Clubs in London

If you’ve found this page, using all my powers of deduction, I’m guessing that you’re looking for a good time in a club where you’re going to meet girls. There are lots of such clubs dotted around London and if you jump in a Black cab, they will take you to one. Most clubs have an arrangement with licensed cabs whereby if they bring some unsuspecting ‘punter’ to the door, they will receive a commission maybe £40 or £50 pounds sometimes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that they have to recoup the money given to the taxi driver and it’s YOU who is going to pay. These clubs can be fun, at a price, so if you’re on expenses unlimited or you’ve just won the lottery then I’d say go there. The girls are pretty, they’ll laugh at your jokes and they’ll let you buy them Champagne to celebrate your lottery win. You’ll wake up the next day alone (unless you called Playful after the club of course) with a big hangover and not much else.

Playful Escorts is looking to give you a better experience than that. If you’re in the party mood that’s fine, you can book as many escorts as you like, you can take them dancing or to a casino or to your hotel room. You can dance the night away in the West End or canoodle in a drinking club in Soho. We know London; we know the really great places to go. We’d like to be considered your friend here in London who knows the best places and lets you in on it. We don’t get a back hander from anyone!! So before you jump in that cab, just call us on 0208 965 8881 or 0208 965 8886 and you’ll get the best that London has to offer, without the frankly ludicrous price tag. At least make sure that if you’re going to blow a lot of cash, you do it on your terms and not as a victim.

We cover the following areas: London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey