing the dirty deed; so why not coffee and a blowjob? Playful Escorts has girls that work as Paddington Escorts who love to have company over and spend some time with them and do different kind of erotic things with them. So why not bring your own thermos of coffee over to one of their places and have some oral with your coffee? Many of the girls that work for Playful are pretty open minded and willing to fulfill your wants and needs; as long as it’s not anything too crazy or dangerous or unhealthy for the parties involved. Role playing, a little domination and dressing up are just a few of the things you can do with their London Escorts. Some people are into stuff that other persons think are very strange like golden showers. Personally the thought of a woman peeing on me does not turn me on at all; but coffee and oral actually sounds pretty good. Make it happen with Playful Escorts.

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