Dating Agency

Dating Agencies abound on the web. They usually lure you in with a whole load of fantastic photos of the girl next door types all pretty and innocent and horny. You look at these photos and think WOW so many nice girls on this Dating Agency I’m bound to find someone nice for me. Now some of the sites will let you join for free…that sounds a great deal. How nice of them…it’s all free they just want to help me find my soul mate. However once you join, you can look but you can’t touch or talk or email or anything. If you want to contact someone you got to pay your fees, you got to sign up just like you joined the gym in January paid for a year and haven’t been since…locked into some contract. When you do join you can’t wait to contact all those beautiful girls you saw when you were looking. You rattle off your expectant emails, wooing your choices with talk of your prowess at badminton and stories of your favourite holiday in Corfu. You hear nothing back…awe that’s a shame. Why doesn’t she like you? What’s wrong with you? Then you get a call from a tubby middle aged librarian who is interested, she wants to know more about the Corfu holiday. What to do? You don’t fancy her but it’s a date, it’s some way to recoup the cash you’re locked into spending on the site, but if you take her out it’s going to cost you £50 to wine and dine her at the local Pizza joint and will you get fucked at the end of the evening? You got more chance of winning the lottery. Dating Agencies are generally just waiting to relieve you of as much money as you can afford. They don’t care if you find someone or not and if you don’t, well that’s your fault isn’t it? There’s no accountability for them. Playful Escorts promises to find you your perfect date. It may be a fantasy date but it’s a date with a pretty predictable ending. You can relax and let our girl do the talking and the wooing. It’s up to her to make you happy not the other way around. All the pressure is off and when you tot up the price of the pizza and the fees to join the dating agency and your disappointment then it will pretty much come to £110 anyway. I’m all for a little romance but dating agencies are a bad place to find it…get out there and live life and whilst you’re looking for your soul mate, let Playful Escorts take care of the bits and bobs.

We cover the following areas: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey