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Naughty Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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This Valentine’s day ditch the usual flowers, chocolates and dinner and add some spice to this special day with these sex games to try in bed. Choose any of these 5 Games, for fun and exciting time with your partner.

If you are Single on this Valentine’s Day, we will provide you the best date with our girlfriend experience escorts in London.


Tips about Advanced Sex & Avoid mistakes during it

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This Info-graph describing various sex tips that are going to help you getting intimate with London Escorts. And 10 things, you should avoid while having sex.

Advanced Sex Tips:

  1. Oral Queening it.
  2. Forget about measuring up
  3. Blowjob Angling
  4. Breathe!
  5. Vibrators make anal that bit easier
  6. Don’t forget to…Kiss

10 Mistakes you should avoid while having sex

  1. Waiting for her to orgasm
  2. Not waiting for her to orgasm
  3. Trying to impress her with sexual mastery
  4. Shaving it all down there
  5. Not shaving it at all
  6. Performance anxiety
  7. Skipping foreplay
  8. Skipping afterplay
  9. Refusing to wear condom
  10. Worrying about size

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Big is Beautiful

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Yesterday while working at the London escort offices I received an email from a guy I’d tentatively just hired to sort out some trees in my back garden at home, since I’d got some complaints from the snotty next-door neighbours about the trees being too tall and blocking out their light. Their positioning means this is actually almost impossible, apart from about forty minutes in the evening, but hey, that’s another story…

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Looking For Some Hot Love

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I try to do this blog first thing in the morning while my mind is clear and before our London Escorts wake up. I brew a nice big pot of coffee and settle down in a big armchair with my laptop to think about what you might be interested in hearing. One thing that does bug you is when one of your favourite girls leaves. I get the calls where’s Roxy? why has Erika gone? where has she gone? or worse still, I was going to book a date with Adella and now she’s not on the site is she still working ( I think you already know the answer to that one.

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Hiring a Chilling Escort for Summer Season

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Having to work full time every week your days off become like gold dust, especially extended periods of time off that are longer than a weekend. Holiday days are even more special because most people do not tend to get that many holiday days a year and when they do it would seem that a lot of people tend to waste them. I was listening to the radio this morning as I was getting ready to go to work at the London escort HQ and they were talking about a recent study that showed that a lot of the time people do not tend to make the most of their time off of work. Whether it be on weekends or on annual leave holidays a lot of the time people do not make the most of their time.

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Please don’t take on board the liberal, feminist claptrap that you hear. The huge majority of London escorts are free and happy in their work. They don’t need saving…by you or any Guardian reading intellectual. These girls are not being exploited.

Yes its a tough job, but these girls are free to choose whether they do it or not. With the odd exception which we whole hearted support the Police in prosecuting, 99% of escort agencies are doing their best to keep you and the girls happy.

Being Alone with the Escort in London

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In this modern age that we find ourselves in it is not unreasonable to suggest that we are all slaves to technology. We all rely so heavily on computers, the internet and mobile phones that it is almost impossible for most people to live without them. I know for a fact that a lot of my mates and a lot of the London escort girls that I work with and see/speak to on a day to day basis would find life very difficult if any of these things were to be taken away from them.

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Guys I know it’s easily done, heck I’m the most doe eyed sado when it comes to women, but please don’t fall in love with the girls. You’ve got to be strong, objective, realistic. The fact is you’re fraternising with some of the best London Escorts. These are beautiful girls, the chances are they have lives…just consider it like hiring a Ferrari for the know it’s got to go back to the showroom, so you enjoy the moment.

Amsterdam – The City of Escorts

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Red Lanterns quarter is one of the most curious places in Amsterdam known for its numerous escort mansions. It is a city district where sensual pleasures can be found.

Red lanterns standing in escort mansions windows defined districts name. Here 24 hours a day fans of corporal entertainments can find all possible sensual pleasures that a Europe escort industry can offer.

Officially there are three areas of red lanterns: – De Vallen, the biggest and known among tourists. It occupies some quarters near ancient church Aude Kerk (Oude Kerk) and represents itself hundreds show-windows-dwellings.

Singelgebid (Singelgebied) near to Lijnbaan Steeg and Nieuwstraat and Rausdalkade (Ruysdaelkade) near to Sarfatiparka (Sarphatipark). All the escort mansions located here been legalized in 2000. Since then escort ladies officially became full members of a society, as well as all other citizens.

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Escorts Fight For Their Rights

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Authorities of EU countries continue to provide more favorable work conditions for escorts. The tendency to extend number of right to escorts in EU seems to continue. First Netherlands’ ladies got the right to open business bank accounts similar to those businessmen have. Later German escorts got the right to insure their lives, right for an unemployment allowance, retirement allowance, and by the way the right to refuse a client or one of his requirements.

Looks like Europeans (including authorities) share the opinion expressed by a moralist of the 18th century Alfonso Eskiro: “Escorts are as inevitable as drainage, sewerage and dump. They maintain public order and peace”

Meanwhile more and more Eastern European escorts are arriving and competing with Western European natives. According to one of the recent UN reports, nearly five hundred escorts from Eastern Europe and former USSR countries are arriving annually. The same report says that women trafficking bring a profit of seven milliard US dollars a year.