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Playful Blonde Escorts in London

playful Blonde Escorts in London

If you’re at home twiddling your thumbs or whatever it is you like to twiddle then why not let one of our Blonde escorts do that twiddling for you? Of all the London escorts we supply our clients with all over the greater London area it’s the blonde outcall escorts you seem to get the most excited about. Admittedly we have a fantastic selection of the genre. They flock to London from all over the world and we stand there at Heathrow with a fishing net and our Wellington boots and scoop them up and invite them to let us work our magic for them and introduce you guys to them. It’s a match made in heaven because we know just the kind of girls that drive you crazy. We have 20 years of experience and the statistics don’t lie.

It’s the purest form of market research and market forces in operation because there’s no hiding place is there…We send you one of our outcall escorts and you either like her, invite her into your home or hotel or you don’t like her and she gets the walk of shame back to the taxi. I’m pulling your leg a little therein the sense that it’s obviously not a walk of shame. It’s just called ‘life’ and we all have our preferences. If the girls not right for you then don’t worry, we will understand. Obviously, we think our escorts are fabulous. We wouldn’t employ them if we didn’t think you’d like them because what would be the point in that? Why would we put each other through the pain of sending you a girl who obviously isn’t up to our collective standards? We try to ensure that our blonde escorts are everything we, and therefore you, could want in a girl. It’s not just about hair color. It’s also about the attitude and the service they have to live up to.

Do blondes have more fun right? Never has a hair color so defined a girl as it does when you conjure up those iconic photos of Marilyn Munroe or Scarlet Johansson. That’s why girls who aren’t blonde in the first place decide to change their hair colour…because they are making a statement about the kind of sassy, sexy, vibrant and fun kind of girl they feel they are inside and they want to project that image to the world. It’s not just outcall escorts who think that way, its women in general. So our search for the perfect playful blondes goes on. It never stops and we are always advertising and looking out for new girls. We take regular trips to Europe to seek out the best girls whether they are working in the industry at the moment of not and we use our persuasive skills to try to tempt them to join us in the UK and become London escorts. There are some truly stunning European girls out there. Some of them just don’t realize how beautiful they are. We regularly take trips to Scandinavian countries searching out these blonde escorts and the first thing that strikes you is that these girls are just ten a penny.
The guys are all chasing dark and sultry Latin looking girls or black girls if they can possibly get their hands on them and neglecting the homegrown talent. The only trouble is that with the Scandinavian temperament they might be into free love but seem to have a reluctance to be paid for it. Note to self: open an Agency in Scandinavia specializing in black and Latin America escorts.

Enjoy roof top parties with London escorts

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London has a lot to offer when it comes to the lines of entertainment. You have karaoke’s, R&B nights at various nightclubs and outdoor parties. One thing that is fun and different to do depending on where you are in the great city is to hit a rooftop party.

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Blonde escorts like Action in more than One Way

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There is a lot of things that your can do when you go out with Blonde Escorts in London. You can take them out for dinner and drinks, you can take them out to enjoy many different activities in London. It does not matter if is daytime or evening there is a ton of things to do. You can do the usual nightclub and bar scene if that´s what your into. London has lots of music venues available for just about any type of music you enjoy listening to. If you want to avoid the high priced extravagant clubs and restaurants with Cheap Escorts in London you could always opt to take one out to a movie. Not everyone has a special someone or a friend to go out to the movies with and Playful Escorts can provide exactly that.

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A Weighty Problem

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I’m quite lucky, I think, that I’ve never had any major weight problems to overcome. Despite having a rather sedentary job (desk-bound, at the London escort offices), I’ve managed to get myself into quite a decent routine of exercise, including going to the gym or the pool on most days. But I’ve always been naturally thin anyway, and, at the risk of angering the less fortunate out there, can pretty much eat what I want, within reason. I can’t imagine myself ever being tubby; I think I’ve inherited my Dad’s fast metabolism – he’s been a stick insect all his life.

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Defending London Escorts

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I’ve often argued with friends about the place of London escorts in our society – basically, are escort girls a good thing or a bad thing? My point of view, of course, is always supportive and generally most of my friends don’t have too much of a problem with it. There are a couple though (women, unsurprisingly!) who think that there is something sordid about the business and that it gives people the opportunity to cheat on their partners. What these friends don’t realise – until I explain it to them at length – is that for the most part, the work of escorts is simply concerned with improving people’s happiness and contains relatively little of anything ‘sordid’. As an example, when talking to these friends, I end up harping on about one of my favourite shows ‘The Doll House’.

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Relationship Advice

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Magazines and newspapers these days seem to be brimming over with advice and tips for couples wanting to keep their relationship alive – ranging from saucy sex suggestions to the best ways of handling financial conflicts and household chores. Some of these articles are aimed at couples that have been together years, some are for newlyweds, and some are for couples that have just moved in together. Few people would admit that relationships are a walk in the park – there are all kinds of challenges along the way so I think it’s quite useful that there’s so much advice out there aimed at tackling the problem. Working at a London escort agency I think it’s quite useful for me to be familiar with all this kind of literature.

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No mail order brides just London escorts

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There are many ways to find a female on the internet, whether it is a virtual female, a bride, a friend or one of the many fine escorts London has to offer there are plenty of platforms that allow us guys to find females whilst we are online. The most popular way of course it to find a virtual female, by this I mean a female that we are not likely to know in the form of porn-stars. A lot of guys like to fill their female based void with girls in videos, considering they are so readily available nowadays it pretty much goes without saying that most guys dip their toe in the swimming pool of pornography every now and then whilst others dive in and immerse themselves completely. But their comes a time when the company of a girl in a video is not quite enough, whilst they might satisfy certain urges there are many others that they do not like actual conversation or physical touch for example and this is when you will start to look for other ways of finding yourself some female company online and I am here to say that easily the best way to ensure you get yourself a genuinely sexy female is by hiring one of our escort girls in London.

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